Monday, March 15, 2010


I wrote this somewhere else, and I wouldn't mind hearing from you all.
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Now... I have several close friends (no family members, and that may mean something) who have seen "apparitions", or "ghosts" or what the fuck ever. I am a fairly spiritual scientist by nature, and I believe in forces that do not jive with our current concept of physics, free will vs. fate and the like. This, however, apparently does not mean that I believe in spooks, spectres etc. when it really comes down to it, I find people telling me stories about their "close encounter" or whatever, appear weak. profoundly weak.
Weak in like an evolutionary sense. I get the primate (and primal) urge to just hit them and be like, "that was your fucking imagination and subconsious mind messing with you". Then I just feel bad for them. In an empathetic move, I try to identify....but I've got nothin.Yet I know that this is wrong. (that's my Id chiming in)Maybe they did see something...I'll at least be polite.I just listen like i do when my wifey regales me with a step-by-step account of her day teaching 2nd grade. Respectfully and closely, but don't quiz me afterwords if you don't want to be offended. When my parents died, I wanted to see them, or hear them or "feel like they were there, looking over me". Truth is, none of that shit happened. It was just me. I tried for years, in vain to "see" my dad in a crowd or in a dream...nothing. I tried to believe that my mother was watching over me when I got my job as a teacher...nice idea, but again, just me and the wind.It took years for me to notice some of the smaller things. I took it casually and played it off like what it was; sheer probability mixed with the semi-random nature of my sensory/memory link. To this day, 10yrs on, I can still see it like the matrix. It is practically impossible to see when looking directly at it.
so fuck ghost you really watch this shit? I mean I was deeply concerned for the state of our collective mental state when I found out how popular "Two and a Half men" is and for how long it has been. Same deal...Why do you watch that garbage?
I am seriously baffled...and the shows are spreading...
Tt looks as though we have collectively chosen to just look away from reality.

ok, enough from me...try not to leave "ghost stories" shit is tired.tell me what you think about my Darwinian view of so called tv "ghost hunters" and their viewing audience.

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  1. I only have cable for the sports and recently hooked up the DVD player so I could watch Sportsnight.

    Some of that stuff has entertainment value like Blair Witch has entertainment value, but it's not for me and yes, I find it disturbing when people point to that kind of BS as proof of anything.

    To a certain extent I think it's a sad by-product of the information age. Instead of people assimilating mass amounts of info and producing new knowledge they seek out ANYTHING that will affirm what they already know, no matter how inane the source.

    Since you are an educator, I'll give you an example I just read (email me if you want the source). In a recent study students at university X take a physics class, get an A, BUT still have pre-Newtonian views of the physical world. Class knowledge is class knowledge, world knowledge is world knowledge, and despite the fact they know the info students will not adapt their cognitive models of how the world works based on what they learn in class! Sad, but true.