Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I should have freakin known. Soon as I see a handful of 50's and the rest 70's on the roll on the "redeemed recently" section, it's time to play my last card(code) on toppsmillions...
......serves me right.

I have no less than 20 copies of this exact card. (so do you.) and can find one by yelling out loud in a moderately large crowd.

I don't know guys...maybe if I had more faith. screw that, they have me on a schedule! they get me hooked with these, and then bring me back to pull this. They are keeping track of who gets whut, more or less, and will make sure you don't bandit away all the mays, mantle and aaron goods.
***This is in no way a referendum on George Brett, or even 1989 topps, simply the sheer overproduction and still (20yrs later) a supply that far outstrips the demand.
cardshit. I may have to go to a "only good things" post about 89 topps.


  1. What other cards do you have through Topps Millions? Just the ones listed on the previous post?

    Let me know if you're interested in trading, although I'm not sure what you're lookign for!

  2. hey steve, just the three on the first post and the Brett. I am trying to shop the brett for some common from 80-86 that I need.