Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Miami "Professional" Baseball: Like catching a real Marlin, it's going to be a struggle.

Wow, if you guys are this big of a disaster in the dead of winter (up here, at least) I cannot wait to see where this s**t flies, having already started to hit the fan and disperse throughout the room of baseball...the Unis, two Shortstops, now you look like Bernie Madoff...I believe this event may likely be too high to register even on the Buehrle meter. Now we can take a moment to imagine if Albert was reppin' South Beach.

        "Following the financial meltdown of 2008, President Bush diagnosed the deus ex machina of the Great Recession like this: "Wall Street got drunk." He was wrong. Wall Street did not get drunk. Wall Street got over. Wall Street made billions underwriting crappy mortgagees, repackaging them as Triple-A investments and peddling them to naïve investors (read: your 401(k), state pension plans); made billions more placing side bets on and against the preceding criminal, but not technically criminal practice; made billions on top of that when the whole unsustainable shell game went belly up, thanks to a massive, unprecedented influx of taxpayer cash -- again: your money -- via TARP and the Federal Reserve's money-for-nothing "discount window," which in turn allowed financial houses to keep handing out the kind of outsized salaries and bonuses that had the encamped residents of Zuccotti Park so peeved."

from Bleacher Report dot com

Monday, December 12, 2011

Live Up To It, or Leave It Alone: It's A Mess In Here

I have too many baseball cards...I have taken a major blow to the collecting soul I have embraced over the last few years. The one that got me into blogging in the first place. Everytime I think of this Ryan Braun news, I get sick to my stomach. I think I was secretly hiding away my true fervor for this athlete since the first box of bowman I opened in 06. He was the first Brewers low-level prospect I invested in after moving back to richmond in 05. I made a lot of money off of a few graded AUTO RCs and kept a "personal" collection" filled with every topps issue and variation of his from both 2007 and 2008 (minus 1/1s).

From 2004-2006 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Brewers were like a god inside me. It had been 7 years since mom and dad passed and I had lived 4-5 of my 9 lives in that span alone.... Going to Miller Park, seeing games in a glorious cathedral where my now long past, father came to see the World Series Braves when he was a teen. It is bigger than my favorite picture of my friend robin and I in front of the park, it is bigger than me going to the park by myself on mother's day. It is something I have been waiting to see in myself...a sea change.
I used to be well aquainted with massive shifts in perception and sudden upheaval of values, senses and awareness. They come fewer now. I feel it happening now. I see the images of the tsunami in Japan, the power of the turn of the earth.
I will be coaching my third year at the HS JV level this winter. I need to let my mind change.
Baseball is a game of physics.
...but physics came first.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ryan Braun: Eye-muffs

Are you truly fucking serious? One of the spate of influences that got me back into collecting? Who carried the brewers in my heart down to virginia in 07, and, along with easily one of the most loveable teams Milwaukee has seen since maybe the short-lived 88-93 "Robin's Egg's" years...
We have yet to hear your "reason" for this positive test, but it was a positive test...like Manny's...and you are a fucking liar. Is it too good to be true? Short answer: yes. Long answer: keep watching baseball til you die. It won't change much.
I have a ton of your cards. I have every 2005-2007 card.
I have every 2007 Topps (RC), AND 2008 topps ROY variation ever printed
I was really looking forward to collecting a rainbow or patch of your
so much for that shit.
I just feel sick about it, but maybe I'll get better.
even if someone slipped you something during the chaos of the playoff run...
It is still your body, your responsibility, your team, your fans.
they are called that for a reason.
live up to it, or leave it alone.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Shouldn't Have: Did, and Won

Stopped to get sundries at the local Rite Aid, when what should be to the right of the counter? two of these guys and a really dusty pack of 2010 Upper Deck. I asked the college student behind the counter what they cost. I got one of the 2011 Topps footall you see below for 1.99 (I have never seen a pack like this, foil rack pack?), and the UD for a penny...weird, but fully a must.
Never heard of the guy before, which is not surprising because he plays for the Bengals...on defense...looked him up and he appears to have a favorable reputation in his short time in Cincy.

 I like his sig, especially with the "K" inside the large "R" loop. Points to this quick, otherwise uninspired auto for an actual "dot" over the "i" as it may be...plus, the card itself is a solid offering with a very very cool photo of Keith assessing the offensive formation. The colors are really sharp, but still can't make up for the (dirty-edged) sticker.
However, upon further inspectionthe odds of pulling one of these autos lands at 1:1061 (assuming it is a Group C auto, which I cannot confirm through my current resources, if you all have a good site/sites for full checklists, let me know)
hell, unless someone wants to trade, I do buhleeve we have a keepah hyah.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Ones That Speak Volumes: SHAH Post Jan. 2, 2010 Greg Halman

Originally posted: Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ones That Speak To Me: Greg Halman

The cut off scan does not do this card justice. Greg used almost the exact middle 2/4 of the box, didn't cross over his own line once, and appears to have spelled "Halman" with an uppercase cursive "G"...nope look to the right...BIG H. Greg just lays this one out in the middle of a spate of fresh-sharpie greatness. He is also the #1 Mariner's prospect for '10 (get used to it) and I could not pass up an auto, refractor, and photo of this card for a whopping $7 last spring. A classic Sky-shot with the right proportions.

I am an amateur photographer, and I have studied proportions and their role in human perception. That being said, it still boggles me how some cards not like this get printed.

Still looking for some traders out there. Check your emails or email me...Haven't traded in years, and am really sick of eBay. I am tired of selling away "valuable" cards and keeping base collecting dust. TONS of tradebait up for grabs, I am very eager to downsize with new family forming(albeit slowly) and I am mad generous. just email me your interest and I will check your wantlist. my wantlist is real broad, and since autos can get pricey, I am also very interested in fair-good-VG vintage cards of any team or player. I have TONS of 07 and 09 A&G,06-08 Topps heritage, 07 Goudey doubles, and bits of every other set released between 2005-2007.

Thank you and good day,



I am so sorry, Greg. I really wanted to see you grow. I feel awful as I have been following your path more than alot of others. It's over. Just like that, it isn't about prospects, refractors and eBay, autographs, or baseball. He's Dead.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Woop! (chris berman): Three for Three...

Got two blasters of legends and one of chrome.


The Campbell/Harper went for its BIN on sBay. Franco is waiting on a 43-45dollar offer, with a BIN of 50. One other sold for 48+shipping a week ago.
I am taking offers outright on the Miller. I was literally stunned when I pulled this. I just wanted to get a cam rc for future sale. go figure. Von Miller has got to be one of the least-talked about, most impactful rookies in this class, and it is starting to make sense as to why he was the #2 PICK in the draft.

Last call for comments: Random.org goes into effect on SUNDAY.
thanks for my regulars for pitching in, and welcome any new heads to the place I write about my Gambling Problem (with a hobby twist)...

Monday, November 14, 2011

Now We're Cookin': (See Below)

READER POLL (AND POOL, WITH PRIZE) Premiering the "Home After Blyleven Collection"

I need some real answers and I want them bad enough to give you cards to get them. I have been writing this blog and keeping up as best I can for some time now, and the numbers aren't doin it anymore...

 Why do you read this blog?
(details not withstanding)

1. post a comment, name goes in twice.

2. Email your reason (name goes in twice)

3. Expand in email with details or critique as a writer, or consumer of my "product" per se
(not slam, reserved for those on my blogroll only, no dbags)
(If I gain aven a glimmer of insight, Name goes in three times)

If you respond to this poll, your post name will be entered into randon.org and photo'd to determine single winner.
SIDEBAR I have about 5000-10,000 2005-10 cards that you can walk away with for free if you know where I live (you can ask) and can pick them up (if it involves more than this, money will be exchanged)

the prize: Your pick of my "Home After Blyleven: Tipsy" collection including the "cognac diamond parallel from the update series".

Friday, November 11, 2011

Omar Vizquel: Tied In Knots..."ay, you playin again this year Omar"?

Omar had a great run in the majors, He actually did most of his damage and made a name for himself with the Indians in the 90s. I will reiterate for newer readers, that I went on a sports hiatus from right at the baseball strike (didn't hurt that it coincided with the first surge of pubescent need to venture) until right around 2001 when I graduated college and bartended on Cape Cod.

All this doesn't preclude me from harping positivity on his example before you.
He has the full knot up twice, and almost a third time at the front in "Omar"
I, myself, the royal "we", also have multiple knots, almost identical to his,
 in my own auto, so I feel akin. (mine are on the "t" and "s" in Peterson-looks just like above except the second knot, the "s" is smaller to create proportionality)

He even makes time to get in my personal favorite "inscriptions", the jersey #.
Leaf,Donruss, again almost clipped a great rendition of a Man's Mark,
but, they make it super-easy to ignore all but the sig-in-the-box...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I Should Clarify: Weekend Update

Sell it (45 maybe) or break it open (likely 20back if I'm real lucky)?

Let's See Who's Out There: Karma Check for All of Us

say you found a 24 pk retail box sitting with the blasters you were oggling just for curiosity's sake.
...say you didn't see a sticker on it, so you just "left" it in your basket while you bought food, cat litter etc. You know, just to see what's what.
then you run it under one of the price check machines and it comes up "item not found".
this does not deter you, nor do you put it back.
while checking out, and here's where it gets dicey...
the checker asks you how much it is.

"I think 20 dollars like the other boxes?" you reply.
Checker: :scanblip:..."yep". [he keys in 19.99]
you take your bags and go on about your day.

now the question I am asking you:

It's a Good Time to be a Wisconsin Sports Fan: Living in Virginia, Where It Is Still Warm...

to be sure, nothing to scoff at.
We've been trying to crack that damn egg for decades.
But now I am just feeling done with baseball.
 I hear Wes McElroy givin' me the business about how good of a World Series it was turning out to be, but I just wanted to see my brewers on the MAINSTAGE one time. I am definitely not saying it can't be done, and I was more in love with this particular group of characters than any crew since Cirillo, BClark, Counsell Bill Hall and Overbay were producing, and Turbo was closing.
these kids, plus Counsell, to whom I owe a debt of gratitude to for bringing what I am sure is invaluable experience to the clubhouse, just had me all the way. I want to thank Nyjer for holding it together. It is not easy to contain that kind of energy. I won't get into anything about Prince, he wanted to win as bad as anyone. I could not be happier about the rising of Ryan Braun. I bought into him when he came out of Miami, and will proudly support his future Captainship of the Floating Keg.

That being said, I have alot to fall back on. I am a fan of wisconsin sports from Brady St. and River West and from Green Bay to Sturgeon Bay. (sorry Racine)

              ...so that means I get to ride a few waves this winter...
This guy has his eye out for me.

Alas Though, I am back at school and am working with some of the toughest groups of students yet.
I seem to keep getting better at letting it all roll off, but in the end...

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Great football game.
Great time to have roots in Wisconsin, and an interest in sports.
Cheers dad, wherever you are.

On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin!

Plunge right through that line!

* Run the ball clear down the field,

* (originally "Run the ball clear 'round Chicago")

A touchdown sure this time. (U rah rah)

On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin!

Fight on for her fame

Fight! Fellows! - fight, fight, fight!

We'll win this game.

On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin!

Stand up, Badgers, sing!

"Forward" is our driving spirit,

Loyal voices ring.

On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin!

Raise her glowing flame

Stand, Fellows, let us now

Salute her name!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Welcome Home: Don't Get Too Comfortable

That's right.

The brewers have locked up HOMEFIELD ADVANTAGE for the 2011 NL Playoffs.
what does this mean to a team that was 57-24 at home?
an actual advantage. Miller Park will Rise, and the walls will dim...
the fences will shrink and the strikezone widen...
All will embrace the inevitable.

maybe that's a tad dramatic.
but, we are definitely going somewhere this team has not been before...the NL PLAYOFFS

I will watch carefully, and vigilantly, as the brewers get their chance to play on
the "big stage" within the "big show"...this should be, at the least, quite entertaining...

I still feel like Charlie with a new Ratstick.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The wish I wished for the first time at Miller Park in 2004 came true last night in the very same place.

So this is what it feels like.

oh, one more thing...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Just Browsing: The Inverse "Aha!" Moment

I was browsing the auction sites as I am want to do when I am put up with a bum knee, checking on some "investments" and takin' a gander at cards I would never buy...like Topps Triple Threads. too many reasons to list that haven't been well-outlined in another blog.

Let's start with the obvious:
Dammit, you guys.
 Everyone involved in this one from the nickname to the sig to the construction/design.

and then get specific.

Right Now: I want to know why one would put Atlanta Braves on a fine-looking Warren Spahn GU card.
Many of you know my particular affection for the Milwaukee Braves, and have a deep respect for Warren and the other guys that came out to Miller Town when the franchise made the move.
I am even in favor of Hank Aaron in an A-braves uni because of his lengthy and inspiring work down south. You find me a stat from Warren in Atlanta. He was drafted in 1940 by the "Bees" and even played bits at the end with the Mets and the Giants, but no Atlanta, at all. Come on.
The only two Braves teams I have and will ever love are of the Milwaukee and Richmond variety.
Let's try to keep our stories straight here, people.


Monday, September 19, 2011

Blog Stats: Unintentional Inexplicable International Exposure

What's up Iran!?
where you at Latvia?
Lemme get a shout from my Ex-pats in Utrecht!
Rammstein AFB You in the house?
And don't let me forget the All New Russia.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Things That Make Me Sour: I Gave My Luck To Milwaukee

putting a signature sticker on a card is bad.
 Putting one on a card and then putting a window around it is worse
Letting it out of the factory is even worse.
 But worst yet is losing to My Past Time...I Love It 's Wicked Ortega (all love) in my own MLB fantasy league.
Why? Roster Moves.

                                           I, We, The Royal We: 110
                                                                  Wicked: 0
What does this even say? (aside from the obvious luck and change/time factors) I topped out at fourth in the early goings and am pretty sure Beardy wasn't trying that hard, and Wicked hasn't looked at his roster since June and/or forgot he had a team.
Bear with me folks, trying to knock the dust off.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back to school Blues: At least my teams are making it happen.

I am once again on a steady regimen of disobedience and tacit threats to my health. I have so much to talk about...the seasons, foot and base ball converging (my favorite time of year)

Topps Chrome's rebound from last year's bent-wookie, so off-center you wonder how they got out of the factory to a shiny, NON-EMBOSSED card. I will address this spreading atrocity in some other post. I want my shiny wrinkles back NOW. Flat-faced chrome is for pussies and children. I have now made it clear that this blog is for neither.

also: Acadia National Park is where I want to live when I die.

Topps Football Legends giveaway is so fkking wack. Will not purchase.

Teaching public High School is for self-indulgent sadists.

Been screwed severely by retail so far in 2011. BS.

I blew it on Randall Cobb. I like to collect Packers rookies, and this kid had to do that in prime time to put his Topps/DiCaprio collab Inception rookie auto out of my price range within 10 MINUTES of his first TD.

people are so damn impulsive.

that is why I have a blog at all.

love you all. Miss you terribly. beard and I are trading, and Tim. will post 2010-11 trade bait asap.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Me My Favorite Hurricanes and Irene: Phoning It In On Hurricane Holiday In RVA

Flying Debris Bitch!!!

It's Hurricane season...
My Favorite Graduate of "The U"...feel dirty even saying it...

Come on, this one's a No-Brainer, go listen to the song while you have a minute.
You won't regret it.

Watching NC deluge makes me laugh (as long as no one dies or gets hurt too bad)

Too Easy

Yeah, yeah...he's alright, but I still have at least 3 highlights stuck in my head from living in Deadskin country...

Nice card...fun to watch on the sod.
and I'm dry...

but not.

Richmond is relly not seeing anything serious, and if anything flooding will be a minor pain in the ass. small to medium debris is common in all areas. I am concerned for the yearling maple across my alley. Shit is the only thing that protects me from the harsh sun when "watering" the dog...would hate to lose it.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Nyjer Morgan:And I Got Excited When He Came To DC...

I really like Nyger Morgan.

This kid is raw. just like alot of the kids I coach, he is able, forthright to a fault and plays HIS game with the fire that can burn some people he is near. However, I guarantee you this kid is polite as can be in low-intensity situations.

I originally wanted to compare his stay in DC (nearest MLB to me) to Lastings Millege, who had some mild success in CF before his "behavior" or "non-baseball" actions and attitude to get him let go after a decent year. I thought I was having Dejau vu when Nyjer let loose in a Nats uni.

Then off he went, another extreme young talent in a thorny, self-assured package, only to land in Milwaukee?! I wanted Brady Clark back so bad for a second, then I thought about what he could do with speedy-CF and base-stealing friendly Miller Park...mmmminterestink.

Then I started watching him with the Brewers. The fire, The speed, and the work. He was trying to impress some guys closer to him in age that he actually really admired in Prince, Rickie, The Hammer and other young guys working their asses off, making their own team, and making it work despite injuries, set-backs and pitching you can essentially flip a coin on.

I have sensed some definite comfort in the way he carries himself and the speed and intensity with which he tries to lead the SPEED of the team in general (like in a D&D or Final Fantasy kind of way)

why did I end like that?


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Post 320: Mike Flanagan

I enjoyed my first exposure to Major Leaugue Baseball by way of the concrete under-belly onto the concrete "over-belly"of Memorial stadium. I loved it there. My dad and I always went for the lower deck close enough to "be able to see what the pitcher is thinking" according to my dad. These seats were awesome and for a real little guy all of my memories are shaped like cones where I am the apex and most sensory information did not get recorded. I did know that we were coming off a pretty high time as a team, but things were shaky. Larry Sheets was our slugger, Cal was only about 3-4 years into his gig, and Ozzie was still king SS in my book.

One of the things I remember best was the pitchers' names. Denny and Tippy Martinez, both of which I loved because I really did wonder how pitchers did all that fancy stuff in the air without tipping over. It seemed a fitting nickname, an those guys were quite decent pitchers. Mike Flanagan 6', looked huge to me, Irish-named dude. I did want to live in boston at the time cuz I was real into my irish heritage at the time (can you say Notre Dame Starter Jacket?), Don Aase tried to have "his own" stache...meh. Storm Davis. Now there is a name a kid cannot ignore.

I like to use these times of loss

to minimalize the net loss of memories.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Animals: Bring Them To Me

Foreals. This is the only set I am collecting until after I get married...next year. Me and the Lady have to carry the cost so if she catches me with a blaster, I am in deep shit from here on out.

send me a couple and I will send you something very very good.
get at me.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Letter To My Phillie Fan Best Friend: Congratulations, Prince, My Longest-Running PC

while discussing plans for this weekend, my buddy who grew up in Berwyn, PA mentioned his impression of the overall allstar game, and his suspecting of Fielder's choices for HRDerby...
my reply after his glowing review.

The coffee has already hit my stomach, and I have no jobs today so here it comes:
I think Prince's true character came through, He is 27, He loves life, and he loves to play baseball. He's already had almost 10yrs of very good-Excellent Pro ball under his belt. He has no contact with his father (selfish fuck, and a whole different kind of ball-player-I say this gives him the likely hood of greater longevity than his father[which is actually one of prince's personal goals])
He is maturing quickly, but you can't ignore his obvious love for Milwaukee and Rickie and a few others that he really gets along with like Braun and Corey Hart not to mention Craig Counsell who was the VET in the clubhouse for his 05 callup, and then left and came back and (in Rolen's absence...now that would have been nice to sustain)and is the VET in the clubhouse again.
As a client, and a businessman, Prince handled the entire 2011 all-star campaign and came out shining like no one else.
Wide Veggie want BIG money. (c'mon O's, pikitup)

If I could trade out

(maybe LuCroy even)

to the O's, I would only have to root for one team...

and now K-Rod? (remember the damage we did in 07 with Francisco Cordero? holy shit he had like 40saves)
If Gamel or Kentrail davis are in the deal, I am really going to be pissed. Shaun Marcum is really solid, but not as productive as we expected. reliable, albeit. Was he worth LaPorta? hells yes. Laporta appears to be powerful but lazy, but Lawrie too?
and Alcides is gone? Greinke hurt himself how?
been a weird season.

you guys are on the bow doing the "king of the world" bit,
we in the kitchen cookin up something badass for septermber....

Monday, June 27, 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011

In A Season Of Brewer Bright Spots: There's Only One Team I Really Don't Like

Why can the Brewers not just wipe this ultimate shitstain of a team off the

bottom of their collective shoe?!...







Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tell Me More: How Does This Happen?

I guess it's more about trust and maybe marketing than I thought.
The trust thing is obvious. Buy from a trusted seller, but maybe the seller on top has a "storefront" on thebay? maybe he bottlenecks traffic into his buying domain with some clever other ploy...I just sell with clear, concise, detailed descriptions, being aware of what search terms I want to show up in. Past that, I just make sure that all of my stuff gets there and is packed with the best of care. I don't run a business or anything, I just try to make back some of the cash I have poured down the gullet of our hobby's beast.

I mean, I have seen a lot of wide gaps in prices, but never on such small a scale. I've seen auto cards just out go for TWENTY dollars apart in just minutes...but it was $47 and $67. This is a different beast.

I have this card, so naturally I was checking to see what I could get for it once I decide which 2011 prospect B'autos I'm going to keep. I find these auctions. These ended only about an hour apart, and no. not midnight and 1am. more like 4pm and 5pm. I have always been a minimalist stat geek and have a 1041 rating on eBay. I like to think I know how it works (I am sure many of us do) but this stuff just intrigues me.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Whoah Doctor, That Was Too Close: Congratulations Dirk

Mark Cuban can talk all the shyut that he wants to now. I still don't have to listen. Jason Kidd? deserving of a championship. Jason Terry? worked his ASS off. Dirk? best euro-baller EVER. but it took that trophy, that ring and the wisps of smoke as the heat were put out. for good.
I love D-wade, one of the best I've seen play,
but Heat?
when you took your "talents" to south beach, where the fourth quarter goes to die, you insisted, nay REQUIRED that we give you the spotlight in the playoffs...
well,...time to GTFO and let Dirk get a tan.

I don't even like basketball...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

CHOP SHOP: I Don't Miss Donruss, and Don't Like Stickers

(never seen at Wal-mart: 2011bowman, or GQ (no shit, 2/3 stops a week and not one piece of ANYTHING).

( On the shelf on the other side: this book)

Some people (companies) Just think they are...
But when you go squeezing Dennis' auto into a poorly fit window, and then, mah eff it, throw it in Upside-Down! rare 1/1 UER!!!
or, bullshit.

This is the card that started my fury. I would buy this card and slice out the serial # and stick it on some fancy Bip to send to Beardy or Tim.

F-Mart?(who was clearly watching Sex in The City while he signed this auto) Isn't that the name of the intolerably poorly-staffed and rude 7-11? wtf.