Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ones That Speak to Me:"Patches, I'm Depending on ya Son": Reflections on Reflections

Altogether, this is an amazing card construction and a shining point in the occasionally clumsy Reflections auto/GU set. The Fabric Reflections Auto-Patch set was one of the true highlights. I have wanted to try my hand at a hobby box somethin' awful, but it is on an increasingly long list. I chose this one to display from a successful auction. The autograph is a thing of my dreams, sticker or not. Anduw Jones or not. (and as you know, that is my first admission to approval of a sticker auto).
The patch is dope and reminds me of the Milwaukee Braves, to whom I pledge allegiance for my father (RIP TWP 1941-1998) who saw two WS games (among countless other games) at county stadium, on the same spot that I later tailgated on at the glorious Miller Park. (they built the new park where the old park's parking was, and vice-versa)

The Braves have a very pround history from Boston, to Milwaukee, to Atlanta. From Richmond, where I enjoyed more than 50 wonderful games (It was our mayor's fault) to Gwinnett, I will always have love for the franchise. If it had to come down to two words, they would be "Hank Aaron". Andruw put up numbers that made us all take notice, but then we couldn't really look away due to the subsequent "trainwreck syndrome" most of us East-coasters felt at his faltering.
Good luck Andruw, and Good luck Gwinnett, No hard feelings.

The Girls and I Have Similar Taste: Dinged Corners

(above: Topps Archives Certified on-card Autographs, most likely my favorite Auto set ever. The post mentioned below made me think of it. I stare at it sometimes...)
I am carefully putting together a package for the girls over at Dinged Corners, and spent some time this morning catching up on posts of theirs that I had missed.
First of all, this is a plug devoid of shame as I have always loved the way their posts are written as well as their choices for what I call here "off-topic" posts (on account of the signature focus. maybe I'll do something about that...). This Post of their "Siggies" proves that we share a similar point of view on the personlized written name. This post was the type of post that made me want to create this blog and follows my ethos regarding Sticker Autos.
Great work all at DingCor, your thank you card(s) is on the way.
Snowday tomorrow, so posts should be easy to come by. also I have a few things that will be going up on ebay and I prefer to give you guys first shot cuz we can trade instead of my taking home approx. 4/5 of the actual fair market value thanks to ra-pal, and dweebay.

Really!?: Double Negative Cut Card Signatures

I know Denny Martinez. I met Denny Martinez. and sir, this is no way to treat
Mr. Denny Martinez.
This is worse than worse. This is an April Fool's joke, this is real, this is red rocks. this is the edge. It all gets worse from here. Things fall apart.
No! Bad card, badcardmaker!! I mean look at this frankenf88cker...the left corners are rounded, the right? not. It's a Tristar product containing a chopped topps card. ...question is, why wouldn't one send their full-size 1979 Topps Denny Martinez to the man himself like some other guy did before they bought the card from him, chopped it, and stuck it to some of thier own cardboards to create the most hideous freak I have encountered.
Still better than a Topps Certified Blinder errr.. sticker...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Outside the Boxes: Gold, Jerry.

I am not sruprised that a Diamond King got slightly off path on its way to a binder I have yet to set up, but a Sweet Spot Classics Gaylord Perry auto? ok. no clue how that got in there. I definitely pulled it because I found some SSClassic base in a different box a while back.
Never really had a feeling about Perry either way. This Sig looks like it is from a ball where the curvature of the sphere often warps the way a hand pens a name. I personally am not so sure the man was looking at the scrap he was signing, but he signed a lot of stickers et al. for UD in the 00's, and I have another one I like much more. If you have a preference for this card, get in touch.

Why did I put these two together, why gold, of course. Kevin Mitchell made it big after he left the mets organization and hade a short spurt of fame with the Giants. enough go gold fo one tooth. Maybe it is his most important tooth? Anyway, funny I was reading a post on gold over at dinged corners just this morning...and this post was already in the chamber...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Craftsmen, NASCAR Edition: Denny Hamlin

From just down the road from me in Chesterfield, VA, I saw Denny lead an entire RIR (Richmond International Raceway) night race and then lose in a close last three laps to some red Bud car. This signature screams "well-trained rook" to me. NACSAR is a different beast indeed.
"...every signature must be a work of art, and smile wide, boy. you got to sell ya'self"

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2006 Upper Deck: you made how many cards?

I apologize to Cubsareawesome, I had no idea that it would be so easy to complete the huge Brewers team set from 06 UD. Great set. Great pictures and thanks to Chris, now I have them all. sick. I will post the other very appealing cards he sent my way. Great trade. I'll explain why soon. Even though I do not think the cubs are awesome, I do think the brewers he sent me are.

Outside the Boxes: Worst Buyback Ever...

...found this in a box of 06 upper deck, if I remember correctly, some years ago. It is one of two buybacks I have gotten unexpectedly(err) out of hobby packs. The other one was also from the Upper Deck company but was actually manufactured by them (which is more than I can say about this little beauty).
It's hard to tell how off-center this card is, and I didn't want to make it all worse by ing Walt's mediocre stats. Mostly I feel sorry for the person (ahem, machine) who had to take the time to pair this card with a card that even has the balls to mention "pleasure" and seal it in cellophane.
Oh, and why OPC? why 88OPC? I mean this card was the opposite of fun to pull.
some trades should be arriving before too long, and I can't wait to write a trade posts. God knows I've read enough. (Beardy I'm lookin at you, keep up the good work)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Controlled Chaos: Pedro Guerrero

...and in retrospect, I am sad to have had to sell this card a while back. To be fair, I really hated the extremely asymmetrical auto-zone (no affiliation to the car care outlet). Very few of these signatures I have seen fit "well" in the pennant. Pedro's is damn-near out of control but I bet he could point out what letter is represented by what loop. His picture is awesome, and I wish I could see more of it...and how could this signature even exist on a sticker? I heard somewhere that freedom wasn't free. check.
The other complaint I had about this Autograph set is that the base cards looked great with silver embossed accent lines...and they couldn't muster so much as an UD logo in foil for the Autos? Come on.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Outside the Boxes 2: odd things on cards

Here we have a Chrome Checklist with a "protective film on it, yeah, ok. Also we see a checklist decoy, that is actually a television schedule for the doomed league. Lastly we have dude Bucky over here. I want postulations on why Bucky's finger is in his mouth. (You can't use peanut butter or boo-boo because those were my first two)
There is some s**t in this ole box. more to come...

Outside the boxes 1: Eagles Star RB Brian Westbr

Hey Peterson nice #/50 parallel of Brian...uh...
Ok, wow. I didn't even know they had photoshop for real life...errrrrrrr. How do you miss the letter blocks for part of the name on the front?

Memories and Memorabilia

Ok, so I wasn't feeling that hot at school, and the kids I would have in class today are off (hopefully crushing) GED testing. I decided to get some parent contacts and planning out of the way and come home with hopes of hydration and relaxation, then I remembered the perfect activity to take my mind off of any lingering discomfort and occupy my time with item organization.

So that's how we get to these three boxes(shown above).
What do you think is in them? I have no idea. Well, I have some idea, it's most likely majority is of cards that I busted boxes of in 06-07(my BBing heyday) but Three triple-row boxes full? nope. there must be something else...that's alot of cards. for those of whom I have addresses are probably going to get some.
Any guesses?
ok, so I completely underestimated the contents of the boxes. I now have "outside the box" posts for autos tho. dangit.
I lied. There was one auto, and a GU, neither are crap. scanning to post tmrw.

Of Course I don't feel bad, I'm a Packers fan...'tell you what I do feel...

This is my favorite quarterback ever, Brett Favre.
If you watched the games yesterday you might have felt what I felt. Like Peyton Manning is better than Brett. I said it. I don't care anymore. The packers are in great shape overall and have the right idea, so I don't miss him as much as when he retired THE FIRST TIME. Ever since then, his lore in my mind has been chipped away at until last night I watched what I believe may be the best quarterbacks in the league and neither of them was "dirty" or from Mississipi.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sketch Factor 10

Holy Cow!? and up to now I never thought twice about scetch cards... until this recent post from Trader Crack's. I used to watch Voltron in French when I lived in Paris as tot. Check the practically patented "Artist Stamp" of a signature. The perspective and motion of this scetch eliminate all of the inherent goofiness of piloting a man-shaped craft constructed of multiple tiger-shaped attack craft.

...feeling generous?
Click Here to Buy me my first. (I used to be quite the stippler myself)
At first, when I stumbled upon this card on eBay, I was stopped in my tracks. The lines, the silver holofoil, the patch, the Player...I was absolutely in love. Then I saw the "famous nicknames" mini-banner above and below the auto. Definitely one of the most under-used nicknames in the business.
Now, normally, you all would think the first thing I would look at would be the signature...but the superior design was all but blindingly logical and aesthetically pleasing that it took me as long as it took you to read the first paragraph to notice the need for an "inspected by" sticker on your "packs" of SP Game-Used, Ultimate, Topps Sterling, among others if not for any other reason than to have someone to blame when shit like this goes on. I guess the "afixer" over at UD just said "dammit!, oh well, I'll do better next time". Bullshit. you only had to fix 50 stickers to this particular exemplary high-end issue(who knows how many Brooks stickies they used that season, maybe they were over-wrked).

The only thing that bothers me more on the road than people who do not use thier turn signals, is people who slap stickers on thier cars crooked.

Can not stand, Do not want.

NO excuses:

TURN SIGNAL before you brake...
...and BREATHE OUT before you affix a sticker to a gorgeous piece of Baseball memorabilia like this.

Later: things I found while cleaning up and stacking for trades.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Is this where the line for the Bandwagon starts? Great.

I really am more of a letterman guy, or I was, when I was a teenager. Conan was still funny in college and often was a regular part of our pre-game with the 11pm simpsons. I, like alot of us, am just not sure how this situation got so f^^^ed up. You would have to bribe me generously to get me away from NBC on Thursday nights, but I have tivo and never watch a second more of network tekevision than I have to.
Oh, and I will never forget what they did to arrested development. Never.

EDIT:[Notice who's name is ostensibly absent...]

Friday, January 22, 2010

The wanting for a tiny set.

Ok, so I don't really like 2010 Topps, but this card is one of my ALL-TIME favorites. I need to send out the message, that like Ryan Braun's 2007 topps "rookie" (still looking for platinum y'all!) I want to obtain and display all possible parallel versions of this card.
these could include,( if they even make them anymore, I don't care to check right now)

First Edition
1st day issue?
(whatever "Wal-get" parallels are lurking)
Gold #/2010
Copper or Black this year #/59?
Platinum #1/1?

Now I intend to attempt to do this without opening a SINGLE pack of this product. As we all know that may change, but I will be very unlikely to pull any of them out of retail, because I can't spend the money on Hobby just for the chance of pulling some sticker auto. BS. So off we go into another VERY TINY set completion list.

May the word be heard loud and far.
It is not "the bird", but "Fielder Cards"!

thanks guys, tell who you know. I have lots to trade.
EDIT: thanks for the reminder about the BlackSparkles, Nico

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thanks For A warm welcome.

I appreciate the warm welcom I have gotten from this blog's followers, and the good Men adn Women of the card blogroll. I am having an awesome time with this blog, as I have for years reading yours. I am glad to say that several trades are in the works with a couple packages going out friday.
I am finding a literal treasure trove of Marlins and Cubbies refractors, autos, GU, etc. Some people will be very pleased. I GUARANTEE it. And another Group Break on the Horizon... This is exciting. Thanks guys.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

At It Again...

Okay, so I have already collated my yankees, dodgers, O's, and even a few rare larry walkers and Jason Bays for trades, but I cannot get a reply to any emails...what does a guy have to do to get a trade going around here?

I haven't traded a single card since falling back into the hobby in 05, and have tons of cool stuff that needs a home better than my "tradebait" box. any advice is welcome. I am new at this, but seeing everyone else's trades go down is getting me down. I have already sent some cards to John from oldschoolbreaks in hopes of starting some goodwill (and to make up for sending everyone their base from his 8-box break) and building some kind of reputation so that people will be interested in trading with a sharing kind of guy like me.
I gotta be honest fellas, I am getting ready to start a family before too long, and I need to downsize in a big way. If this means that I send out packages to nightowl, beardy, Dayf, Sooz n' Marie, Capn Cannuck, Dubbs, and Cracknell, without any intention of recieving anything in return, that will be plenty of fun for me, and a needed level of organization. I just need addresses.
I have been reading some of you guys for a couple of years now and I want to be a part of the action. When I think about wantlists, I just go blank so just hit me upo, let's open some lines of communication.

Bizarro Baseball: Doc Ellis

If, for some reason, you have not yet seen this, give it a go. You will not be disappointed...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

ALL FOR TRADE:The Joy of Low-Numbered Parallels

These babies were all pulled out of packs. I don't know if they made just red refractors (minus the "X" factor) in 05 (2005 Topps Chrome Red Xfractor Chris Lambert 21/65), but the 06 and 07 are numbered to 90 (2006 Topps Chrome Red Refractor Clint Barmes 04/90) and 99 (2007 Topps Chrome Red Refractor 74/99) respectively. I have tried not to spend too much time thinking about it.
clockwise from top left
(2006 Bowman Chrome Bobby Abreu Gold Refractor #47/50)
(2006 Bowman DPP Chrome Anibal Sanchez Gold Refractor #23/50)
(2007 Bowman Chrome Prospects Derek Griffith Gold Refractor #18/50)
(2007 Bowman Chrome Prospects Aaron Jensen Gold Refractor #39/50)
Again, all pack-pulled. I have no idea why the (get this...) refraction of the refractors is off with the two 06 Golds, but it has to have something to do with the fact that the Sanchez is BDPP.("hey yo my quality control captivates yourmind, body and soul."-J5)

clockwise from top left:
(2007 Leaf Certified Philip Rivers mirror Gold #19/25)
(2002 Topps Chrome Roy Oswalt Gold Refractor #05/25)
(2006 Topps Finest Edgar Renteria Black Xfractor #24/25)
(2002 Topps Chrome Craig Wilson Black Refractor #34/50)
(2005 Upper Deck Exclusives John Smoltz Braves Checklist #10/25)
(2007 Bowman Chrome Roy Oswalt Orange Refractor #16/25)
Last we've got these guys. Aside from the /50 Wilson, all are out of 25. Aside from the smoltz having some corner dif (short for difficulties; general), every one of the cards you see here is sharp as razors.
Roy Oswalt is the guy who follows me throughout my box busting career. I pull patches, refractors (as you can see) and double jerseys, etc. Who is your Roy Oswalt?
If you are interested in trading for any of these cards, just send me an email. If you know someone who would want any, let 'em know.

EDIT UPDATE: sanchez is gone to (say it with gusto) Wickedortega!
Helton is spoken for by Nicolax

Saturday, January 16, 2010

For Your Consideration: Mat Gamel's Rainbow of Style

We'll start with the ugly ones... I would like you all to take a look at all of the 2008/9 topps sticker autos, and notice the sheer variegated nature of it. I liken Mat's signatures for topps and Upper Deck to date to Darwin's finches. Each one's existence a sum of gradual adaptation and evolution over time. The only thing wrong with this theory is that these stickers were most likely procured all at the same time or in several seperate sessions, nonetheless, you find me sigs that vary like this (seriously, if anyone out there knows of a great signature, please leave a comment).
This one flows, which asks relaxed? in a hurry? or sloppy drunk? no. but there are others...........(I have to say upon further inspection, this might be his best...but there are so many to choose from. How could someone like me decide which Mat Gamel AUTO I will actually pay for.

Super tight flow, Mat. I totally see the "M" in there...

On to TTT. ok, I bought one single, and it is not Mat Gamel. It's Justin Masterson, but that's another post. Observe as Mat's signature transforms and contorts in a vain attempt at escaping the cruel holographic hell in which they are captured (a la zod).....
.....and then gives up and seems to return to a more "natural shape". At least it doesn't look like he signed it while on a treadmill like we will see below.
Below is probably my favorite overall, but the whole Parabell look is so 1261. Notice that in this example, the loop around the "M" is clear and round and equidistant from the "M" shape. The "T" to the right of center sealed a sweet deal with the Brewers.
Here, things get kind of hectic. I am not sure how this is the same guy as the one who signed those stickers. This one has my vote for being purchased. The boy's a flat-brim. I can't lose. This is the first time we see the "triple feature" in Mat's sig. the first to the left is the loop around the M, then the G and L curves follow. They are really more scratches than curves here.
Here he went with the "less is more" technique. fail. I have seen a few of these with better autos, but the picture and design are a turn off.
Hands down winner of best card, although I was never a huge fan of the whole "floating head" trend, wasn't it Pete Rose who had a floating head RC. Plus this is ON-CARD. It could have been placed better, but the full M, triple feature, and beautifully horizontal line catch my eye again and again. Which one of you doesn't want to collect things that catch their eye no matter how many times you look at it? I had to close out with at least one photo of Mat after the call-up and hair cut. Too bad it's wasted on this garbage dump of a card.
You are the best mat. get to MKE soon as possible. (and bring up your strikeout-to-walk ratio for us)

Coming Soon: The Mat Gamel Rainbow of style

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Brewers: Paul Molitor

Paul's the kind of guy that signs his name enough that even he can't read it. It's on card. It's Molly, but I hate the "jetes pop-up at the bottom. That is whay I have no interest in 2008 Goudey, Sport Royalty exempt, the authenticity ruined the remake(?).

Best Card, Worst Auto: Emmitt Smith

Monday, January 11, 2010

Who collects A&G minis?

Ahoy, wandering reader,
I have a bunch of minis, a handful from 2007, a scad of 09, and a few 08s. About half the 09s are A&G back (if that even matters) and I neither want them nor will I be completing, both sizes of either 07 or 09 (just the big ones, thank you), I need to find them a home. Help out these little guys, tell me if you know who is trying to complete these sets in miniature. I am a trader with no traderoute.
Thank you,

side note: The sting of the packers loss has been tamped down by the birth of a healthy baby girl to my best friends from college. My man.


I would have slept fine either way, but I just wasnt ready for the game to end, nor was I ready to watch the last football game of the season that I cared about. This is what the refs stole from me last night: 2009-10 football. I feel like we did it all for nothing if we can't get a fair shake from the refs. What the fuck was going through the mind of the ref with his hand on his flag at the above moment? whay did he not throw said flag that he had put his hand to?

From Yahoosports:
First, on second-and-10, Rodgers dumped the ball off to Jarrett Bush(notes) on a play that went for about 15 yards. We actually did see a flag there, but it was for holding on the Packers, not the blatant helmet-to-helmet hit Rodgers took after getting rid of the ball.
Bertrand Berry(notes) got to Rodgers and jammed the crown of his helmet right up under Rodgers' facemask. In a year when we've seen guys penalized 15 yards for having their knuckles graze a quarterback's facemask (and just for the record, I'm fine with calls like that, as long as they're called consistently), it was a bizarre no-call.
The holding call stood, negated the gain, and pushed the Packers back to their own 10-yard line. Obviously, that had a huge play in the game.
Secondly, and this no-call seems to be generating more controversy, on the game-ending fumble return play, Cardinals defensive back
Michael Adams(notes) hit Rodgers and then facemasked him on the way down. Again, it drew no yellow laundry. You can see it in the picture above, and you can see it in the video here. It wasn't glancing, incidental contact. That hand was on the facemask for awhile.
Hands to a quarterback's face are illegal, period, let alone grabbing his facemask and not letting go for a couple of seconds. On Twitter, the great
Peter King explained how and why the call wasn't made. You're going to love this.

The referee, Scott Green, stands behind the pocket and has to watch first for the loose ball. Once the ball is out, Green's job is to watch ball for possession. He can't watch the QB then. If he saw the facemask, it'd mean he wasn't watching ball. It's a quirky rule, but it's the referee's call -- and the ref is charged with possession once the ball is loose.

Basically, the guy wasn't watching because it wasn't his job to watch. That's a great tip for all you young defensive players out there: After the quarterback fumbles, it's the ideal time to stab him with a sharpened toothbrush. No one's looking!

It all felt an awful lot like one of those basketball games where, at the end, the officials swallow their whistles, and you'd have to hit a guy with a steel folding chair to get a call. There were two blatant violations committed, in a year where we're emphasizing those exact points, and neither of them were called.

Thanks to Doug Farrar, and MJD

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Game over.

Tighten up STRIPES!!!!!You can't make a roughing the passer instead of holding AND neglect to notice the offensive pass-interference in the end zone?
EDIT: goddamyou f**king incompetent refs, I can't believe what I just saw you NOT see.
Game Over. I am not a happy man.

Sucker Punch II:D-R-C Joke's on Me.

This kid (with a lot of help from A-Rodg) suckerpunched this PACKER fan.
feelin kinda ill...need yardage transplant...What is it with the first play of the game today?
[EDIT: feeling better at the half, two score game that I still think we can win.]

I implore you Mr. Rodgers...Please steer clear and find your way out of this god-awful storm. This is as bad as it gets...I know I have picked on your shitty sig in the past, but ignore me, I don't even live in wisconsin anymore. Carry on, do not be phased.

Sucker Punch: Ray Rice

I'm not much for the Ravens, or the Pats for that matter, but that was one of the very best suckerpunches I have ever seen in playoff football. Imean, Ray's not even that fast...pats got played on the first play. guh. suckerpunch.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Inscriptions: Felix A. "The Cat" Jones

Felix "The Cat" A. Jones II
this guy is helping keep me half-way honest for today in the waxaholic pick'em. I hope alot of other dopes picked the raging pussies. I love the fact that Felix has chosen to buck the popular "junior" moniker for the rather romanesque numeral "II". The lower "ultimate" version (I Heart the "") is on card and includes the "nickname" "the Cat". I am a huge fan of this card, about as much as I am NOT a fan of the cowbouys.
Felix's signature was consistently the best looking and most well crafted of his rookie class. Despite some seriously misguided play-calling in the recent past, Upper Deck saw their way clear to create these two fine cards of a hard working playoff starter.
gonna have to look at some other people's picks to see how bad I'm doin so far...

One of my favorites (apparently)

This one is mine and not for trade, no one can have it. I have had the most rediculous success in the past year with the few blasters I have bought. went 5/5 2009 A&G with 3 jerseys (Chutley, J-rol and JJhardly) one bat (ZIM) and an auto (mad dog moto-crosser whatever sold it two days later) I bought one box of MAYO because it looked infinitely better than last year and I am a total sucker for the soft white card stock. Granted Mr Collie's picture is not exactly what I would prefer for a professional football player, it being a less-than-non-action shot. Dude is stretching...c'mon. Again, the card stock, trapped mini and sublime borders save the card and keep it in my Prime Auto box, and make me want to share it with you.
As has been beaten to death, the sticker auto was a downer, but with such a clean, feel-good card and an optimistic signature of a very good(not great) rookie receiver. I honestly still don't understand how this kid got no votes for ROY.
Overall, my expectations for blasters were so low in the past, this was weird. I only had a very few dollars lately to "play" with, and Topps decided to renew my faith in "small time" buying...

EDIT: I just took another look over my picks for the contest over at waxaholic and it appears that I think that the Indianapolis Colts are going to win the superbowl. Good for them. (my picks are shyte, from the looks of the pool of applicants, I didn't drink enought that night.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Really?!: Tristar Signa Cuts

Your bad #1
the name of your product is Signa Cuts, only one of which is a word. weak. Just because you don't have a liscence doesn't mean you can treat us like were too young to have ours. This is not a "cut" in ANY WAY(see #3)
Your bad #2
Do I really have to say anything about the fact that the only thing I know about this guy from the card (without a computer) is that he won the heisman trophy in '69...(supposedly, I am still at a lack of proof) not what he looks like, who he played for, or even that you were ever in his presence(see #3)? (answer: no, idiot)
Your bad #3
you put a goddam sticker in the middle of a field of white with some vaguely "woody" (or realtree as we call it round thsese parts) borders and make people take it out of a box for you and covet it for you?...after you have already taken some of their hard earned money? you know what? F**k you. yeah f**k you and the sticker you wrote in on.

I can't even read the signature for chrissakes.
cool visuals to follow soon.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

and they're autographed?!

This may be the only thing not named Michael Jordan that makes me want basketball cards. These cards are sick topps retros of some of the best of their era, and the autos are on-card. (if it is not too insensitive for you, insert your own "Pistol" Pete Maravich/ Gilbert Arenas joke here)I'm not feeling that funny.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gentlemen: Gale Sayers

I like, not love, the card design, but the signature stands alone in the light. I haven't seen any instances where Gale created a much different insignia. I love the unintentional way that both initials look like numbers (9, 2 backwards). I am like deleriously hungry, and may or may not be hallucinating. This also looks like it was a signature style that Gale picked up around 8th grade, when he had to start writing essays more. We all know an essay won't get graded without writing your name on it (I teach 18yr olds who still have a problem remembering. some of them must be stoned right?) Damn sticker auto, at least it doesn't cut the y off......wait I just wandered out of the light!

More is Less: Playoff Contenders

I will only leave this card at the top of my blog for the next 10 minutes. that is how ugly it is. I had a headache after seeing my JV Team take conditioning BP today (after finding out head coach is in a sling for the next 6 weeks), and this is a test of my will. That's it I'm posting. Damn, I looked again.
Donruss, more is less.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Another Time and Place...

This one's called "El Viejo". It belongs on a stained document signed by someone who knows where the "Pecos" is. and where to find the gold. in the desert. I want it.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

If you are reading this...

...and have not been to the poll, please click here to Vote in the 2009 Gummies. More after the game.That is all.

Packers: For the Record

For the record (of 11-5, hopefully), these are a few of my favorite Packers AUtos in my personal collection. I got the Jones RC for about .99 plus shipping (Topps really put out some "brand new" crap in 07...) The Brandon Jackson Pull-out was one of about 9 pulls I got out of a Gridiron Gear hobby box the same year. (as I will get to, many of these "hits" were created using event-worn materials: see below) I dig the pull-out as it is the only one I own and it is a packer RB (whom is currently back on thin ice, direct from the deep-freeze of my unacceptance). He better have another good game backing up Mr. Grant...If anyone has a good looking Ryan Grant Auto I will shower you with shortprints.
The last two I bought seperately on eBay (the only place I've bought singles up til now)
The Driver is from SP rookie threads, one of my favorite Football sets from that year, mostly attributed to the cardstock, and with a healthy dose of my ignoring the "event-used memorabilia" that is found in here. that stuff is bulls***. He put the jersey on, maybe...maybe for a photo, and then took it off to sign more stickers and topps cards. I think the ends do not at all justify the means at that price point. make a cheap, jersey-packed product for the masses, and use these jerseys. Don't use this kind of trickery to prop up other failing releases.
The Matt Flynn is just a great looking card that hides the sticker fairly well with the fancy filigreed victorian eye-candy. (I love Olg English/Colonial done well on a card in the right theme. This does not include 2007 Artifacts patches).

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ones That Speak To Me: Greg Halman

The cut off scan does not do this card justice. Greg used almost the exact middle 2/4 of the box, didn't cross over his own line once, and appears to have spelled "Halman" with an uppercase cursive "G"...nope look to the right...BIG H. Greg just lays this one out in the middle of a spate of fresh-sharpie greatness. He is also the #1 Mariner's prospect for '10 (get used to it) and I could not pass up an auto, refractor, and photo of this card for a whopping $7 last spring. A classic Sky-shot with the right proportions.
I am an amateur photographer, and I have studied proportions and their role in human perception. That being said, it still boggles me how some cards not like this get printed.
Still looking for some traders out there. Check your emails or email me...Haven't traded in years, and am really sick of eBay. I am tired of selling away "valuable" cards and keeping base collecting dust. TONS of tradebait up for grabs, I am very eager to downsize with new family forming(albeit slowly) and I am mad generous. just email me your interest and I will check your wantlist. my wantlist is real broad, and since autos can get pricey, I am also very interested in fair-good-VG vintage cards of any team or player. I have TONS of 07 and 09 A&G,06-08 Topps heritage, 07 Goudey doubles, and bits of every other set released between 2005-2007.
Thank you and good day,