Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ones That Speak To Me: B. Phip, Let 'er Rip (aka Not Meant For Stickers)

Great call, getting Brian into this set. This guy was never meant for stickers. He really lets her out on this one, I'll be watching for other ones, as Topps has kept my attention with the recent spate of SPA-like clean white cardstock and on-card autos. They haven't reached UD's impact in that arena, and they still have the gall to use those reflective stickers.

Here's a few other's that really were not ever fully comfortable on sticker, and whom I am glad had a chance to let 'er rip.

 Classic hyper-scrawl from Mr. Ramirez. (p.s. I want to believe)
 Could you have held your "L" and "y" to sticker height? right.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I Want To Care Again: Can a Stain Be Lifted?
from bleacher report...
it would be great to get this elephant out of the room. permanently.