Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This caught my eye...

I am a huge fan of Ken being back in Seattle. Granted it means I am back to reading about him instead of live footage. (I see the mariners, Giants and Padres play like 10 times a year altogether. My point is this: As you can see, this card is mocked up to be a Seattle Mariners card from stem to stern. Why would they not be able to come up with a photo of him with the mariners? See here, #8 in the Burdick Region. They had an assload of photos around and couoldn't get it done. I guess this affects me more because I ave always despised seeing him in a reds uniform. I don't even collect cards of him on the reds. Bud gets my Reds cards.
Anyway, bottom line is that with a signature that appealing (shit is real) (granted it goes "just a bit outside" on the top of the sticker, but I would happily take it home), why would you want to draw the eye away with a clashing red-jersey photo.


  1. Yeah it seems so absurd. They had to pay a good amount to get Griffey to sign, they make it rare, they put a lot of effort into the card...then they ignore a huge obvious red flag.

  2. "Red Flag"...precisely.
    I mean, they only made 10 of hard could it have been. Just shows that upper deck had gotten into a habit of phoning it in, and hoping the consumer will overlook a "reds flag" if they pull this from a pack.