Sunday, January 17, 2010

ALL FOR TRADE:The Joy of Low-Numbered Parallels

These babies were all pulled out of packs. I don't know if they made just red refractors (minus the "X" factor) in 05 (2005 Topps Chrome Red Xfractor Chris Lambert 21/65), but the 06 and 07 are numbered to 90 (2006 Topps Chrome Red Refractor Clint Barmes 04/90) and 99 (2007 Topps Chrome Red Refractor 74/99) respectively. I have tried not to spend too much time thinking about it.
clockwise from top left
(2006 Bowman Chrome Bobby Abreu Gold Refractor #47/50)
(2006 Bowman DPP Chrome Anibal Sanchez Gold Refractor #23/50)
(2007 Bowman Chrome Prospects Derek Griffith Gold Refractor #18/50)
(2007 Bowman Chrome Prospects Aaron Jensen Gold Refractor #39/50)
Again, all pack-pulled. I have no idea why the (get this...) refraction of the refractors is off with the two 06 Golds, but it has to have something to do with the fact that the Sanchez is BDPP.("hey yo my quality control captivates yourmind, body and soul."-J5)

clockwise from top left:
(2007 Leaf Certified Philip Rivers mirror Gold #19/25)
(2002 Topps Chrome Roy Oswalt Gold Refractor #05/25)
(2006 Topps Finest Edgar Renteria Black Xfractor #24/25)
(2002 Topps Chrome Craig Wilson Black Refractor #34/50)
(2005 Upper Deck Exclusives John Smoltz Braves Checklist #10/25)
(2007 Bowman Chrome Roy Oswalt Orange Refractor #16/25)
Last we've got these guys. Aside from the /50 Wilson, all are out of 25. Aside from the smoltz having some corner dif (short for difficulties; general), every one of the cards you see here is sharp as razors.
Roy Oswalt is the guy who follows me throughout my box busting career. I pull patches, refractors (as you can see) and double jerseys, etc. Who is your Roy Oswalt?
If you are interested in trading for any of these cards, just send me an email. If you know someone who would want any, let 'em know.

EDIT UPDATE: sanchez is gone to (say it with gusto) Wickedortega!
Helton is spoken for by Nicolax

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  1. Hey man, first time I've seen your blog, welcome. I'm totally interested in the Helton Red Refractor. I'll send you an email as well