Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Duelling Autos: Gorgeous Card, Cooky Combo

Stan Lopata was once described, in his younger years with the Phillies by Dizzy Dean as "a man hittin' from an easy chair" and was eventually part of a trade that brough him to the "friendly" fans in Milwaukee and sent Gene Conley and others to the Phillies in 1959. Lopatta was confident that his bum knee wouldn't cause a problem behind the backstop in Milwaukee. Wrong. He wasn't used much and batted a well sub-Mendoza .104 in 48 ABs and was released in October.
I really dig this card, every one who reads here often knows that I love the myriad versions that Matt Gamel's Tron-like sig. but is this the most unlikely pairing I have ever seen? probably.
Am I sure I want ol stan rockin an M Braves hat...not really.
As always, if you know something I do not...share.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

2010 Bowman Platinum: I Like Very Much

I bought a couple of Blasters of Bowman Platinum from Target and came away with every rookie I wanted, most of the players on my list, and these two badboys. going for 40+ and 25+ respectively. Plus these are the only other autos of these guys except for the Bowman Chrome Autos. These are on-card, These are gorgeous, these are accessible, these are what Topps does right.


Bob Feller: Good Graciousness

1918-2010 Helluva nice run, Bob. Thanks

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Red Sox Land Crawford: My Favorite Acquisition Since Bill Hall

So they are shopping Beltre, one of the best players I never got to watch on tv, until he came to the sox. My appreciation grew. Bill Hall has always been my #1 unsung hero. I just love the guy. Carl Crawford holds a special place for me, and even more so now that he will be pulling amazing feats of strength, dexterity and coordination in Boston.
I am dying to see my man's reaction over at CCC, (see comments for his take) I have a package ready to send to him full of Crawford hits, wonder who wants them now?

EDIT 12/9 (and he does lol)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Watching Topps Jump The Shark: Complacency is a Sin in This Biz...

Let's talk football cards. Just for a minute. I love Topps Chrome this year, and hate the baseball version.

Topps Prime is the worst product I have seen in ages. It is a mash-up of fleer ultra, stadium club and the dregs of late 2000s Upper Deck offerings. I really thought I had hit the wall with Unrivaled...
Speaking of Unrivaled, It is Uninspired at best. In both of these products, the retail "hits" are more of a joke than the Platinum "variation" decoys, I mean, Cards.
One or, if you are lucky, two non-numbered, ugly, non-SP decoys per blaster. Goddam Topps is playing us for idiots. Watering down their products even further while we all sit in the card aisle waiting for Godot.
At least they (and the secondary market) are finally cooling on those misleading-at-best "Rookie Worn" materials cards #d to 499 or higher...

and I'm done.
trade with me.


Winter(meetings) Wonderland: Do I like Mark Reynolds or Not?

Well, Do I? I am guessing that only time and about 200 strikeouts should make up my mind. I pulled an auto of his back in 07, and sold it not too long after for a decent price. All of this while I had absolutely no freaking clue who this guy was...Brett Anderson was the first, also a diamondback, and I just don't care to watch them.