Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cards From The Bearded Blogger: trade and a miracle

So I made a trade recently with the ol' Beard over at the Co-op of Cardblogs, The Mojo Beard.
I got a hold of a few GU that I really love. The Braun Sterling is for my PC, I have been wanting it, but not willing to pay for it.
the David Wright A&G is one of the finest GUd cards I know of both graphically and composition-wise. I love the black jersey swatch with the black frame. The image of D. Wright also looks so iconic, like the MLB logo-man.
I informed Greg that I did not have a GU masterpieces card from 08, and Ben fits nicely. I have a ton of GU sheets'...guess some things happent that way. Ben alternatively excited me and disappointed me in the years that I watched him with the Brewers. Ultimately, we ended on disappointment. Ben is now getting shelled in ST, but maintains the opening day starting spot. I guess the A's want top pretend like they got their money's worth when they dropped 10large on this poor guy for one season that is less-than-guaranteed. The sympatheticd part of me picked Ben up in the 15th round of my draft somewhere. I wish him luck.
The Braun To the left is one I have been chasing around for some time now. I love the B/W, simplicity and tribute. It's a card I never thought would wedge in to my PC. Well done pal. You made a trader happy, and without even one superfluous card.


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