Thursday, July 12, 2012

State of Affairs: People Have Feelings in 2012

 1. While I have avoided the PSU scandal (which it is) like the plague, I am not in any way surprised at the reports that have come out. Anyone involved should be more than ashamed (but I believe in Karma), and I apologize to PSU grads and players for all of the ignorant people that lump you together. That just sucks.

2. Kobe needs to shut the eff up. The idea that the 2012 "team" would beat the Dream Team is simply laughable. Lebron, Kobe, KD, and...dude, do you want me to run down the DT Roster again?! I don't care how good you are as an individual (which each of the above players is, without question), but that is just what you are, and what you care about. The individual. I am not saying that a few of the Dream Team didn't have egos and larger-than-life perceptions of themselves, but that was not what they were known for. They were all the very best at their positions. Unselfish, team players who weren't movie stars. They were ALL STARS.

3. Topps Update

I bought a hobby box and landed this sucker. (#661 a) Sold it for 180 the next day. this was a perfect situation for me, not being a base topps rc collector (with few exceptions after 1975, I could care less, for real)

but I knew that this was coming out in a factory set
 hmmm. Not my bag. No auto, topps flagship "SSP"s are stupid. I have an Ozzie Smith from 2011 that is the only SP I've kept and that is only because it is an exceptionally beautiful card.

#661 b and c below

Bowman Chrome AUTOS came out well, some of my favorites (bogaerts is currently prohibitively expensive, but I said that about Posey's bochro auto too...)

And finish with a great cubs fail.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Physics Lesson: Probability Says No.

Ebay, I call nannies on this seller. This dude has four Bryce Harper Green Foil RC Autos for sale...okay. not familiar, but they look legit.
 You have a print run of #313, #314, #315 AND #316 ALL out 350 you say? Dandy...
Who the hell left the back door open at the plant?
who does this seller work for?
the seller has 3000+ positive feedback.
these are the things that keep me up during the day.

sneaking feeling they were redemptions? would Topps send out sequentially numbered autos to some Retail-nut?

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Topps Tier One :High Ends

I have been watching some of the stuff coming out of these amazingly expensive boxes with less aplomb than a box of fleer mystique. That was when I found out about the "return" of the bat knob insert. I absolutely love these pieces. They are so personal and directly experiential for the jaded relic-collector. I never understood buttons AT ALL.
This relic, I would walk a mile for...and I just had knee surgery.

Speaking of knee surgery:
Hopefully I will clean out some old posts I have been saving.
Hit me up with any requests in comments for this weekend.
Do you want me to research available Bat-Knob cards?
your call. I am trapped in my throne and have already watched baseball tonight, SC and read the news.