Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nick Markick-Ass On Extra Base Hits: Getting them

"I mean, you've got the whole field, may as well use it."

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Got You Good.

I never said I would answer any of your insipid queries. Begin post-production-speculation phase, may you enjoy your futility.
final episode=fart in church, literally.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Duelling Autos: Collision

Stating the obvious is how these two guys left an indelible impression on my teenage years, even though I spent a large part not even paying attention to sports.
The thing I loved about this card when I saw it was that it reminded me how much I love Dual cards of football players in which they are both headed towards the center of the card, or better yet, about to block each other for some reason. It doesn't look like either Barry or Emmitt were in full-stride in these photos and that has saved at least two people hypothetical cuncussions.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Big D: Customs and Traditions

You all might remember an exceptional trade package that I recieved from Big D over at Hey! That's Mine. If so, then you remember these two HAND-MADE gems of two of my favorite subjects of all time. (I have a thing for CC in a brewers uni like Thorzul, but trust me...if you were a Brewers fan (esp for the 08 season), you would fully understand).
Well, Big D is having a contest over at his place to award not one, but FIVE different customs to FIVE different winners.
All you have to do is let him know the subject that you want on a card.
I suggest you all get while the getting is good.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

Duelling Autos: Blau! (best case scenario)

If I've posted this before, I don't care. If Larry walker used PEDs just like any slugger from 87-07, I Don't care.
Dual on-card with the Big Cat and Larry Walker's Dali-esque sig...Blau!
I'm chasing these now from the old Co-Signers Stadium Club offerings. They have a checklist that matches some pretty awesome studs with some pretty awesome (pseudo)duds. affordability attained.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Topps Pro Debut: RDNB

RDNB: Reverse Bo Not Buy
I bought a few packs of this stuff a while back partially because I am generally fairly interested in Minor League Baseball, and new products, but most of all I had no idea what it looked like. Sweet. Serves me right for not seeing that coming.
I pulled some color parallels (hell, now that I think about it, they are embossed serial numbers, which topps seems to be distancing itself from) and some A-ball "all stars"...all in the regurgitated 2010 design that I did not particularly appreciate in the first place. Sure it's cool to get some high draft picks, and the AA and AAA logos can get pretty intense, but I was just plain offended by shyte design and pseudo-hits.
'Don't really feel like addressing what people are paying for this, but have you seen what you get with a box of bowman? Granted, seperate product, etc.
THEN, I had a change of heart.
Have I sold it short so far? hells yes. I was getting ready to issue a public DO NOT BUY on this product for fear of almost-guaranteed disappointment. That changed...

It happened when I realized that there were some clean-looking cards of guys who play here in Richmond at the Diamond. Okay, there really aren't too many Connecticut Defenders come Richmond Squirrels, but I know that assorted other coards will come in handy from time to time on the third base line. I brought a Frederick Keys card of a pitcher kickin it in the Bowie Bullpen, and just missed him.

I then went home and found a guy on eBay named none other than Jimmy Page (great sign to me). I bought the "team set" of all of the Giants affiliates cards from the Pro Debut set sos I can have 'em in pocket at the park. Purpose has been found. Hence, RDNB status.

The following card is free to who wants it. It cannot stay in my house. I think it's numbered to 50, but I know it should have been an action shot. (I couldn't quite make it smaller after I scanned it, no offense bro, I bet you mow 'em down but you made for the ugliest wax pack I've split since Ramon Martinez was an all-star)

It Only Ends Once...

...anything that happens before that is just progress.

I hate spending an entire 6 seasons wanting nothing but answers, asking nothing but questions...only to get to the point where I want the "answers" to stop immediately before we get away from ourselves...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Once in a while, I really like the eBay.

plus about 50 other semi-stars and random 70-73s...awesome. I never collected this stuff in my life. I started in 85 and never had any cards to speak of that weren't from 84 on. 15 bucks. kick ass.
Plus the card in the lot that was in the best condition was the Gorman Thomas 74 that I have been waiting to pull the trigger on. great stuff.

Friday, May 14, 2010

None Better: Respect My Digital Crew

Okay, so I posted from the center of being last night. I was rewarded with a rousing group of comments that made me gave me lulz in like a week. Dayf's *twitch* and beck quote (close to my heart) capped it off nicely. I gotta say, this is one of the greatest group of peeps I have had the pleasure of associating with since I was in G&T in 3rd grade.

But seriously, the coolest part of "boosting" like this is that it goes on all over the blogs. I read lego microscale blogs once in a while, along with SneakerFreaker, artfurum and alot of seemingly disparate topics. (to me it's all art, especially cards)

These blogs and forums have the same kind of "positive pack" mentality that makes it obvious to most that the total is larger than the sum of its parts.

A really talented Lego designer passed away tragically in an auto accident, and the outpouring of support was so great that the guy's sister and brother became part of the blog, and started posting regularly to keep his fans/cohorts/friends in the loop. Amazing.
(microbricks is on my blogroll on the left)

This is where we hit our stride. I am feeling stronger today, and this being Friday, well...

EDIT: I actually hate memes...yeah so I just found out what "meme" meant like a week ago, so?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

In All Seriousness

You all know that life can get you down sometimes, and while I have had an amazing time with this blog through the first hundred posts, 40 followers and all of the comments and little things that make this a very satisfying endeavor.

I love everyone who is reading this because without you this would just be another journal entry on a dead tree that only got read on the rooftop in Brooklyn while visiting close friends.
...But hey now.........We can't be in love with the world every day,...
....and I fell like I have let some of my boys down.

Shout out to GCRL, Mark, PATP, Beardball, my non-contest contest winners (joke was on you, I haven't even sent the "prizes").
But that's what I'm talking about; the guilt. I am trying not to feel bad, but that is out of the question. That's just who I am.

Here's the trick: I am working it out. I can feel momentum building in a positive direction after 2weeks of completely faking it in every facet of my existence.
I'm done talkin about it.

I am getting psyched for a weekend full of family, Squirrels, Beer and free Robert Randolph concerts.

I just like to do my own head-check (similar to cup-check) out here because that is what it is for. Expression. Thank you again for continuing to endulge me.

On another note:

I effed up in Thorzul's break. I had the Brewers and Giants and I didn't pay in time. I was too caught up in ignoring the dull ache that was perception, and missed the cut-off for payments.

goes to show ya. I mean, watch him be right about a yount auto, and then my call is some marichal, mays, or molitor gem. Outstandingly doltish on my part. Still in on CCC's and I have a good feelin. (see, told you I was working it out)
Wanna know how lucky I am? Read the comments...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This One is New To Me: Respect To All Religions

This card is an absolute triumph of Stadium Club Photographers.
What the hell is the catcher doing in the upper deck, fully geared-out, ready to gun someone down in the 5th ward? (Milwuakee ref.) Mike signed his card with an inscription that we are quite familiar with.

John 3:16, It reads (In the King James version)
"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

I grew up in a presbyterian family, but have had various endeavors in a variety of spiritual belief systems.

That is not what this is about. This is soley about how athletes sign their autographs. I feel very strongly that no religion is above another and I would hate lose any readers because of that. there, that feels better. (humanist guilt)

We've seen this inscription tons of times, we've seen it on placards, signs, and bellies all over the US...but are you privy to the newest deification of the inscription? Check this out:
Title being said, that a cross?

have you ever seen this?

I feel like it is kinda bad-ass, but then again \oo/ would have been cool too.
Rock N' Roll N' Jesus.

gcrl says that Todd Hollandsworth adds a cross to his sig. (good lookin out GoCaRL)

Monday, May 10, 2010

I am Very Interested in Your Opinion: Rickie Weeks

Now, I have been watching this guy for years now. I saw him hit his first homerun in a game back in 05 and I have always been pretty impressed with the way he approached the game. Some uncommon injuries have befell him in the past few years...most notably a wrist injury that occurred while "waggling" a bat in the on-deck circle; out for almost 6 weeks for that one.

I bought this little gem on the bay for 5.88 plus 1.50 shipping.
Do you think the value of this card will ever appreciate?
I mean, some prospectors have been waiting on this kid for almost 8 yrs. Many just simply "gave up" last year. I mean, look at how many releases he had after being drafted...hundreds I tell ya. and they are all selling for pittance.

your thoughts?

100% off topic: What a Crew...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Here's an Attaboy for ya: Jody Gerut (like garrett)

Nice you can go ahead and stop at Second just made the news for one of the least indicative stats in baseball.

Congratulations Jody


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Donga Doobaugh

Good Saturday morning everyone.
carry on.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thank Goodness For Local Baseball: Richmond Flying Squirrels Game One

Richmond Flying Squirrels (AA GIANTS) Vs. Bowie Baysox (AA ORIOLES)

Final Score RFS 4, BBS 1
The Richmond Flying Squirrels aim to please. Sunday Afternoon was a bulls-eye.

Ever since Mayor Wilder fkkin blew it by refusing to build the R-Braves a new stadium, we have been without the roundball on the Boulevard. Now the R Braves are states away and Virginia seems hell bent on jamming the Nationals down your throat. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate watching losers win a little and get lauded for it, and I really appreciate that the brewers are so near by twice a year. (I haven't been to "Natstown" yet, but I traded up for O's opening day last year, so I feel alright)

The Makeover the Diamond recieved when the Braves left was a huge improvement. I have loves and hates about it. The Braves just made it seem old-school somehow, and the state of decay of the stadium had something to do with that. I just don't know if I am ready for the rabid squirrel invasion that is the marketing machine of AA baseball. They have some asshole (usually a kid, sorry kid.) come out between EVERY INNING and do some stupid human trick that the crowd sort-of cheers for. Despite the super-size beers, this got annoying real quick. At least we had great seats. Field-level, third base line. The seats are much more comfortable than they used to be, and for some reason the players seem more accessible, though there has been no noticeable change to the infrastructure. The away bullpen still warms up on a sophomoric-looking mound, out in the open.
Daryl Maday was pitching, and so far as I can tell, he has got some serious stuff. Conor Gillespie is starting third, but the only reason i know his name is because of all of the unsold manu-patch autos of his that came out of 09 Finest.....jury's out on his skills, I was mostly checking out the park.

some goofy shit is constantly going on at the Diamond. I am pretty positive that we have Sgt. Slaughter coming for an evening in June. What type of skill or entertainment value that he will bestow upon the crowd is anybody's guess.

Some great FutureBirds were signing for us as we got to our seats in time for the anthem. Really can't say if I like the Birds or the Squirrels better...yet. Like I said...Local baseball, is almost unbeatable. The hopefully-Camden Yards-bound bullpen was in good spirits on a beautiful day, and I was able to snag my first few autos of the season without leaving my seat.
Up top-left is #7 Pitcher Eduardo Gamboa, the first to walk past and agree to stop and sign...actually (My fiance and I only missed one guy who walked past during the game, Widlanski was his name, who I had a BPP a card of.) Next is #6 Pitcher Zachary Clark, and below-left is pitcher #32 Patrick Egan, Born in CT like my lady and I, and finally Pitcher #15, Timothy Bascomb. these guys were great, polite and professional. It was a great break from the Glorified-little-league that I coach called "Junior Varsity". (we are 6-10)
My wifey at-first questioned me about my choice of red sharpie, yes it was brand new, I prefer a lightly used one for the wider tip. We both agreed later that the fact that I only had a couple of cards to get signed, made the ticket-sigs that much cooler and the red made them stand out in such a wonderful way. As you can see below, the last sig we got was right after the game, when Chorye Spoon came back, presumeably because I had chrome on me, Bowman Chrome. The red again looks great, but you can never get a perfect line on chrome with a sharpie, new or old it is difficult (see Bowman Originals mess)
Great time, great company (I love you Nicole) and a wonderful Sunday all around. Got some sun on my head, a new squirrels cap, and then capped it off with a few Leine's (yes we get those here now) with my sister, brother-in-law and nephews. You can't make this stuff up.
Well maybe I could, but you'd never know.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Teaser: Richmond Baseball is Back

Next time I gotta get seats on the rightfield line, cause all these guys are Baysox. (Then again, i had a hard time rooting against future-orioles...oh well.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The State of Local Sports Where I Live: Response to Play at The Plate

Well this morning is like most every Sunday morning is during the school year. Wake up when I want to, have coffee and a smoke, watch Baseball Tonight and CBS Sunday Morning with my wifey and check up on/contribute to weblogs. After Sunday Morning (The show not the time-period) is over, we get to work cleaning this joint for the week.

Today is a bit special. The first post I read this morning was by Brian over at Play At The Plate. It was about the state of local sports where one lives. Read Here. And while Brian lives in a vast, level sprawl of a city in Dallas, I live in the mini-metropolitan center that could, Richmond, VA.
Now, Most of you will remember the "Richmond Braves" and might have even read about my love for the R Braves and the great times that I had at their games. Heck for most of my years in richmond, I lived within walking/bike distance from the games. This was the reason that I collect Yunel Escobar. He owned the chalk leaderboard in the breezeway when he was in town. I miss the braves.
We get TBS and WGN here for some effed up reason, so we get a deluge of mediocre baseball. Nats, O's, Cubs(!?WTF), Chisox, and Braves. Now, I do get to watch more brewers games nowadays, and the O's have been heavy on MASN, but wow, you wanna watch some bad baseball? come over to my place, I can tivo like 8hrs of it for you.
My point is that I used to be able to watch guys win games in richmond (Internatn'l league champs 08) and then watch them hit the show on Ol Man Turner's network. Now, after they leave richmond, they drift back into the nebulous SanFranciso Giants farm system. I am not a fan of these guys disappearing into west coast ether, that I never hear from them again.
I am trying to like the Giants.I think I have them in an upcoming break...that's how I am "trying". I have been busy with the Blue Devils (5-8-1) and have not seen a RICHMOND SQUIRRELS game yet.

Today we turn the page.

I have some great tickets on the third base line for Today's game at the Diamond.
Reports and photos to follow...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

That's (a little) More Like It...

This is the kind of Dual auto card I could envision myself buying. There was another with juan Marichal that was nicer, but This one has Relics!...sweet home-plate-lovely with just a mild "curtain call" theme to the background. On-card autos, well, you know me...
The one problem that I have with cards like this is the sheer risk factor involved with the players depicted. I mean, Buster Posey? do I know for sure that you are even going to have a lengthy career? much less a productive, or even successful one? I just can't help but think back and look around and see that in some arenas, WE are all guilty of letting them make the same mistakes over and long as the print run is under 25. That way those "idiots" with more money than sense can find a place for it.