Friday, August 27, 2010

Just When You Thought Collecting Was In Cruise Control: High Velocity Pitchers Are Not Invincible

Hey young guy, chin up, we have a wise-ass entitled "catcher" to come take the press away...can you feel the air leaving the room you are in? Welcome to the bigs. Shit is real.
....oh, and it doesn't hurt me a bit after reading several forums that have EXCLUSIVELY Bowman breaks in their box break thread...that I have none of these cards. Life sure picked a good time for me to be broke.
Sorry I haven't been around guys and girls, I am getting my BIOLOGY classroom set up, and will be back posting in a matter of days. I haven't gotten too many new cards that aren't from trades with Cam and Beardy. I'll be back.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Baseball Is Always Great: Even When You Are Huge Losers With "Tremendous Upsides"


I AM 10-4 with the ORIOLES, BITCH. And I'm old. Try that.
I love the O's no matter what. but foreals I need Boston to close that gap (currently 5 1/2 behind both TB and NY). I don't want to have to call it an early night with all three of my favorite squads this season...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Don't forget, folks...

I am still ISO 2010 Heritage Chrome (list in sidebar) and Monsters, National animals and wordsmiths. I have a very generous streak coming on...spin the wheel.
everybody expecting anything will get an email when packs ship.


Edmonds for Dickerson:You are kidding me.

Jim Edmonds was our "Milwaukee wants to welcome you back to baseball" story of the season. I loved the effort and experience that he brought to the team quite a bit.

Dickerson batted .205 in 20 games before being injured. He has been on a rehabilitation assignment in the minors.

why would we HELP the goddam REDS? You better have one hell of a set of plans Attanasio (Arnett and Scarpetta are getting the eye from Att'), because we are getting seriously nervous here.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Finally Home: The Odyssey 2010 (In no way affiliated with 2001: A Space Odyssey, or 2010)

It is so incredible to be back in my home with everything intact and an ass-load of stories, pictures and memories, almost none of which are related to baseball, much less baseball cards. I might throw in a couple of posts about my adventures to Cape Cod, MA, Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park, ME, My job as Ticketing Supervisor for The Gathering Of The Vibes festival at Seaside Park in Bridgeport, CT. If any of these things strike a nerve or spark an interest, post a comment under this post and I will share all kinds of info.
The only TV I watched in 3.5 weeks was the SAWX lose two good games in poor fasion.

Reintroduction to baseball civilization note #1
Then I heard that Lance Berkman was a yankee and I had to look it up. No official Hating on Lance, but he's batting like .o93. Now Arod may DH after getting a booboo and flopping like an italian futbal player.
bwahahahahahahahhagoodluck. Lance is a fine guy, but I just hope the yankees paid WAY too much for him as usual.
If they got a deal I might be pissed. He seems like a wounded, but well travelled pit bull. Cross this DH with a meatball and you might get bit.

This Guy Must Be Like The Next Tom Glavine: No, Ubaldo.

This is an outstanding price for what I can only still see as an unproven pitcher...

I mean, LOOK at the price. I would be hard pressed to get that for my GMNT Prince fielder in an auction format.

I am merely letting you in on my "revelation" of sorts that the hype machine will never die. It will continue to devour cash money, generate revenue and continuously contribute to our depleted consumer market.

viva Privateers.