Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Trouble With Triples

These three could not be more different if the guys were signing these all on-card. Yamaico has a tight little sig with the ever-endearing number inscription. Mr Chang writes his out using the full characters, which is a major attractant for me when judging autos. I love his, it was written quick, but suffers very little from it. Oscar will not catch alot of heat from me just in case he learned how to write at a late age...I'm kinda soft about that stuff. However, despite his lack of apparent confidence during the signature process, we come away with one of the most unique autos on the block. My main complaint about this card is just the sheer amount of detail imparted by the "busy"stickers from the just company. eyuch.
This thing is so f..ked. All three signatures are covered at some point, and the design looks phoned in at best, at worst: pointless. If you are going to showcase signatures in such a way as to attempt to inspire awe, then don't blow it with stickers not made for the product.

Wow, what a pull. you got the case hit, bro. The design is not too bad despite UD's overuse of this particular curve in too may products since test-marketing it in the Icons sets...If any of these guys are starting in the next five years, I owe you each a beer.

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  1. Yeah that top card is fascinating.

    I agree about the Oscar Tejada auto. It's kinda heartwarming. It clearly isn't a case of him not caring like so many other players who sign autos out there.