Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thanks For A warm welcome.

I appreciate the warm welcom I have gotten from this blog's followers, and the good Men adn Women of the card blogroll. I am having an awesome time with this blog, as I have for years reading yours. I am glad to say that several trades are in the works with a couple packages going out friday.
I am finding a literal treasure trove of Marlins and Cubbies refractors, autos, GU, etc. Some people will be very pleased. I GUARANTEE it. And another Group Break on the Horizon... This is exciting. Thanks guys.


  1. I hope you say that AFTER I send you 12 pounds of '91 Score and '89 DOnruss.

    I'm not kidding... ask around...

  2. Bro,
    just added you to the blog roll and about to give you a big shout out on my blog! Hopefully that will bring some peeps in and take a look around... I'll email you my address in a little bit!

  3. Canuck, I will simply laugh and send you 13 pounds of 1989 and 2007 Topps.

  4. Wicked. (I always say it like Wikkit, Ali G style in my head) I have some sick cards piling up for you. anything you want except for SP, Auto and refractor Marlins? cuz I have like two mailers worth of the good stuff, no base.

  5. I'll take whatever you have... do you have any Ryan or Jordan Zimmermann cards?? I already started to put a pile together for you.... with all your teams and players