Thursday, March 4, 2010

If You Had To...

This is akin to the classic "desert island" game for bored, horny teenagers at a church retreat when the counselor is around (then it turns dirty). I want to know:

If you could only buy ONE Topps product in the remaining calendar year of 2010, what would it be? (assuming not another "Unique" product comes out)

I dare you not to say Allen & Ginter.


  1. Allen & Ginter. Sorry, I can't choose another product and expect you to take me seriously.

  2. Allen & Ginter. And I will. That is, if we're limited to '10 sets.

  3. I had to pay for Teaching Classes in 08, and still have only one packs worth of A&G from that year and it is still hurting my soul.

    well put beard. I really want someone to try ot make a case for anything different.