Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thank You For Your Input.

So I go into my sorta-local card shop about 30min. before my eye exam. I ask "you got any vintage baseball around for me to look at?"

Of course he did. As I found out later, he was a vintage card dealer back in the 80s. Shocker. He has but one binder of vintage cards. This binder had about 3-4/9 cards per page but had about 20pages. Every slot had a classic orange price tag. (picture it in your head) I looked through the dusty, scratched-up pages and saw card after card that seemed both unaffordable and undesireable. Then I got to the page with these two on it.

He wanted 10 for the 67 O's and 6 for the Frob 73.

For those of you counting, that is 16 dollars.

I had never bought vintage from anywhere but a card show with my dad when I was 10 (56 Eddie Matthews for 50)that's card in 33yrs.

So I flipped past the page, "browsing" and "perusing", but only made it another half-minute.

I knew it was my time to "step up to the plate" (perhaps one of the single most overused baseball references that people use on TV...not in baseball)

I said "will you take 12 bucks for the two of these?" my forefinger on the 71 bottom middle slot, and pinky on "The Champs" next row up, in one slot from center.

Okay, dude waited waaaaay to long because he was trying not to seem easy to one of his former-whales.

He Bit.

I held up a quarter and asked if he had loaders I could get for them...he gave me a few used ones gratis. Classy.

I left and went to my eye appointment satisfied that I had done each and every one of you proud.

Now I know that I have done well. I knew I didn' completely fuck it up, but I wanted to be sure.

On to the Placing:

Well, I could not have asked for better comments than I got. I was hoping it would be close, but this is rediculous. There was no official scoring system so sit on it and do better next time.



First Place:

DogFacedGremlin Scored as such:

His comment was written like Conan in his simpsons days. I laughed and saw myself in the want/need delineation. It cannot be more important for every collector to be intimate with their own inner need/want debate; to hone it into a usefull tool that you carry in your head.

Also: the median of DFG's want (8) and need(15) prices is .....12 dollars. Exactly what I paid. (post-haggleing)well done.

"It sounds like he doesn't even have them displayed so he probably is not concerned whether they sell or not."

Second Place:

Mark's Ephemera Scored as such:

As soon as mark ended his "questions of mine" portion with poise, he scored once.

one more time for stating that he would pay no more than 16.

lastly, the section on the virtues of a twenty-dollar-bill purchase and the old 5-and-10 grab-from the pocket. gold.

also, ignoring beckett pricing can't ever hurt your score. Kudos.

"Then I'd realize that I should have changed the 20 for three 5s and five 1s. Good to show him the cash up front. But, if I wave a 20 around, he knows I've got a bit higher to go."

Honorable Mention:

Play at the Plate Scored as such:

I feels like he was there with me as I made the purchase...freaky. Also, he purports to have not read the previous posts...let's hope that's the case. points.

Also, Big ups for hitting the $12 purchase price.

score for CARD FEEL reference

My Great thanks to:

Captain Canuck



you guys didn't lose because it is not a contest. I will be sending you cards anyway.

So "winners, check out the picture and tell me which GU you want.

#1Gremlin, you pick 4 first.

then I will let Mark pick, then PlayPlate. the three that are left can be a part of packages already in the works for them, should they so choose.


  1. Dang, so close. I'm glad I was able to offer my insight. Thanks for offering the cards.

    +2 points for the Richie Cunningham reference.

    Did you guys win tonight?

  2. I'm honored to have received "honorable mention". This was a good idea to get people thinking.

  3. Where's richieref mark? I missed it...
    I will post again tonight with prize options.

  4. Peterson, I was awarding you the two points for the "sit on it" reference.

    Richie Cunningham of Happy Days would often say that, as in ...

    Sit on it, Potsie."

  5. I liked potsy's big mouth, but I preferred lee majors as the Fall Guy (sickest chevy
    pickup ever)

  6. Wow!! I just saw that you picked my random musing as the first place entry. That is awesome. I'm glad you were able to walk away with the deal that you wanted. I haven't really checked the cards yet. I will do that shortly.