Friday, March 26, 2010

...And we're sending addresses.

The Gremlin with the dog-face has chosen
"No" Bullington, "Nephew" Perez Bat, and "Helen of" Troy Glaus.

Now, Mark...Hit it.
then "spikes up" at the Plate

tradebait post coming soon.
we lost last night was a heartbreaker. The Devils fall to 2-3.
today's game rained out, so I have the weekend to read in the rain and take photos of
Good luck to my dear Nicole at the Monument Avenue 10k tomorrow,
Run, Rabbit, Run!


  1. I've been on vacation the last three days and haven't gotten a chance to check everything out yet.

  2. Ok, after careful and well thought out consideration, I would like to choose the Bullington, the Glaus, and the Perez bat piece if that is ok. I am mainly a Pittsburgh sports fan but that bat piece is nice and I like Glaus.

  3. I do but I was waiting for the other guys!!

  4. i'll email you my address.

    i have a stack of cards started for you, so give me your addy as well.

  5. Gremlin, email me your address at peterson238 at yahoo, I have an awful lot of pirates/steelers you want...


  6. I don't know if Mark has picked yet, but I'm going to put my two cents in. I let my son look them over and he likes the Blanton (red jersey) and the Tejada (because it looks like a fence, HA).

  7. those are totally yours. If Mark gets around to it, I will take good care of him.
    email me your address and I will get them out to you and yer boy.
    have a great day

  8. Peterson,

    I sent you an email last Wednesday night, but it must have gotten stuck in the ether somewhere.

    Sorry for the delay.

    Deferring to PatP, I'll avoid the Blanton and the Tejada.

    I'd like the Rolen and the Bonderman, please.

    You are very kind and gracious for hosting this non-contest contest.