Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bowman Chrome Appeal: I'll Revisit This...

You've heard the story. "I'm not buying cards because I am getting married in August", or some rendition of that ilk. Well, Bowman continues to bring me back. After what I considered a mediocre design in 2011 is followed by some really sharp lines (like I like em). The autos are nothing to get nuts about right now, unless you are a serious prospector, which I am not anymore as of last year. I believe that I have a collection of 2006-2011 bochro to net me a few scores down the line with the right RCs and Autos that I have amassed. I mean, I pulled a Gio Gonzalez auto rc in the only box of 2004 bochro I ever broke and was like..."shit, who knows". but I liked the sig a lot. I kept it, and now he is leading an attention-getting (even mine) machine in the Washington Nationals. I collect Ian Desmond because I have a soft spot for the short stop. But now we come to a time when I have been in Virginia long enough, and things are evolving without me in Milwaukee, that it only stands to reason that I must choose eventually between the Birds (my very first team and games 84-88) and the Nats, who are light-years closer traffic-wise, and have what I cannot be convinced is not a bright future.
Here is a shout out to some of my favorite Bowman Chrome RC autos:


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Simply The Best: Look Closely

Like a fox, this guy's sig is slick as I don't know what. Lefty kind starts from the "sheffield liner". but this guy hits so many pleasing transitions in this auto, I can't stop looking at it. I've heard that rick is kind of a dick, but who cares. as for the UNC/DUKE debate, I've been to both campus', seen shows in both towns, still can't care. sorry. just look back at the above diagram of Rick's rebound on the left, deek, turn, pick n' roll, then take it to the hole, strutting back to center court for some love from the crowd...

Friday, May 4, 2012

MCA NO!!!: God Bless you and Thank You Adam

 The first music tape I ever owned was the Beastie Boys-Liscenced to Ill in 1986. That was the beginning of being cool. It was the powell-peralta, perma-skinned knees, hair over the eyes, "surfer" tan and the boombox. The grey beast barely mobile, with chrome accents that was too loud for anyone in the neighborhood except me and my boys.
Adam, we knew you had cancer in 2009. I tried to deny it, and without it being in my face all the time (unlike with my parents' losing battle), I was able to deny it.

damn the passage of time and it's unyeilding entropic interference.
I am so unhappy right now.

Note on Junior Seau and others lost along the way this week:
Also, props to all those leaving us in time. Junior was a blow yesterday, but I never lived in Cali and never liked the chargers. I knew he was one of the best, but that was about it. He really killed it during the years I was not watching football. I am sorry for his loss as well, but this one hits me where it hurts...pre-puberty.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bruins/Caps Reverb: Echos of Lesser Minds

I can say I am not enjoying some of this playoffs action, but I do have one thing I"ll ask.
You want to know who's team I'm on?



It shouldn't just be "part of the territory", but you handle it like a chamion
 ...much like the Kung-Fu Panda of the roughneck skating set...love this guy.
As for me, the jury is still out on the whole "twitterverse" thing. I have an account, but am not sure if I am self-absorbed enough to use it like the adults that I know do. It seems that the kids in the highschool that I teach in use it as a simple way for groups of friends to communicate and share inside jokes. Good stuff, often creative. I just can't stomach anyone using the forum to just unzip and piss hate into thier "friends'" feeds. (lesson!)

damn I hate racists,