Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What Tips You Off?

Do you know a real signature from a fake without an expert? without SCU? how do you tell? Given, it is somewhat different for different signers. Joe Montana and many others used the famed auto-pen contraption...what a mess.


  1. if it's spelled wrong, it's probably fake.


  2. Autopens are easy to spot. If your autograph looks exactly like somebody else's autograph, it was signed by a machine. If they're slightly different, they were signed by humans.

    By the way, most of the "experts" don't have the training or the references to accurately spot fakes all the time, either.

  3. I try to check around the web and see if I can find any other versions of an auto. If I find a few dozen or so that look the same and mine is different, well there you go. Otherwise, I would just go to Gellman for help.

  4. I agree with dogfacegremlin. I would check as many different examples, especially certified copies, as you can for comparison. But as Paul said, you don't want them all to look exactly the same.