Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Living up to Hype: Grand Opening

It has been a Grand Opening to the 2013 season. The young guys are firing on all cylinders. Stras, Yu, Harper...this has been very exciting. You cannot disagree. Yu on his best day or Verlander any day...tough choice today if you ask me.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Oh Thank Goodness: That Was A Long Winter.

Image of RVA ERA (Blue)

one all-rookie yahoo fantasy team, a killer GQ group break coming up at the daily dimwit, the Richmond Squirrels open here this weekend. Now, if we weren't 2 weeks behind in temperature and greenery, then it's really be spring in Richmond.

I am currently in a transitional mode when it comes to the sport. I have a lot of cards to get rid of. I have a lot of cards to sell if the wife and I are going to go diving this summer.
I am weaning off the Brewers (I miss the community feel of that town and park. part of me is sad I did't stay longer) paying close attention to the Nats and O's to see what will happen in the region. My very first team and game and favorite player were ALL O's. It is hard to forget that, or the action-oriented crew at the current helm in B'more. The Nats are like a team (finally) that brings genuine fans and care and excitement to an area either maddened by the Caps or saddened by the dead-Skins (I know, we'll see, we'll see.) I also will never stop loving the SOx. too many favorite players/history up there to ever let go.

Yep. that's me.
Schitzo-Beisbol Mang.

and I'm tired so I'll tell you.
Matt Kemp is the 2012 MVP.
I never blew my horn too loud for "picking" brauny right after the draft and loading up on graded RC AUTOs, only to make several hundred dollars selling off my personal collection in 07-08. Now what? The feeling can't be shaken. eff you brauny. you shoulda stayed WAY away from that unless you really don't think your a good ballplayer at all.