Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another First for this Weblog.

So I gotta say, I am behind on getting packages out. I know where you guys are at when it comes to making it all happen.

THE BLUE DEVILS JV BASEBALL TEAM began thier season with a BANG. A homer in the 3rd AB, and a 5-inning (mercy rule) 19-2 drubbing of the hapless Monarchs.

That was yesterday, this is today.

I just got home at near 9 from a 12-1 beatdown in our HOME OPENER. shit. As my dear rabbit said upon hearing the news; "You win some, you lose some". I love her. She is learning the game fast, and enjoys every minute of it. We made a bunch of errors, and gave up 7 in the first , 4 on errors. Hopefully the boys can leave it behind as we head out for an away game tomorrow. Supposedly, it is an old minor/exhibition league stadium. I will come back with photos and details.

That was today, tomorrow is tomorrow.
Tomorrow is Colonial. game.

As for the cards...I got a LIFE CHANGER pack from Adam E (find him here), A PC DREAM from BUD (find him here) A prize that knows my soul from Cap'n Canuck (find him here), and I just got punched in the nuts when I opened BIG D's (here) package. Wait until I have time this weekend to post scans and pictures. Some of this stuff is absolutely over the top.

I will be experiencing nirvana...



  1. Can't wait to see why I punched you in the nuts!

  2. it's not the why, it is the "how"...and I was using "a punch in the nuts" as an alternative to "took my breath away" which, and please excuse my chauvanism, is a little soft for this crowd.