Sunday, July 18, 2010

Question: Fantasy Nightmare (yes that's an oxy-moron)

So on one of my two Fantasy baseball teams, I have some guys on the DL, actually it's Weiters, Bucholz, Gallardo, and Latos.
wtf do I do now?, gotta drop someone...
you decide

Friday, July 16, 2010

Question: COMC

Where do the "book Value" numbers come from and; Can a seller just put anything at any price they want?

I went a 20 rounder with the checkout last month or so and was very happy with the value I got. Today is round 2, I can't collect cards on two websites...

oh, and if a dude has scrub-out of baseball in 02 autos for 9 bucks...I actually HAVE to offer 4.50? horseshit.
I, like many of you, am still learning the subtle nuiances of their system, but I mostly just want to spend my last 20 on one big deal, but certain things, such as those mentioned above, are holding me back.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Early Have/Need Post: 2010 Allen & Ginter

Somehow this product just isn't grabbing my Ginerest this year. I would rather choose a few mini sets to go after, and finish 09 somehow.
want: (will trade handsomely for help with these sets and the 2010 heritage chrome set)
Monsters of the Mesozoic
need all but 8, 13, 17
National Animals
need all but iceland and nepal
World's Greatest Wordsmiths
all but #3

Have For You:
mini 64, 100, 214, 223, 293, 334, 339, 308 (all ginter back cept 339, 308)
World's Biggest:
2, 4, 5
Lords Of Olympus:
Gaea 10
4, balboa
plus base I will not be keeping, and will try to add a list of that here tonight...

welcome back 'cotter

So I am still wallowing in the dirty house of bachelorhood until the 20th so I will try to be posting what I've got. I believe a drunken scanning session whilst watching some movie I don't actually "have to watch" is comin on. [thoughts like these at 9:40 on a Wednesday my Goodness!] I hate feeling obligated to organize cards. eh.
I have not caught up on what is in my beloved A&G except for a shitload of autos and jerseys of people like, no offense, Matt Sherzer, Placido Polanco, Alex Gordon and Chris Volstad and todd helton pants for everyone. I did a 5box break for the Sawks and didn't even get the Ellsbury or Pedroia anything in my "worst case scenario" scenario. I am pretty sure they are all that is missing from my teamset. From five boxes. I am looking directly at you TOPPS.
I swear to fkkg everything that if you start to yank back the amount of "redeeming" pulls like the Tony hawk or Heyward autos in your current competition-free environment, in your newer, less thought-out and seemingly cheaper than ever! we go...

Put the grooves back in chrome you cheap lazy bastards!! Stamp Your Numbers In gold!! If you want to put Stadium Seat relics in a card MAKE IT A STADIUM CARD>insert. stop making half of your products oldtymey and the other half CRAP! which splits both ways because half of each is crap.

...I will be done with them. guess where that takes me?....back to collecting limited edition screen prints and glass art and LPs

Friday, July 9, 2010

2010 Ginter: I Am Seeing Red

This card is for sale (link to "auction" and also dominates the red spectrum so much so that the cowardly blue shrinks away in terror.
(it tends to pop on the blue sigs, given.)

Well no hits out of a recent 5box I gotta go get my own box to start the set and HATE OVERPAYING (until I see the box in person). I have been waiting for the release of this product since I swore off buying 09 blasters in the midst of a personal budget crunch (set coallation and completion pending).
I will have SAWX doubles of 10A&G from the break for sure so if you need them, I need any Statesmen, but also living things like Dinosaurs and Scientists.
I see I did get Machiavelli in the Randomizer in CCC's break, which I find rather fitting somehow.

oh and p.s.
Bowman Hobby in various "cheaper" places: 180+ (AYFKM?)
Are there actual spiritual redepemtion cards in there?
its not even bowman chrome, at least there you pay for more, get less and still cant collect the set w/o 3 boxes.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm Back: Hope everyone got theirs...

I had a great 4th and saw many family and friends. Now I am back in Richmond with a fever in 102 weather...normal right? just check around and see how many people you know who are getting "summer colds"...that's for my conspiracy blog (if I write one).

Communication will resume and I hope everyone's summer is treating them well. I have a few interesting posts to put up soon.
such as...
Target employees up and down the east coast are siphoning retail bowman out the back...I have conjectural proof.
Read my first beckett in about a year or so yesterday on the train. What a bunch of self-agrandizing, pandering bullshit. My faith in their magazine as a reliable source for ANY information concerning the hobby is over for good. Now I just like the pictures, and I can go anywhere else, and zoom as well...
lots of thoughts hit me on the train, like why isn't the subject of my previous post going to make the All-Star team? beacuse so many freakin teams suck this options.