Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cards from Bud at First Day Issue

Are you paying attention everyone? you send me one card like this and I will hook you up with the player/team of your choice. I am f..kin g nuts for this card. The fact that it is off-center makes it BETTER for me because of the favorable proportions of the painting and framing of the the cards from this set that show a pitcher en-wind-up in front of a dusk sky are outstanding. see: James Shields 09 Goodwin

That's not all I got for my Griffeys,
Jacoby relic, two 08 HEroes relics(for my set attempt) one being a Ryan Braun w/ stripe. I was trying for a while to find that Braun 52style on the right. I now have ALL 2007 RYAN BRAUN Topps CARDS. (I am pretty damn sure, at least. I am not counting printing plates or 1/1s)
Bud hooked up my player Collection with several brauns and fielders that I did not have. It was kind of like he could see the wantlist I hadn't created yet. He also respected the list on the left of your screen here. There will be more of this high-quality trading action later...

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  1. Glad you liked the cards Peterson! Hope the Blue Devils are competing well and you've got some sunshine out your way. I'm sure we can work out another trade soon.