Monday, March 22, 2010

A Punch To The Nuts by Big D. (Lessons On Blowing Up a Collector's PC list)

The following arrived in one package. Pay close attention:
This is one of 5 61s I have, and is instantly my favorite. Rookie star plus KC Athletics plus Batting pose...holy shit. we have history here.Then there is this, total surprise. This piece of Hackin' memorabilia has also jumped into the mix of favorite Vintage ever.
It happened with Adam E. and Here it is again. I was sent ONE auto, and I could not have picked one that I liked better if I had a 5hundo box and an hour. I love this thing. This run of Best sigs is amazing. I love the centric-warp-speed-bleed-out theme. Centered, symmetrical, great action photo, blue auto (also centered)...I mean what more could i possibly ask for? nothing. But there is so much more.

Vintage love. A MKE BRAVE and Ol' Ed Sadowski. I have been fondling all four vintage cards since they arrived.
Custom love. I am completely smitten with this pair of cards. Not only do they look GREAT, we're talking in-person, GREAT better than ALOT of releases I have had my hands on. I literally could not have picked better pictures myself. CC in all of his CompleteGameSabathia glory. That was a hell of a year for the Crew, and I didn't miss a game (on tv). That was the most inlove I have been with baseball since I can remember. That is why "CC in a Brewers Uni" is on my wantlist. (more on that later) These cards are thick, with very high print quality.

Again, how to blow up a player Collection of which there are 50 cards tops. Help me out y'all, I still am not sure all the cards that exist with CC in a brewers UNi -WITH brewers logo.
Nicely done sir. I had neither of these.
I have completely given up defending Nolan Ryan as the most bad-ass pitcher in the game now that Randy (a very close second) has retired.
Look left.
Taller than a saguaro, and with icicles comin from his eyes. Years until maturity. Yikes.
Look right.
"I will fight you, spit blood in your face as you are falling down, and finish my complete game(ok so that's not what happened, but you wondered didn't you?). whut now m.the.f..ker?
"Bring me the head of Robin Ventura!"
This package arrived this past week from Big D at Hey That's Mine! I had sent this package to Derek and his younglings a while back. I had a great time putting it together. They all have their own wantlists and I had something for everyone, so I couldn't resist. Anyway, Big D took it upon himself to return the favor in true Cardblogger style and form with a package that literally took my breath away as if I had just been punched in the nuts. He hit 5 or more of my wantlist criteria and did it with style.
Great show, D. More cards are on their way for you and the crew.


  1. That's a pretty good nut punch as far as rochambeaus go. Despite the fact that CC Sabathia is dead to me, I would take this opportunity to direct you to Thorzul's blog for help in acquiring a checklist for that fat waste of oxygen in pinstripes.

  2. rawk!. I was at Opening Day last year at Camden Yards when he very publicly, and mightily, shit the bed in his start for the Yankers. It was spectacular.
    It was a very short CC era in 'waukee.

  3. I'm glad I was able to come up with something you like. The customs are some of the very first ones I've tried to make "real". Not perfect (I'm my own worst critic), but I'm glad you approve.