Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I hung In There, Then Caved, Then Ran far far Away: Signs of the Card Apocalypse

     I mentioned recently
(or relatively if you read here... My wife and I went diving for our honeymoon, worked my summer job and started back at a new school year at a new high school. I was a warrior, now I am a panther...I say downgrade, but I went from green and gold to Red, Blue and White...notice red and blue are the majority so slight upgrade there cuz i look dyna-mite in blue).
...how I had sworn off topps...then I saw ginter and caved. pulled three relics of beachy, McCann and zimmerman, J. (I checked for the 1/1...)
I did pick up an archer auto from the one blaster I got, and got Goldschmidt(love this guy) and Avisail (best rookie sig of 2013 by a mile, (shelby miller is considered 2010) as singles.
I have also mentioned here many times my LOVE for the little silver or gold serial #s that are actually attainable easily in retail or hobby. It was an overused gimmick, but the #s just spoke to me...Then they started stamping the golds. then there are the pinks and camos etc. whatever.
then I bought a box of topps football to break with a friend.
I found this:
 a really great looking, and well cut BLACK parallel of someone I didn't really know until we (PACKERS) played them week one. The foil is rainbow which is new, but then I turned it over and for a few hours thought it wasn't #d...I was PISSED.
Then I found this:
And I was sad.

I'll show off some newer pulls and hopefully get back to my "auto show" format someday. If anyone has a group break that is going down (especially older stuff) hit me up. I am interested.