Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Am A Winner.

Captain Canuck, a true gentleman from the Great White North, hooked it up for my prize for the NFL Playoffs Pool. I did pick the saints to win over the colts. I have no idea why, but it seemed incredibly insightful at the time, and I won the contest by a slim margin.
Included in this bounty were RCs(kind of) of Brett Favre, Ivan Rodriguez, Jim Thome and Pedro. along with a few packs for that old-timey feel. I chose one card from each pack to display. As you can see, I actually did very well for myself.
I busted alot of packs of Skybox year one along with score, donruss et al in that time period. I am still hot for the graphics on the Skybox cards. I deeply wish that there was a baseball version. Just envision it now...
I had a couple of Boardwalk cards from god knows where, but did not know who was on the checklist. I was pleasantly surprised with a set you want to read like a book.
I had the UD Final Edition when I was like 14, and do not know what happened to it. It was the first "update" set I had, because I do not count my 1990 Topps Traded. (bush league)

Thank you B, good lookin out.


  1. you're welcome my friend. glad you enjoyed the junk.

  2. you'd be happier if I talked a bunch of shit instead... hahahayah.