Monday, March 29, 2010

Right About Now...

So I have had a lot of interest in the Gibson Auto from my trade bait post.
Moylan and Saito are sealed up.
First offer officially was WickedOrtega. I want to see what he offers.
I do have another offer of a 51(?) Yogi.
I am looking for vintage Gibsons if I got picky (which I am not)

More bait coming soon. I am taking a break from ebay and still need help with my 2010 Heritage Chrome Set picked up a few more, waiting to get them in hand before I adjust the list.
I have a few refractors that I will trade for two regular chrome per
or I have few chrome dupes for chrome dupes you might have,
or I have base 10-15 per chrome.
or even SPs 2 chrome per.

hey there.
thanks for loookin over here.
you are a solid individual and people like you.

1 comment:

  1. dude i'm backing out for the Gibby i would love it but i don't have that kind of fire power...the 51 yogi is sweet!!