Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Saying goodbye... Cards Sold in 2013-14 (mixed feelings)

Now, remember, these are only the cards that I sold in the last year or so. I am working on scanning cards as my trusty elph has finally shit the bed after 6 years of world travel and the torture provided.
I miss each one in its own way...but orange was never my color. I tried my best to list a price or close to it.

 165bin (I miss this one the most, because I always see the "future" with cards so well cut, signed, and centered). the future is now.
 ? 7. something
 bo 49

 9...(WHAT DO I SAY?!)
15.56 wish i kept the green...

Which one of these do you think may wind up being a "DOH"?!...I think Micah has some chops, but he is soo young...what you thinkin'?

wait til I hit my "look what I kept" posts...love, on small cardboard pieces...

Sunday, June 15, 2014

I miss all of you. I have not forgotten.

I have enough material to really roll this blog along...but am sidetracked currently by a new school to teach at, a new house to find and a new live to form.

I broke a ton of single 90s hobby boxes, ironically 2013 was my all-time hobby consumption year. I have a ton of cards I wish I could sell, but it is like 2-3000 $1-$3 cards.

working on that now.
Aslo, I am putting in time at my most recent endeavor, 2014 FIFA World Cup Futbol.
under the title "CWPeterson's 'average American' World Cup Blog 2014"

Keep breaking, keep thinking, and don't stop for anyone.

more to come...

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I hung In There, Then Caved, Then Ran far far Away: Signs of the Card Apocalypse

     I mentioned recently
(or relatively if you read here... My wife and I went diving for our honeymoon, worked my summer job and started back at a new school year at a new high school. I was a warrior, now I am a panther...I say downgrade, but I went from green and gold to Red, Blue and White...notice red and blue are the majority so slight upgrade there cuz i look dyna-mite in blue).
...how I had sworn off topps...then I saw ginter and caved. pulled three relics of beachy, McCann and zimmerman, J. (I checked for the 1/1...)
I did pick up an archer auto from the one blaster I got, and got Goldschmidt(love this guy) and Avisail (best rookie sig of 2013 by a mile, (shelby miller is considered 2010) as singles.
I have also mentioned here many times my LOVE for the little silver or gold serial #s that are actually attainable easily in retail or hobby. It was an overused gimmick, but the #s just spoke to me...Then they started stamping the golds. then there are the pinks and camos etc. whatever.
then I bought a box of topps football to break with a friend.
I found this:
 a really great looking, and well cut BLACK parallel of someone I didn't really know until we (PACKERS) played them week one. The foil is rainbow which is new, but then I turned it over and for a few hours thought it wasn't #d...I was PISSED.
Then I found this:
And I was sad.

I'll show off some newer pulls and hopefully get back to my "auto show" format someday. If anyone has a group break that is going down (especially older stuff) hit me up. I am interested.


Friday, July 19, 2013

COMC: Ch-Ch-Changes...

for those of you that have a "collection" a forsale bin or whatever on Checkoutmycards, what is your impression of the recent Beckett team-up?
I am on my way to go check it out right now.
will report back with an edit to this piece.


Morning Question: Stop Letting This Happen To You, Creative Ones

...you ever think you "coin a phrase" or "pen/type a quote" that really strikes you, only for the wind of "someone thought of that already" to blow that sucker out of your mind as you move on about this informative life?
who can I call to patent this neat sentence I just created? Ha.
I am a poet. It is not common knowledge.
stupid fantastic internet.

I bought two discounted 2010 value boxes yesterday. Guess it takes time. There also was not a "tempting box" among them blasting on the shelves.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day One, No Topps....We'll See How Long This Lasts

I'm going out to buy 40-60 of retail today. If there is nothing there, I'll be by the LCS, but I never get out of there for less than 70. The main reason I don't visit any longer.

I really already want to bust like a case of 2013 topps chrome (I don't know a lot of us who don't)...will I make it?

Lets go over the products that I will still be seeking...as "alternatives"

Cooperstown (panini)- tried a box. Crazy drab. Got a few neat keepers like a couple of "famous baseballs" cards and a few of my favorite HOFs, but overall very, very BLAH. too many plaques and old players in suits.

Contenders(panini, again)-Hideous. Did not buy. Waaaay to many "accent lights" in the photos and strange softball jerseys.

Prizm(panini) hey there, sorry if you bought this. worst effort on the board. Thousands of sticker autos of like 12 players.

Golden Age- I got "lucky" with my box and got a very cool Mickey Lolich auto card with amazing design. Ther museum age Billy Martin I will try to trade for same card, dif. player. The "hit" designs are, indeed, golden. Did I need dupes of the three stooges? no. Did I need another Eisenhower card? yes. This one's not bad. I may try my chances with a hobby box if the price i right.

Leaf (panini)-Ultimate draft and other Baseball releases have been amazing( thank you again upper deck). but the singles are not cheap, and the whole "crusade" thing just turns me off so that's out. (Leave religion and a bloody era of ethnocentrism in the books, not behind ballplayers).

Rittenhouse Archives-Marvel releases are actually great for the money. so much to catch up on since I was never a "comic guy" ZERO BASEBALL PLAYERS. Doh.

Panini(panini)- Crap. I do dig the design of EEE this year, and have a small stash of 8auto prospects
 I've bought multiple Panini releases only to find that they have de-numbered alot of cards in old leaf/donruss sets resurrected (mostly football) Another major issue was the box of USA champions I bought. ALL of the STICKER auto hits were beat up! like "don't bother to try to sell" beat-up. like "I bought my 5yr-old nephew an expensive box of cards" beat up. Sent two emails, no reply. No patience for the phone.

wish me luck. I need it.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's That Time: How To Downsize Like A Man

WOW. I guess if I had to say anything, I would start with the fact that "that time has come to me like all 30+ collectors, whereupon my wife and I shall burden ourselves with tiny human life".
aka, time to ditch some cards.
I will list the huge base and insert lots here, and likely on Blowout forum (timelovesahero)
for dirt cheap/shipping only. I am a giver. A real caring nurturer. I want you to have the cards I don't want. First let's get to my plan for incoming cards:

first up:
Due to circumstances as of late, I am considering boycotting topps products altogether.
(when I say it like that, it feels like I'm saying "I'm quitting smoking" there's more to it than just not doing it.)

1. They finally made a design in 2013 that I like more than 5/10 (museum collection/flagship tied with 7/10)
nope, I got nothing, They've been more or less the same company for the last 15yrs. (I'll get to what changed below)

1. Topps "customer service" is a joke (this cannot be understated) I am not the only one who agrees, and this is burning collectors everywhere. Redemptions, replacements, missing hits and damaged cards are causing headaches everywhere; and not just from the nit-picking heads who just want more/something different than they got in their box.

 We are consumers, not customers. Customers get consideration as a group of interested individuals, consumers get taken for granted and ignored unless they don't buy something.

You used to be able to get cards replaced, or even just call or email for info on products and promotions.
No longer is this an option. I personally have tested this to the tune of a total of 3.5 hours of phone (wait) time with the result of ZERO out of 5 calls answered. I have sent two emails...neither has returned.

2. Exclusive rights Topps has a stranglehold on MLB til 2020. A year I hardly thought I would actually see. shit. They are clearly on autopilot/upper deck ripoff mode.

3. Sticker autos in premium products. WHY? Luckily, I don't buy "high end" boxes, so this one hurts the least, but has a long a storied history on this blog as a "screw you, we have a freaking BINDER of those..." from Topps.

as for outgoing....I have so many that would net me money on ebay I don't even have the time to handle that. Any regulars, get at me with needs, we'll see what I can do.
I'm still working on a GCRL package that is so blue. Dodger Blue.

who wants mad base from2011- 2013 topps? series one and two, at least a three-row box full. I gotta get that out of my little house as the boxes are creeping on me since I haven't traded or donated in a while.
(whatever I cannot trade by the time I prep the house this fall, I donate all cards to million cards for kids and the JDRF as well as dropping some off at the children's hospital over at Bon Secours, where my mother met her tender end)

ta for now,

Saturday, June 22, 2013

All Business: Coming Back with A Bang

So this idea has been bouncing around in my head after the confluence of two major events in Baseball Card History....

So one is the one I learned about just before the other...
When I heard the rumor that 1952 Topps cards had been dumped in the river...
and the cold reality most of us lived through that was the period of excess production, and the burst of the "beckett bubble" that had us trading "Wall-Street" style at 1989 sleep-overs.

These two hit me like a shot. I normally donate my cards to hospitals, "Cards for Kids" (check them out) and my nephews.
That being said, I have always had the urge to simply destroy the cards I don't keep.
There are a lot of reasons for this, not the least of which is the fact that I have no regular trading partners (gcrl your pack is almost ready) and it's a pain in the ass with my schedule. I thought about bringing 3000 count boxes of base to my LCS but I get ripped off there willingly so my only go may be to ask for one or two of the beat-up, over-priced vintage in return.

destroy them. That's right. What other way is there to ensure the longevity of the rarity of your prized year 2000+ card but to destroy every copy you get your hands on except "yours"?

it's not a bright thought, and could be argued that it is a dark thought, but logic sometimes prevails...
you can't destroy gold...but cardboard is very water sensitive...


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Living up to Hype: Grand Opening

It has been a Grand Opening to the 2013 season. The young guys are firing on all cylinders. Stras, Yu, Harper...this has been very exciting. You cannot disagree. Yu on his best day or Verlander any day...tough choice today if you ask me.