Monday, March 25, 2013

Super Want: Birds Of A Feather

I've been chasing this...and the patch version and the Robinsons version...stalking....

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Late Night: Way Off Topic

Organized dance that you have fallen victim to participation in within the last ten years (pride be damnded).
(in historic order)
1. the chicken Dance
2. The electric slide
3. The humpty Dance (uh...there are no sanctioned public moves for this so count you in.)
4. Souldja Boy Tell 'em (do yourself a favor and don't ask if you don't know)
5. The Cupid shuffle
6. Gangnam Style
7a. The Harlem Shake (have you been in a video)

for the record...m y number is 0. I disapprove.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

2013 Topps Opening Day: The Time Has Come...

Well. This year, topps pulled something interesting in that I have found the 2013 Opening Day set is BETTER than the Flagship set. I wasn't sure how to feel after I ripped a rack pack for kicks and maybe a "variation" (read: Base Opening day card) and was kind of floored with the quality of the inserts, all of the attractiveness of the base-set photos and it felt distinctly like it was not geared to kids. This felt weird as it does seem there is a very significant shift happening in manufacturing and production by topps. I can't really put my finger on it, aside from obvious over-production and rising costs for something that should not rise in cost without the requisite rise in demand. fishy? not sure. for those of you reading this with plans of a future in the hobby, keep an eye out for a major scandal or two coming up. We are all fully due for one.
 finally, a REal blue parallel. None of this "light" "walmart" blue crap. Chrome date April 1, 2013 above the banner really making it a busy but exceptionally hot card in hand. #/2013
 the 3D inserts are different...not sure how, but when I pulled this one, It hit me that I was going to have to have 3 $10 blasters more.
 Ballpark fun! for the kids! but here we have champagne-soaked champs and pie-faced rookies (machado and A.Jones  for the PC) but below is the real winner. This is a great photo, Matt has a taught, powerful auto alot like his swing. Kids in Bison jerseys just make me happy.

 The celebrations have improved the design of the card, and kept what I assume to be a favorite among some team/player collectors (more what I have available for YOU later)
 This one is cute. The one for Albert has the opposite photo of Al coming into the plate, with the fish greeting him. Very cute. yuk.
 PLAY HARD. this is one of the things about Baseball that does not change from little league to the bigs. Great insert set. Shot of Harper stealing home IS PLAY HARD. Buster is my favorite backstop since I don't know who...maybe 04-07veritek or The originlka pudge before him...I do love me some Yadier tho.
 I'll have to pull the trigger on an auto because the design suits me so damn well. I mean, I love it. Sticker or not. So fresh and So clean.


BP Fun:
6-a jones

Superstar Celebrations:
sc-21 Posey
10 mauer
8-R. Zimmerman


Last, but not least...the mascots:
*Wally The Green Monster
*The Swining Friar
*The Kansas City Royals (what? looks like a mutated lion/panther something)
*TC ( The Twins...Bear? again, What? I have not been privvy to too much info about mascots in the past)
*Chicago White Sox (Yellow no-name furball something something....)
*BERNIE BREWER- the only mascot of these I have met in person. He used to pound a mean pint with the crowd, but now he just slides down a slide...not the same. If you ever see a game at Miller park, Bernie's Dugout (where the keg used to be) is a kick-ass place to be for the money).

all are for trade
peterson238 yahoo.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Y'Know Folks: I Would Trade Most Of My Cards For The Following

     I have no reason for this just irking me now, but I do not own an auto of any of my "major major leaguers". I have no Cal to speak of, No Hank, no Nolan Ryan, not even a Frank robinson for gahds sake. These caliber cards would be cornerstones of my collection. I have Boss cards of all of these guys. I have a brooksie that was furnished in a long-ago trade with a dear friend, Beardy.
The main reason, I have found, is the over-powering urge, when purchasing cards, to go for quantity and chance over preference and expense. I don't get anything like that out of a blaster, and the upper deck issues are sky-high. It is high time that I put some effort into converting my collection. I will be ready to divest more than half of all of my cards before the summer is through. I will make sure that I let you all in on the set-buildng fodder I have (like heritage sets from 05-08, A&G unfinished sets, and a few completes that were prizes (like 07UD predictors purple and 2 and 14/16 2011 diamond factory sets). That kind of stuff.
thanks again for reading, and sent me an email if you ever see any trades that you are interested in. I send first cuz I don't give a singe care.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Part Two: Trade 'Em If You Got 'Em

okay, so my rule of capitalizing every word of the title did't really make hay here, so off we go with some other cards that I figured someone might be looking for.