Thursday, September 29, 2011

Welcome Home: Don't Get Too Comfortable

That's right.

The brewers have locked up HOMEFIELD ADVANTAGE for the 2011 NL Playoffs.
what does this mean to a team that was 57-24 at home?
an actual advantage. Miller Park will Rise, and the walls will dim...
the fences will shrink and the strikezone widen...
All will embrace the inevitable.

maybe that's a tad dramatic.
but, we are definitely going somewhere this team has not been before...the NL PLAYOFFS

I will watch carefully, and vigilantly, as the brewers get their chance to play on
the "big stage" within the "big show"...this should be, at the least, quite entertaining...

I still feel like Charlie with a new Ratstick.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The wish I wished for the first time at Miller Park in 2004 came true last night in the very same place.

So this is what it feels like.

oh, one more thing...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Just Browsing: The Inverse "Aha!" Moment

I was browsing the auction sites as I am want to do when I am put up with a bum knee, checking on some "investments" and takin' a gander at cards I would never Topps Triple Threads. too many reasons to list that haven't been well-outlined in another blog.

Let's start with the obvious:
Dammit, you guys.
 Everyone involved in this one from the nickname to the sig to the construction/design.

and then get specific.

Right Now: I want to know why one would put Atlanta Braves on a fine-looking Warren Spahn GU card.
Many of you know my particular affection for the Milwaukee Braves, and have a deep respect for Warren and the other guys that came out to Miller Town when the franchise made the move.
I am even in favor of Hank Aaron in an A-braves uni because of his lengthy and inspiring work down south. You find me a stat from Warren in Atlanta. He was drafted in 1940 by the "Bees" and even played bits at the end with the Mets and the Giants, but no Atlanta, at all. Come on.
The only two Braves teams I have and will ever love are of the Milwaukee and Richmond variety.
Let's try to keep our stories straight here, people.


Monday, September 19, 2011

Blog Stats: Unintentional Inexplicable International Exposure

What's up Iran!?
where you at Latvia?
Lemme get a shout from my Ex-pats in Utrecht!
Rammstein AFB You in the house?
And don't let me forget the All New Russia.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Things That Make Me Sour: I Gave My Luck To Milwaukee

putting a signature sticker on a card is bad.
 Putting one on a card and then putting a window around it is worse
Letting it out of the factory is even worse.
 But worst yet is losing to My Past Time...I Love It 's Wicked Ortega (all love) in my own MLB fantasy league.
Why? Roster Moves.

                                           I, We, The Royal We: 110
                                                                  Wicked: 0
What does this even say? (aside from the obvious luck and change/time factors) I topped out at fourth in the early goings and am pretty sure Beardy wasn't trying that hard, and Wicked hasn't looked at his roster since June and/or forgot he had a team.
Bear with me folks, trying to knock the dust off.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back to school Blues: At least my teams are making it happen.

I am once again on a steady regimen of disobedience and tacit threats to my health. I have so much to talk about...the seasons, foot and base ball converging (my favorite time of year)

Topps Chrome's rebound from last year's bent-wookie, so off-center you wonder how they got out of the factory to a shiny, NON-EMBOSSED card. I will address this spreading atrocity in some other post. I want my shiny wrinkles back NOW. Flat-faced chrome is for pussies and children. I have now made it clear that this blog is for neither.

also: Acadia National Park is where I want to live when I die.

Topps Football Legends giveaway is so fkking wack. Will not purchase.

Teaching public High School is for self-indulgent sadists.

Been screwed severely by retail so far in 2011. BS.

I blew it on Randall Cobb. I like to collect Packers rookies, and this kid had to do that in prime time to put his Topps/DiCaprio collab Inception rookie auto out of my price range within 10 MINUTES of his first TD.

people are so damn impulsive.

that is why I have a blog at all.

love you all. Miss you terribly. beard and I are trading, and Tim. will post 2010-11 trade bait asap.