Sunday, February 28, 2010

Great Show, Kid.

So I says to my fiance, I says, "that kid is about the best hockey player in the worl-..."
Congratulations Canada, We are happy for you. The seemingly poetic justice of the outcome of this Gold medal match is also something that sportsradio will touch on again and again this week. fun.

Yo dog, Are You Watching This Hockey!?

I mean, I know that after this next 15minutes or so, I will not watch hockey until the playoffs, but damn. this is good sport. (just say NO to calling it a "miracle")

Back in Blue (devil)

I am thrilled to report that the Blue Devils JV Baseball team is up and running (alot). Conditioning is in the past, tryouts went extremely well. We had to cut 4 kids and keep 16 and it was a fairly easy cut. Three of the four cuts came up to the coaches office to get an idea for "what went wrong". I was really proud of these kids for having the guts and conviction to come hear our explanation. They have every right to know, but we don't require them to.
I was up against severe bronchitis and 5 13hr days in a row. I made it, and after a really great 4 hour practice in the sun yesterday (damned hard-to-come-by weather around here lately), I had finally gotten the full feel of what I was into. This is big. I am crazy about my players. They have shown so much heart and disipline this week, I am not sure whether to be one of two extremes; Proud or Intimidated.
Now we have yet to don a uniform, or play a game, but I will keep you all updated. In fact, the Blog will roll a little slower until I get some trade packs to post. Between teaching full-time and coaching full -time, I will be pressed for time.
Also, if any of you have any advice for a first-time Highschool JV Assisstant Head Coach, please share.
Go Blue Devils!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I have been laid low by Bronchitis and now Blue Devil Baseball try-outs are upon us. I coach High school Baseball, and last night we were in the gym until almost 8 with a couple of kids who didn't eat anything before coming to run. Bad idea, kid. Custodio-maintenance was needed to deal with the biohazard.
I arrived home to my lovely fiance and required 3 medecines and copious attempts at relaxation before I fanally got rid of the worst sinus headache of the decade. Friday will be my first evening off this week and I am loking forward to it with great anticipation. in the meantime, I will try to keep up for my few but loyal readers. As of now all I can say is go watch the ice-dancing on your tivo. Here's a taste:
I don't know who this guy is....but seriously dude, have some shame. (the female was almost worse)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ones that Speak to Me: Jordan Schafer

With the advent of 2010 MLB action, there will be a few people watching out for this year's version of Jordan Schafer. Some lanky kid to come in hot and make you think twice about prospect lists enough to earn an A&G SP status. This kid was named 2009 starting centerfielder without ever playing a game past AA. He kills his first at-bat against a hot Brett Myers for HR and people want to know what's good. unfortunately, for those who did some research, he had recently served a 50-day suspension without ever testing positive OR being caught purchasing or possessing HGH. So that was a wash, I guess? either way, he couldn't sustain any power or plate discipline in 09 and was optioned to AAA Former Richmond Braves (we was robbed), and I would have been all over that park-aquired auto. (I have the last foul ball hit by the Braves at the Diamond, and still can't figure out who I want to sign it.)
I am freaking crazy about this kid's sig, and believe that I have reason to be. To my knowledge, he is the first baseball player to sign his name with 3 1/2 letters punctuated by two horizontal lines. Jordan's auto is incredibly consistent, and I am still looking for the right card for me. I do not like the design of either of the two 2009 flagships, and with both of those auto editions being on-card, i am having dif. (difficulties) My want for this autograph on a well-concieved design is literally unparallelled.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Gentlemen:The Curve vs. The Straight (things I already miss about UD)

I just wanted to point out that the Pep auto is so sick It's like he knew what Pokemon were in 1988, like visionary. Anyway. What we have up top is the fail at UD to produce something unique. The font, the boxes, even the proportion have been used again and again in the last 10 yrs...So sick of it.
Press Pass, with no MLB licence, and not a huge signing base, is looking like they may be able to fill those empty spots on your Dance-card in the coming years.

Now both of these signatures are exceptional by modern standards, but what I want to look at here is the "curve" theme vs. the "straight", or "classic", theme. I am speaking of vertical cards. Obviously PressPass Fusion took a line from Ultimate's recent playbook and it doesn't play badly necessarily. The step-sister seems to have learned the older sister's dance moves pretty darn well. The batter in the lower corner seems a little forced, but all in all, by not using blinding colors (or even color photos) but the foil is in moderation and the suto is on card. big points.
I'm just sayin.
I have no money and no one shops for cards at my target but me. 2010 blasters are still there...I now officially hate how well Yo Momma's Trash Promo is working, but only because I can't play right now.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No, no. The Computer plays chess...Mr. Campbell is it's interpreter.

You say you developed the concept behind "Deep" what? Blue?
and it could play chess?....that's nice.
Oh! A scientist! well, why didn't you say so?

Monday, February 15, 2010

My Sweet Piece of the Millions.

I seem to have done just fine in this whole fray. I am actually pretty geeked about these cards. The Marichal makes this whole thing rife with mystique that I will have to fight so as not to buy anymore 2010 topps. The Larry Gura Sky Blue card is Gorgeous. and Chico from the 61 set...I have a feeling I will be reading about another interesting "pull" at some point tonight.
If anyone "in the program" wants to trade a Milwaukee 61(cept for Spahn and team card for old Chico here...drop me a line......and I've gotten waaaay ahead of myself.
EDIT: the more I look around, the more I think this may be a lot like me playing slots. I come out on top every time I play, but I never bet that much.

Thanks Frank.

I remember seeing frank play for the first time when I was a young guy. One word: Beast.

Born: May 27, 1968 in Columbus, GA

High School: Columbus (Columbus, GA)

School: Auburn University

Drafted by the Chicago White Sox in the 1st round (7th pick) of the 1989 amateur draft.

Signed June 11, 1989.

Debut: August 2, 1990

Teams: WhiteSox/Athletics/BlueJays 1990-2008

Final Game: August 29, 2008

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Craftsmen: Randy Johnson

The fact that this dude was one of the most intimidating pitchers to take the mound since Nolan Ryan does not escape me. What has escaped me, until now, has been the quality of Randy's signature. I have really only seen but so many of his Autos, due to his generally short print-runs. Our tall, lanky anti-hero here seemed as inaccessible as the fourth post of the cauldron, until I came across his crafted, unassuming signature. It is almost always the same, and has not changed a tremendous amount over time. I would have pegged randy for an AD, or at least, Hanley Ramirez style scrawl, but we get the mark of a gentile sportsman, a gentleman even. Congrats on the retirement Randy, Remember that time you killed that bird when you were with Seattle?...and then refused to acknowledge it to the press afterwords?, I have been scared shitless. point made.

Major Coup in JD's Olympic Observation

First of all, I would like to say that I was very saddened to hear of the tragic death of Georgian Luger Nodar Kumaritashvili. My Fiance and I agreed that we would both much rather go that way, in our chosen competative environment than on a couch somewhere or in an elevator, or something mundane like that. Congratulations on your qualifying for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Rest in Peace, Nodar.

I would like to announce the latest 2010 Olympic Competitors to sign on to Team Peterson. Do you recognize that flag? It is the proud flag of Austria. The flag that an astounding 81 atheletes carried in the opening ceremonies. The only way this could have gone better is if I had the Austro-Hungarian Team (which hasn't existed since the first few games)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Duelling Autos: Jordan and LBJ

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Go Cavs.
This card is obviously far out of my league, but I couldn't resist posting this dual on-card beauty.

This is my man. (my only olympian in JD's contest (see below)
His name is Seck. If this African Downhiller doesn't medal in Alpine Skiing, then I have no chance in the contest. sounds like about a snowball's chance in Vancouver...ouch.

Want More Out of Your Winter Olympics?

JD's Wild cardz is having a 2010 Winter Olympics contest over at his place and there are still plenty of spots large countries available. I got Senegal. sweet. Are they any good a curreling? I want to invite anyone who has not read his blog, to go check it out now. Not only can you enter to be assigned a random chance of winning one of three top prizes, but you just found another killer Cardblog.
EDIT 100th Post. booyah.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

If Vulcans Have Signatures...

They probably look like this. So sick.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why I Write: Huston Street Culture

Look at this big, bad RED muther.
It's in your face, but dignified.
It's thick and deliberate, yet practiced and legible.
I can understand some of the reasons Upper Deck stopped using windows and trapped paper for Graphs a while back. They are fragile, expensive and, well....nobody likes a bleeder. I am sure they have an exclusive with Sharpie or Staedler or some shit. I personally used to do a lot of drawing.
When I was a young kid, 14-15, I got into Graffiti. Mostly I actually got to the traintracks, or an overpass, or some random wall to "write" in color like once a month. The rest of the time I was getting down to it with my two best friends in my basement, or on a school wall, mailbox, street sign etc. I had my own "black book", I practiced my tag for hours at a time, entire college-ruled notebooks consumed by scrawling attempts at "getting it right", and changing and evolving your transfer of these written letters.
I think that my experiences and practices in the art of Graffiti (that has only gone underground and gotten legal. not dead) is one of the main roots of my appreciation for the autographed baseball card. I mean, pretty simple really. Combine my interests, and it sticks. Ex. Adidas+starwars, Baseball+autographs, lego+starwars,
old stereo speaker+small aquarium...see? I can't lose.
Everyone has their own "tag"...of course it is your signature.

Some have style, some have grace, some have the kind of line that's in your face.
Bring back the thickpen, for you to sign
I bring a used sharpie to the ballpark every time.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hells, Yes.

I seem to have scored the most points in Waxaholic's NFL Post-Season Contest. Thanks for the contest, Cap'n, and good for me. Now I can't complain that I never win anything...errrr

This is a very surprising development to me and I just wanted to dispell any odd thoeries that I had some skill in this. No. I literally went with my gut, and it felt good to pick the Winner. I guess, in a way, it was what I wanted to happen more than what I thought would happen, but at least I didn't just guess.

Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints and MVP Drew Brees on their exceptional effort in Miami.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cards From Other Cards, and some boxbreak fodder

From Chris Cubsareawesome (to which we have agreed to disagree) I got a couple of gems including a Pujols/Fielder Combo I am not sure existed. It wasn't in my binder so SCORE. I have always really liked the 06 ultraluckies. I have Fielder and Griffey Jr. and now Jinkies. A good baseball player. Sometimes, a really good baseball player (a la Brady Clark, Bill Hall, JJ Hardy, Rickie Weeks, sexon, spivey and anyone else on the o5 roster not named craig Counsell or ben sheets). Then we have a couple of relics including an example of my all-time favorite relic sets, from A&G. Jury's out as to whether I like the light or dark bordered framed-cards best. And batting cleanup, a tight little swatch from a set I didn't know existed. Sharp Cards, thank you.
Over the vast majority of the 8-box break over at oldschoolbreaks, The Brewers (and giants who I got randomed cuz Beardy and I wanted the O's. Beardy and I always want the O's.) as anemic at best yeilding a few really nice inserts and parallels and even base cards like the Junior Spivey(amazing athlete, not sure what went wrong there)Bill Hall, and Geoff Jenkins in a wood frame (showcase did a nice job on the faux wood framing.) The Topps gold label we got is something I would buy a box of. I love it. The McCovey was just a bonus insert that I happen to love.
Now, on to the AUTO I was freakin prayin' for.
I have had a love/dislike relationship with Ben Sheets after living in Milwaukee in 2004, meeting him and learing a little more than i wanted to know. The guy's just not entirely my kind of ball player. I feel awful about his back issues. It was really hard to watch those weeks where he was lights-out on 4days, but he would be in agony that his injury would keep him from mowin' 'em down. He wanted to win for the brewers. I respected that. That all being said can you think of a brewer you have pulled more in the mid-2000's than Ben Sheets? maybe Rickie Weeks?sexon, whatever...this is sick. and I mean punch your cat sick.
It hits my combined score Title for best auto pulled from a box break.
It's not only legible, it's full and spaced about as well as i could hope for.
(I have seen some crap sheets autos, he musta signed a million)
It's titled in the STAR TREK FONT. yes, smooth, broze-y gilding. huge points for me, no one else....hehehheh

Thank you John, Keep up the Good Work. Thanks Chris, Keep in touch.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Please Speak Up: UD Predictor Editions

So, there's these. I got the Boston Red Sox (who I semi adore) as my "Postseason Predictors" redemption card. It took only a month or two and the two sets arrived. yes, Two. You see...

In this particular contest I won the "Playoff Predictors" green set and the "World Series Predictors" purple set. I opened the green set to check it out, and I want to know some opinions on it.
Should I break them (or one) into team sets and sell/trade it?
Should I try to sell as is (not so good on ebay...)
Do you know anyone who won predictor sets? what have they done with them?
Obviously a cool edition to your 2007 pages of any player collector, but what else?
Why did Upper Deck do this to me? (I bought a bunch of 2007 Ser. 1+2 hobby boxes lookin for rare hits, and I got these sets. serves me right. although the photography is on par with 2006 and 2008 sets.)

EDIT: Looks like the green will fall to team sets and the purple will go to player collectors/future contest.

Wickedortega has something in the works that may earn him the Marlins

AnthonyK commented, and has dibs on the Astros.

anyone else?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ones That Speak to Me: 2005 UD Trilogy Rickie Weeks

So I got this off dweebay some time back and I wanted to share because it will be going into the Primary Box (the box into which my "better to look at in holders", Top 30 or so cards, Top 30 or so autos, Top 20 or so RCs and my top 20 GU are kept). Though the brewers do have their own Primary box and binders, this one is hot.

This is a freaky version even for "Weaks". (I just did that didn't I?....I feel awful. I have never been anything but supportive of this man. I want the very best for him(and JJ for what it's worth). I saw him hit his first homer...i feel awful))

He dots his "i" with an attachment, probably from general fatigue from the amount of stickers he signed for (the former?) Upper Deck Company. The large R as his first stroke is wider and more scroilled than some, also indicating the previous suspicion. Great new sharpie tho.
15/15 feels nice and lucky in gold.

The layout of the Trilogy Signatures (monochromatic background, matched highlights and delineations...really lent itself in a way to Metallic parallels, being that upper deck had learned to harness the "power of foil", and sometimes, leave it at home.
It is in exceptional condition given the fluff some of the Trilogy corners have undoubtedly turned to, and the sticker is near-invisible.
I have been mad about this design since I saw it. (If you have any, share it)

By the time I was buying wax again, even nice stuff, this stuff was long gone. and if not it was through the roof.
The seller was awesome and threw in a couple other nice cards including a Weeks Gold 2007 Topps. Total paid with shipping: 6.99
I have always wanted to drop that "deal" price on a post Auto-matic style


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Outside the Boxes: Topps Fan Favorites Re-preciation

I forgot how kickass these cards are until I found a chunk of them in those boxes. The above card was obvioulsy my favorite, it being one of my favorite cards of all time. The backs are reprints of the original cards but the cards are on thin glossy stock. I feel like I have seen (posted) similar cards somewhere before...only look what cards you cannot get out of the "new stuff":
Sick. Sorry that these got cut off, totally unprofessional of me. but they are a blast to look at just the same.
Kaat is wearing a windbreaker under his Uni, cuz you did what you had to in Minnesota with no dome.
Who doesn't want to see more pictures of Oscar Gamble from the 70s? His hair has become an institution in Topps baseball.
The Charlie Hough is so proportionate, it belongs in the Louvre, and Mazeroski looks like a tougher Ben Affleck (Think Mallrats, not Gigli).
The Marvin Miller card is one that I have decided that I must own, in any condition. Every element of the photo and stock-color theme, the microphone cluster, the polyester, it reminds me of my dad. Rest his soul.
Anyone with half a brain knows that Garvey is soooo cool. Horizontal shot, the original still has it beat, but that stance and that smile, he's the man.
Then I couldn't choose from the 71 Topps, they are both awesome. just look at them. The facsimile signature is something I will always miss. (yes that includes you Autographix or -phics or whatever).
Every Signature tells a story, and legibility does count for something. I'll stop there.

Last is the inevitable "what I didn't need to find" portion of "Outside The Boxes". (you should see some of the straight bulk I sifted through to find these)Hell, with a name like Jocketty, he's gotta be there looking good in an expensive suit. Now, since this guy presumeably has no actual on-field role, what the hell is he doing in his "action silouhette" in the Bottom Right? He's given' somebody the business is what he's doing.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2010 Topps: FAST Part II

Ok, I promise to at least start off more positive about these 2010 Topps.
I actually really like this card despite the two strikes it has against it (see below) It is GOLD and I love gold. It also features three of my most respected disciplined hitters I have had the pleasure of seeing play in person. I will eat my words later, but I wish it showed all three least for continuity.
These cards are not crowded, awkward or third-rate action shots. They are in the vast minority. I actually think the Andruw Jones was my favorite looking base card.

Too going on. Forced to look away, I realize quickly that is not what collectible trading cards are for.
Way too damn much going on on this card. It is simpler in the scan due to the lack of silver glint that adds to the chaos captured here in a simple pose shot. Did you see the Topps All-Star Rookie logo on the left? took me a while too. If that is what it will look like from now on, that is another binder I can stop putting pages in the back of. Also, If they chrome this stuff, and do the whole "sunken line" thing, illegibility will reign.

...and of course Topps is going, backs, backs, backs! backs Gone!

Duelling Autos: Cal And Jetes

This here's a peach all-right. I got a tops card you'll see soon that I wish was done up like this...

2010 Topps "You Wan't"? List

I do not like 2010 Topps and will be buying no more of it than the few packs you have seen here. Just an FYI, These are up for grabs. No trades even necessary. email me and I will send them or put these in a hold-pile for you for a future trade.
Cardboard/Gray Back (Target Exclusive)
3, 26, 48, 123, 192, 196, 199, 207, 228
Cards Your Mom Supposedly Threw Away (whaudusayaboutmymamma?)
Chippah ‘91, Duke Snider ‘55, Longoria ‘09
Peak Performance:
Miggy Cabrera (Tigers uni), Willie Stargell
Tales Of the Game:
Spikes up, MFer! (Tyrus Cobb)
Legendary Lineage:
History of the Game (did I do this one already?)
National League Created, Ruth Sold to Yankees
Turkey Red:
Longoria, D. Lee
Gold: Minnesota Twins #609/2010

This gets me where it hurts....

Trader Cracks has some info and images about some of 2010 Upper deck including Base Star Rookie cards which aren't bad (way to go UD sticking to your shitty RC logo) but also the "Celebrity Predictors". I cannot stand for this. I really do not want to know what they may or may mot be "predicting" here. I have very deep and fiery emotions when it comes to celebrity worship, and this is an absolute DO NOT WANT for me. ughhh...

2010 Topps 5 packs: FAST-Part One

Okay, so I have read everyone else's posts on their blasters and such and I wanted a piece. I have not looked at any numbers, rules, probabilitites or anything, merely one blaster and several pack breaks. I bought these to open and post here. The hysteria of the Topps flagship set only lasts but so long, and I love a good ride.
There is nothing here that I wouldn't trade for the right card.

Here are a few packs highlights that came through pretty well overall. One thing...kinda major, NO BREWERS. Pit. (SO FAR Looking for Prince Fielder base/parallel and Target exclusive Brewers Team set only)

What do we do with these things again? If I wind up with one of those cards, Topps and I will come to terms.

EDIT:[By way of Cardboard Junkie, thanks to Hand Collated for this info]

These "Cards Yer Ma Tossed" in the Target-Grey would have been cool. As a matter of fact just as cool as Topps Archives without the gold stamp. that's it, Which is really not that cool.

This need not have been done again. Insert or not, Base set or not, real back or not, this is one of many powerfully supurfluous insert sets to be had in these packs. I have omitted some altogether in favor of a "you want?" list. (details later)

Frank Robinson for the Cincinnati Redlegs, would have coveted an O's card, but the back is authentic-style, much cooler than the alternative. Wonder what that means odds-wise?

Cards I'm Glad to have:

Cards I'm sad to have:
Cannuck or Night owl can have this Russ Martin card. I love the guy alot, but no. Not this, No.
K. Correa: too busy, less patterns and lines and I would look again.
Longoria 2nd year (yes, last year's card and the most regretable bs reprint filler I have seen from 2010 Topps to date)...stamped in gold...after "my mom threw it away"....hmm...where was my mom during 1992-94 Toppsgold rush? she coulda thown out my cards and made some money.

Must be a slow year for baseball releases for me to ba talking so much sh** already.
see you for part deux.