Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Duelling Autos: Gorgeous Card, Cooky Combo

Stan Lopata was once described, in his younger years with the Phillies by Dizzy Dean as "a man hittin' from an easy chair" and was eventually part of a trade that brough him to the "friendly" fans in Milwaukee and sent Gene Conley and others to the Phillies in 1959. Lopatta was confident that his bum knee wouldn't cause a problem behind the backstop in Milwaukee. Wrong. He wasn't used much and batted a well sub-Mendoza .104 in 48 ABs and was released in October.
I really dig this card, every one who reads here often knows that I love the myriad versions that Matt Gamel's Tron-like sig. but is this the most unlikely pairing I have ever seen? probably.
Am I sure I want ol stan rockin an M Braves hat...not really.
As always, if you know something I do not...share.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

2010 Bowman Platinum: I Like Very Much

I bought a couple of Blasters of Bowman Platinum from Target and came away with every rookie I wanted, most of the players on my list, and these two badboys. going for 40+ and 25+ respectively. Plus these are the only other autos of these guys except for the Bowman Chrome Autos. These are on-card, These are gorgeous, these are accessible, these are what Topps does right.


Bob Feller: Good Graciousness

1918-2010 Helluva nice run, Bob. Thanks

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Red Sox Land Crawford: My Favorite Acquisition Since Bill Hall

So they are shopping Beltre, one of the best players I never got to watch on tv, until he came to the sox. My appreciation grew. Bill Hall has always been my #1 unsung hero. I just love the guy. Carl Crawford holds a special place for me, and even more so now that he will be pulling amazing feats of strength, dexterity and coordination in Boston.
I am dying to see my man's reaction over at CCC, (see comments for his take) I have a package ready to send to him full of Crawford hits, wonder who wants them now?

EDIT 12/9 (and he does lol)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Watching Topps Jump The Shark: Complacency is a Sin in This Biz...

Let's talk football cards. Just for a minute. I love Topps Chrome this year, and hate the baseball version.

Topps Prime is the worst product I have seen in ages. It is a mash-up of fleer ultra, stadium club and the dregs of late 2000s Upper Deck offerings. I really thought I had hit the wall with Unrivaled...
Speaking of Unrivaled, It is Uninspired at best. In both of these products, the retail "hits" are more of a joke than the Platinum "variation" decoys, I mean, Cards.
One or, if you are lucky, two non-numbered, ugly, non-SP decoys per blaster. Goddam Topps is playing us for idiots. Watering down their products even further while we all sit in the card aisle waiting for Godot.
At least they (and the secondary market) are finally cooling on those misleading-at-best "Rookie Worn" materials cards #d to 499 or higher...

and I'm done.
trade with me.


Winter(meetings) Wonderland: Do I like Mark Reynolds or Not?

Well, Do I? I am guessing that only time and about 200 strikeouts should make up my mind. I pulled an auto of his back in 07, and sold it not too long after for a decent price. All of this while I had absolutely no freaking clue who this guy was...Brett Anderson was the first, also a diamondback, and I just don't care to watch them.

Monday, November 29, 2010

No, Not a Buh...:Good Night Leslie

not a buh...a Bomb. As the wheel grinds away eternal and the circle be unbroken so to, must we, all shuffle off this mortal coil.

thanks to R.W.Emerson and, traditional bluegrass and tha Bard himself for the words.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Check for an Action: Free shipping to my Fellows

I have a bunch of auctions over here that will be coming and going in the near future. Don't worry, I saved all the autos to flash here and some cherry-picked winners for a few trades to speak of.
anyone mentioning Signhereandhere in their purchase order gets free shipping. Or extra cards...or both.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

One Thing I Love About Collecting Sigs: Tha Monee

I bought this little guy for a little under 8 bucks shipped about four years ago, and have it at auction right now. the auction site i use (which needs no extra ads) can be fickle, but the last one came in at a hefty 98bucks and change...
Just for the record, I bought this for the on-card sig and the great, almost-star auto. It is by far the best looking one I have seen available for trade.
Good Job, Mr. Votto. I didn't know you had it in you. (seriously, I totally did not see this coming)
Original Purchase price: 8.00
Final Sale Price: 67.50 (wtf)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Proposition: I Think You Know Where I Am Coming From

I am going to take a couple of my topps chrome to school and go see my buddy Chris in the Physics department to take a reading of the reflexive energy or tensile strength of the curve of "new topps" (like new coke only shittier) chrome cards I aquired recently in a couple of choice retail purchases.[highlights to follow, I was fairly lucky]
I will be getting as precise a measurement as I can, and we can add that to the fire that is the semi-liquid pile of disco-wax that is the hatred for topps' current ABOMINABLE quality control issues in the baseball line.
I will also post all of the first ever product I have ever had the need to send back to the maufacturer ever.
Peytrsun(in an irish accent)

New Post: #250

Just to put that here. moving on...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Brick-a-brack: Wicked Breakdown

Please take a gander at what my man Wicked is up to over here.

he's gonna bust NINETEEN boxes of some real classic wax. The stuff you wanted a box of as a kid, but you were reduced to using valuable Pizza/Streetfighter money or palming a pack here or there. Or maybe you were a good kid and just want to get some bulging team assortment with a few cool inserts and a blast from the days of old (term relative to age of author).
I got the mariners hoping to bolster my Griffey as a Mariner pages.
plus, I am hoping to wrangle some other participants into sending me 86 topps doubles...

send him 19 bucks and have fun with us.

Can't wait to see you there.


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween Y'all:not my favorite "holiday"

2010 Topps Chrome Football and Baseball Wantlists...Want Wantlists...wantlisssssssssts....Before I put what I have on eeeeeeebaaaaaaaaaay.....

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blogger Fun Fact: Get To Know Peterson

90% of the cards I own have never had their backs read by me. I need to get on that...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's In The Cards: Read At Own Risk

There are times, many infact, that I find myself wondering just why I have insisted on accumulating so many small pieces of cardboard and plastic that bear the likeness of athletes and such. The money I spend to have and organize my cards, the percieved value that is associated with each one, and where it fits in my grand scheme of priority, all so easily seen as a fool's venture...a bilk, a scam.....but there is so much more.

These are the intangibles.
For me, the intangibles may differ from your average card-collecting adult, though Nostalgia only plays a limited role in mine.

It is the simplicity.

one card, one timeline, limited content, infinite perceptions.

why this card? why now?
I am in love with the fact that the answers to the previous questions are completely up to me.
I am in love with the fact that at any given time in my perilous life, I can get lost in a stack of mass-marketed, collector-persuant pieces of paper.

Buddhism teaches that one should not want, for to want and not recieve is the source of all dissatisfication and unhappiness.
Luckily, this does not play in my style of collecting.
I do not open boxes of Triple Threads, or Sterling, or Cases ( as I see has become hugely popular on many a web-based forum)
Therefore I am not unhappy when I don't pull a "white whale". I find it classically ironic that this term from Moby Dick is used in the hobby to describe what it does...hilarious in fact.
unspeakably perfect.

I love refractors though, and expertly painted art cards, and unique signatures.
so I keep all of the pieces of cardboard carefully in boxes, and trot them out to pick and re-pick all of my favorites and take stock of who's where and what not.

I do not plan on putting my kids through college with my autograph or Brewers or O's collections...but I do plan on having an office in my next house for me, my musical instruments, my glass art marbles, my Andy Goldsworthy book collection, my early graffiti mags, my sticker collection, my seashells, my rocks, minerals and crystals, my trainers, my fitted hats, my crates of vinyl, my photography studio, cassette recordings I made as a "sound designer" in my more delusional college days, my concert ticket stubs, my patch collection and my old coins.
hell's yes. now that is what I call success.
...only if to suceed would be to acheive total disillusionment through textbook escapist tendencies to keep my proverbial psychological "head" above water...I mean, we're all treading at some point...c'mon.

There are so many hobbies, habits and volitions in our culture (because I do believe that we are different if placed outside of said culture [read: bubble]) that can take us light-years away from our plodding lifestyle ryfe with receipts, automobiles and concocted remedies...

our cards, our trades, on our terms.
we like it this way because we make it our way.
we are the deciders. and we guarantee you we will not like everything.

So there it is. My Catharsis. the ebb to my bloggular flow. I am teaching my ass of back at the HS where I started, and for those of you who have been with me since anytime all the way back to January, Thank you. I know what those words mean, and I mean it. I will never let this blog die...but i might move to wordpress...

I would like to leave you with a pair of quotes from men far more eloquent than I...

"Leisure is the mother of philosophy".
Thomas Hobbes

"Everyone of us is, even from his mother's womb, a master craftsman of idols".
John Calvin

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hey Don't Forget!: 2010 Topps Heritage Chrome and Refractors

I am still very much in the work to complete the 2010 heritage chrome set. I have refrained from going for purchasing, and would really rather trade for them. NEED LIST is on my sidebar at the bottom...hit me up!
Also, I am looking for a
1. Pirates Fan
2. Padres Fan
3. Phillies Fan

To trade with. Stuff is piling up...see me.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pun on Prince Fielder's Name: Salary fit for a King on its Way?

I've read plenty all over; blogs, papers, pundits, putz's and I still can't crack what the fudge is going on with my boy Prince....I mean do I have to call doug melvin? they are so busy interviewing Mgrs, including but not limited to, Ron Roenike whom I live up the street from during his days with the Baltimore Bird Club. I hung out with his kids once or twice in the neighborhood, but I don't remember a whole lot about them except they may have pissed me off for having minibikes or something. Shit, My brand new Powell & Peralta "ripper" with Independent trucks, bones III wheels (roughly the size of a good peach) was all I needed.
I digress...
What do you all think? who is after him? what have you heard?
I think I even heard Boston, but now that may be the echoes in my head.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Group Breaks: Fun, Cheap, and Often Semi-rewarding

All cards shown were attained through Group Breaks sponsored by different Blogs on my blogroll. All cards are FT, see my wantlist. enjoy.

my "epic" pull from a few boxes of Epic. I have mad respect for Mike, but have never, ever collected mets or padres not named Tony Gwynn. I only got this Mets relic because it has a Padres logo on it...sorta like finding a piss-soaked $5 bill. Still great to come away with a hit from those insanely stingy boxes. I traded for the ones I wanted (see below for Steady Eddie and the "Swat Family Robinson")
The cards above came from a break over at Community Gum, I love cal, and I got the Sox and O's, guaranteeing me a few cals (nice SP and ADD-suffering Hyper insert. Also made a HUGE dent in my nomar/sox PC, and beyond all, it was just awesome to get a box of cards to dig through. great value. great break. great blog.

Supposedly this came from a group break with the Troll in which I chose the A's...weird. Exceptional card of my favorite non-asshole base-stealing genius. Base-Stealing really is a game within a game, and I love it. The text on the card really sealed it for me. I just think this is the coolest card of one of the coolest and best 2baggers ever.
This card was a great pull from a long-forgotten group break that got me a lincecum, King Felix, and some other base, but this one was what made me excited to open the package. I look at this one all the time. Howie has some seemingly-fading upside, but I like his style of play. Rod, know the deal. The man was miraculous at times.
I feel like Group breaks can be great, but it is the lottery scheme that we are all too familiar with. I think that since I really dig pulling great looking cards of nobodies, that shooting for the stars in (especially high end) group breaks is a welcome cheap opportunity to take a chance, if you have the cash...
Thank you EVERYONE for hosting these extremely entertaining breaks, and thank you all for being so super-professional about getting the cards out to your people.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Half-Off Blaster Chronicles: 2008 UD "Artifacts"

This was a great descision on my part (though I had my doubts as I should have). I had the retail bug and saw the 10 and change box at walmart.
:Sawx Bawx:
I have seen some of the stuff out of this product before and have not been overly impressed with the "lineup" of players and Upper Deck's awkward take on history. Once I got past all that in the first 6packs, I pulled the two of these from the last one.

I love Mike Lowell, hard worker, SOX Ring Bearer, and all-around great classic ballplayer. The Franchise Members 4 is something I did not know existed. I think it is absolutely freaking rad. I am such a sucker for the "scroll/banner/multiple outline style (and the player choice: B+... pic layout:A...") that this card jumped into the Box of excellence.

Thanks for stopping by,
Check my updated Wantlist on the sidebar! You!
and have a great day.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Trade Aquisitions: Beard Cheers and Top Twenties

Up top we have Steady Eddie in possibly my favorite O's Unis of all time.
The Fielder/Jackson is from my man Cam (here's his place) . Love the look of the wood ALOT.
I am that guy who still (and always will) freakin' loves 87topps....
Picture this card hard-signed over the team names and with Albert, Weeks or Big Huge Panda instead.
(dream come true)
Crucial PC Needs from The beard. The Mathews makes me glow, and the Hank on the right reminds me that he got to give Lil'Robin a word or two about the game before shuffling off this screwball coil. There are 2 Brooks' that are "mia" right now, my shit is a mess since school started and I shoved it all in the closet.

hit me again with the PC glory beardy. One can never have too many Ryan GU... This Masterpieces Framed Red jumped into my top 20 cardbox the day I got it. It moves me.
zow. The Yount Shines like the day (in my top 10 cards I own) and is Painted by Stephen Gardner, whose portrait of Joltin' Joe hangs in the Baseball Hall Of Fame in Cooperstown. I am at a loss as to where this came from. All PC needs, and "The Robinsons" (my new #1 dual GU from an epic break we were in a while back (my man already had one of the 99)
(I'll show you what I "scored" in a later post of "stuff I got from group breaks over the summer")

Friday, October 1, 2010


NOT OUT: "Nothing is F...ed Here, Dude".

First, I would like to own this. Total non-sequitur. One of the best laid-out patch combinations EVER. I do not like Albert. I admire and respect him. I will never love a Cardinal after The Wizard.
Now on to the pertinent stuff...

So I have some really exceptional material lying in wait for my Blog as my "Back to Biology" campaign continues in my 5th year Teaching in HighSchool. This is the BlackHole into which my contributions have fallen...past the event horizon for some ideas, but the good ones have foundations laid. I do not want to give up and therefor I shall not.
(Nicole(myfiance) just said "tell the blog I love it"...She's pretty "sleepy")
Like MacArthur, I have returned and am busy kicking some serious ass back in the Warrior Saddle. (no more Blue Devils, but the Warriors Fall Ball is in full swing...details later)
I will be focusing on trades and aquisitions as well as the all-important Authorized Autographs from my Personal Collection. I really have spent very little time covering these gems, but their time will come.
I am looking to complete the 2009 Goodwin Champions set, and am looking to trade for 2010 minis of all types, Champions (hockey), A&G, 206 et al. for now.
aside from the few exceptional gentlemen I am dealing with on a semi-regular basis, please feel free to contact me if you are in need on '10 base in topps and some football, cuz I will GIVE it to you.
til we meet again,

Sunday, September 26, 2010

What exactly is this card (auction link here) telling me?
It would be a whole lot cooler if his last name was Time...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Need...

an A's fan to trade with. I have a ton of cards from a break I totally forgot about that you might be interested in. more details from emails...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

So As Soon As I Post...

The 70s Machine started running the board so I bit. Here's what came out the old gumball machine:

1972 and
1966, respectively.
I have two more codes and unless anyone out there is trading these codes for cards-in -hand, I am not buying anymore products with it in it. I have been more than luckie and have had some very lop-sided trades to secure a tight 15 card collection with only the cubbie and a couple 79s to get rid of. then I cash in...or do I?
This kind of promotion is what makes me wish I had gone into marketing like my dad...
I had at least 12 offers on the Newman within 5 hours of my "pulling " it...neat-o

I am well on my way to a Milwaukee brave from every year from 63 down as far as I can get...

Friday, September 10, 2010

Has Anyone Else Noticed?

I have been having an exceptionally good time participating in this promotion, and fully intend to have my current 8 (keeper) cards sent to me soon. I, like many, am at a computer more often that a television or "collector card retailer" by far. The simplicity and improvements that have been made to the search process have been integrated properly and effectively, so they got that goin' for 'em. I have some really incredible cards, but only one or two semi stars, but they are all pre-1978 as of now, but am looking to trade for more Milwaukee Braves, Brewers, and just plain classic looking vintage cards.

Has anyone else noticed that Topps Million Card Giveaway has been completely obsessed with cards from years ending in "7"s?

I have been sitting on 5 redemption cards. I got them in two of those SHYTE topps value packs after a faculty luncheon.

I jumped early last month on one and got a 62 Cub. I was psyched, despite the cubbiness... traded for a 63 Brave. sick.

entered another when the 7s came up and got Pete Rose 86 (a card, like many 86 topps, that I know like I know what beer I like)

then I got sketched out...

for at least 4 days now, it has been 2007, 1997, 1987(saw a boggs, ozzie, yount and guillen on ONE PAGE)and the occasional random 70s 50s...about 10% 60s...means I sit on my codes...

I can't wait til they run out of 1987...because it looks like thats what we're getting...

Have you had any luck lately?

Have you noticed?

[I love you Topps.......or do I?]

It's all love,



I am so goddam busy, I have alot of packs to compile so be patient, and get something killer.

Ga 'Head Mr. Nelson...

"I have never stolen a base in any game, on any level until tonight".
-Chris Nelson

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Congratulations, Mr. 600!

This is a very happy (and no doubt significantly relieved) man.
There are very few things that I like better than Milwaukee Brewers Celebrations. I love this team.

Painting commisioned for Trevor by Doug Melvin and awarded to him and his kin post-game.
It was a great day when I heard that we had signed Trevor Hoffman, the living-legend/saves leader, who reinvented himself early in his career with San Diego. We have been honored to watch his finale and possible epilougue in Milwaukee. I know that Trevor feels the same way. If you lived in Milwaukee and spent time at the park you'd know what I know. The Brewers are all Zen. They are all heart. They are all winners. (except in the books, we have a ways to go "by the numbers")
Thanks to Wednesday's Frosty Mug from the folks over at over at Brew Crew Ball for the photos.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rollie Fingers Is...

The Les Claypool of Baseball. I find them both irresistable.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Not Dead Yet...

Hey Everybody, I just wanted to update you all on my status. I am currently preparing to begin my 5th year of teaching, and am back in the Biology Classroom where I belong.
Though I won't be coaching Baseball any longer, It is going to be a great year.

My new school-computer image will not let me upload images, but I can get that fixed.

Yes, I have bought a couple of WalMart value boxes (NOTHING special), no I have not bought any Bowman, or 206 or more Ginter. Tis the season of brokeness.

I have taken advantage of WalMart's 40% off UD O-Pee-Chee, and am well on my way to completing the set for under $35. I only bought a few boxes a month or so ago, and have enjoyed collating in a fresh binder. I have inserts and base for trade (list up soon), and a few that will be going out to some special fans of mine.

I got a few nifty packages lately, including a totally out of the blue (I forgot completely about the oldschoolbreak that Troll did) package of a ton of A's and some of the best freebee packs ever as bonus. My fiance and I had fun opening ProSet PopRock cards and I even gave one of the packs of NASA cards to my Science Department chair, as she is one of my favorite people and was part of a NASA training program a few years ago. She was stoked.

I also got a really tight (good thing) little package from The Night Owl (previously spaced) that had a 75 Brewers Aaron I have been searching for, a little Ed Mathews Love (oh gosh), a JRoll Topps TCH Refractor!(Major wantlist item)(he's still good, don't worry...even though I hate the Phils.), my favorite TCH Chrome Ellsbury (now I have one to display at work) and not least, some A&G National animals and the Brachiosaurus mini. I am OUT THERE for some SCIENCE/LIVING THINGS cards since I am back in BIO, so I will trade HADSOMELY (see my former trades) for these items.

It has been a great summer, and I am looking forward to getting back into a rhythm of filling y'all in on my purchases, sales, flings and flails, and getting back to speaking my mind.

note: there will be posts on the Final Richmond Flying Squirrels game I attended today, and the Air Force Vet who started out in a coal mine and wound up the starting CF for a team on which he was the only Amateur to play the likes of Campy, Yogi, Dom Dimaggio, Rizzuto and Apling in 1948-49.

also noted: the shyte AUTO selection in Topps products...Have Athletes decided that the cards are going down? or is topps nickel-and-diming and driving players away?
Case in Point: 2010 T206, why are there Hard-signed AND sticker austos???

love and playoffs,

Friday, August 27, 2010

Just When You Thought Collecting Was In Cruise Control: High Velocity Pitchers Are Not Invincible

Hey young guy, chin up, we have a wise-ass entitled "catcher" to come take the press away...can you feel the air leaving the room you are in? Welcome to the bigs. Shit is real.
....oh, and it doesn't hurt me a bit after reading several forums that have EXCLUSIVELY Bowman breaks in their box break thread...that I have none of these cards. Life sure picked a good time for me to be broke.
Sorry I haven't been around guys and girls, I am getting my BIOLOGY classroom set up, and will be back posting in a matter of days. I haven't gotten too many new cards that aren't from trades with Cam and Beardy. I'll be back.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Baseball Is Always Great: Even When You Are Huge Losers With "Tremendous Upsides"


I AM 10-4 with the ORIOLES, BITCH. And I'm old. Try that.
I love the O's no matter what. but foreals I need Boston to close that gap (currently 5 1/2 behind both TB and NY). I don't want to have to call it an early night with all three of my favorite squads this season...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Don't forget, folks...

I am still ISO 2010 Heritage Chrome (list in sidebar) and Monsters, National animals and wordsmiths. I have a very generous streak coming on...spin the wheel.
everybody expecting anything will get an email when packs ship.


Edmonds for Dickerson:You are kidding me.

Jim Edmonds was our "Milwaukee wants to welcome you back to baseball" story of the season. I loved the effort and experience that he brought to the team quite a bit.

Dickerson batted .205 in 20 games before being injured. He has been on a rehabilitation assignment in the minors.

why would we HELP the goddam REDS? You better have one hell of a set of plans Attanasio (Arnett and Scarpetta are getting the eye from Att'), because we are getting seriously nervous here.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Finally Home: The Odyssey 2010 (In no way affiliated with 2001: A Space Odyssey, or 2010)

It is so incredible to be back in my home with everything intact and an ass-load of stories, pictures and memories, almost none of which are related to baseball, much less baseball cards. I might throw in a couple of posts about my adventures to Cape Cod, MA, Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park, ME, My job as Ticketing Supervisor for The Gathering Of The Vibes festival at Seaside Park in Bridgeport, CT. If any of these things strike a nerve or spark an interest, post a comment under this post and I will share all kinds of info.
The only TV I watched in 3.5 weeks was the SAWX lose two good games in poor fasion.

Reintroduction to baseball civilization note #1
Then I heard that Lance Berkman was a yankee and I had to look it up. No official Hating on Lance, but he's batting like .o93. Now Arod may DH after getting a booboo and flopping like an italian futbal player.
bwahahahahahahahhagoodluck. Lance is a fine guy, but I just hope the yankees paid WAY too much for him as usual.
If they got a deal I might be pissed. He seems like a wounded, but well travelled pit bull. Cross this DH with a meatball and you might get bit.

This Guy Must Be Like The Next Tom Glavine: No, Ubaldo.

This is an outstanding price for what I can only still see as an unproven pitcher...

I mean, LOOK at the price. I would be hard pressed to get that for my GMNT Prince fielder in an auction format.

I am merely letting you in on my "revelation" of sorts that the hype machine will never die. It will continue to devour cash money, generate revenue and continuously contribute to our depleted consumer market.

viva Privateers.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Question: Fantasy Nightmare (yes that's an oxy-moron)

So on one of my two Fantasy baseball teams, I have some guys on the DL, actually it's Weiters, Bucholz, Gallardo, and Latos.
wtf do I do now?, gotta drop someone...
you decide

Friday, July 16, 2010

Question: COMC

Where do the "book Value" numbers come from and; Can a seller just put anything at any price they want?

I went a 20 rounder with the checkout last month or so and was very happy with the value I got. Today is round 2, I can't collect cards on two websites...

oh, and if a dude has scrub-out of baseball in 02 autos for 9 bucks...I actually HAVE to offer 4.50? horseshit.
I, like many of you, am still learning the subtle nuiances of their system, but I mostly just want to spend my last 20 on one big deal, but certain things, such as those mentioned above, are holding me back.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Early Have/Need Post: 2010 Allen & Ginter

Somehow this product just isn't grabbing my Ginerest this year. I would rather choose a few mini sets to go after, and finish 09 somehow.
want: (will trade handsomely for help with these sets and the 2010 heritage chrome set)
Monsters of the Mesozoic
need all but 8, 13, 17
National Animals
need all but iceland and nepal
World's Greatest Wordsmiths
all but #3

Have For You:
mini 64, 100, 214, 223, 293, 334, 339, 308 (all ginter back cept 339, 308)
World's Biggest:
2, 4, 5
Lords Of Olympus:
Gaea 10
4, balboa
plus base I will not be keeping, and will try to add a list of that here tonight...

welcome back 'cotter

So I am still wallowing in the dirty house of bachelorhood until the 20th so I will try to be posting what I've got. I believe a drunken scanning session whilst watching some movie I don't actually "have to watch" is comin on. [thoughts like these at 9:40 on a Wednesday my Goodness!] I hate feeling obligated to organize cards. eh.
I have not caught up on what is in my beloved A&G except for a shitload of autos and jerseys of people like, no offense, Matt Sherzer, Placido Polanco, Alex Gordon and Chris Volstad and todd helton pants for everyone. I did a 5box break for the Sawks and didn't even get the Ellsbury or Pedroia anything in my "worst case scenario" scenario. I am pretty sure they are all that is missing from my teamset. From five boxes. I am looking directly at you TOPPS.
I swear to fkkg everything that if you start to yank back the amount of "redeeming" pulls like the Tony hawk or Heyward autos in your current competition-free environment, in your newer, less thought-out and seemingly cheaper than ever! we go...

Put the grooves back in chrome you cheap lazy bastards!! Stamp Your Numbers In gold!! If you want to put Stadium Seat relics in a card MAKE IT A STADIUM CARD>insert. stop making half of your products oldtymey and the other half CRAP! which splits both ways because half of each is crap.

...I will be done with them. guess where that takes me?....back to collecting limited edition screen prints and glass art and LPs

Friday, July 9, 2010

2010 Ginter: I Am Seeing Red

This card is for sale (link to "auction" and also dominates the red spectrum so much so that the cowardly blue shrinks away in terror.
(it tends to pop on the blue sigs, given.)

Well no hits out of a recent 5box I gotta go get my own box to start the set and HATE OVERPAYING (until I see the box in person). I have been waiting for the release of this product since I swore off buying 09 blasters in the midst of a personal budget crunch (set coallation and completion pending).
I will have SAWX doubles of 10A&G from the break for sure so if you need them, I need any Statesmen, but also living things like Dinosaurs and Scientists.
I see I did get Machiavelli in the Randomizer in CCC's break, which I find rather fitting somehow.

oh and p.s.
Bowman Hobby in various "cheaper" places: 180+ (AYFKM?)
Are there actual spiritual redepemtion cards in there?
its not even bowman chrome, at least there you pay for more, get less and still cant collect the set w/o 3 boxes.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm Back: Hope everyone got theirs...

I had a great 4th and saw many family and friends. Now I am back in Richmond with a fever in 102 weather...normal right? just check around and see how many people you know who are getting "summer colds"...that's for my conspiracy blog (if I write one).

Communication will resume and I hope everyone's summer is treating them well. I have a few interesting posts to put up soon.
such as...
Target employees up and down the east coast are siphoning retail bowman out the back...I have conjectural proof.
Read my first beckett in about a year or so yesterday on the train. What a bunch of self-agrandizing, pandering bullshit. My faith in their magazine as a reliable source for ANY information concerning the hobby is over for good. Now I just like the pictures, and I can go anywhere else, and zoom as well...
lots of thoughts hit me on the train, like why isn't the subject of my previous post going to make the All-Star team? beacuse so many freakin teams suck this options.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sell Now?:Joey Votto On Card

I bought this little guy in 06 for 8.50 including shipping. I was bolstering what would become a full-blown preference for ONcard autos. This one is selling for around 30-40 dollars in various arenas, and I am thinking of pulling the trigger and letting it go. Even mine is one of the more attractive version of Joey's sig including the pseudo-star double "t". I know powerful little of Votto the player so... for the card design...when have the "SOF" auto cards from bowman not looked super awkward? (especially when they switched to stickers)

The What Now?: 2008 Topps Uncirculated Re-Issue Hand Numbered Autos

And you got this card for auction where?

Maybe I am severely overestimating my awareness of the hobby's dumbshit after-market drumming, but this one, if genuine, totally escaped me.
somebody is about to tell me this is normal and a valuable rarity. Don't.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

If The Sticker Fits...:What If It Doesn't?

I hate to criticise, or do I?

Card auction found here

This is a pretty unique version of the Exquisite Rookie Signatures line (that we all knew was a mildly veiled ploy to have us expect the greatness of exquisite, and with a killer crop of rookies! Right? This shyte was just as expensive as the real when it came out, and there are wayyy too many problems with the set that are starting to show their faces as I carefully choose which card I would like to own.

This set brought us some amazing collectibles that are pieces unto themselves, but when it comes to stickers and thier "wonderful" curves...shit goes wrong...
Could you honestly say that the card above would not be 1000% times more intrinsically/aesthetically valuable if the sticker were not involved?

Granted, I have a long-standing problem with sticker autos, and I am not alone. This one didn't even have a chance...look at where it is placed. It interferes with so many components of the card's oeverall design, it cannot be...but it is. It was the only place the doltish final artists gave it to go. This card was meant for an autograph, act like it.

I would potentially spend a good amount of (really fkking) hard-earned money to add this part of one of the decade's most exciting participants, had his simple auto been allowed to be graced on the card DESIGNED for it. Maybe Upper Deck was getting lazy and complacent in their later years, but this is a common sense/simple design issue.
I miss Upper Deck so much.

U.S.A.:The Party Continues

I am really fkking impressed with how these guys have played through the horrible officiating...and still be fighting tooth and nail at the end of a match.they have made the whole group round harder for themselves than they needed to, but it's a whole new party nowUSA!

Landon Donovan immediately following the match on yet another questionable (at best) disallowed goal:

"We embody what Americans are about, we could moan about it or we can get on with it..and we kept going...we believe, man".

Thanks, Really: 2010 shapes up every box I was going to buy this year "tops $100" .....badum ching.


World Cup 2010: Where's the French Team?

who effing cares which goddam coach flight they had to take back en France, because I don't see the IRISH TEAM around here anywhere.
Quelles Bande De Cons
back to that is I have a bunch of trade packs going out this week. Tim, canuck and Cam's are on the way. Beard, Troll and Andy's are going out before saturday sometime.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bargain Bin: Still Feels Empty

I got 5 packs of 2008 Bowman Retail and got the cards above, and really didn't have another prospect or refractor to show. I have no clue who this Carr character is, and don't feel like looking him up. That shiny ass sticker with a missing stroke is mocking me. I am all about autos, you all know that, but this one has yet to "hit" me...pun unintentional, but I'll keep it.
I guess I also got the 08 and 09 chrome prospects confused. I am so damn picky. I guess that comes in handy more often than not. Screw the people at subway. Yes I want that many pickles on my turkey sub, deal with it.

Uhhh...:BGS 9.5

how the Bleek is this card (you know that 1/1) purported to be anything over a BGS 8?

I dabbled in graded cards and came out on top.
I have not been back.
I won't be.

Gellman over at SCU explains precisely why this card was supposedly graded as 9.5 and why this is my position.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Amazing How Great Light Is For Photos On The Ballfield...:Don't Photoshop Cards...

I was fairly taken aback by the look of these cards I pulled from series 2. Aside from the fact that they are all pitchers, it also appears that there were reflecting screens set just ahead of the mound, or a bit to the right, in order to "light up" the faces under the "low riding" caps of the age.
I find the effect to be grainy, awkward, and disney-esque. I do not really like anything disney. One of my new favorite blogs Community Gum did a review that reflects the same sentiments. ( link here ) It's creepy, artificial and, well, I (what's the closest to "hate" without actual hate?) 2010 Topps.
I am sending out my entire stash out in the next few days. I am keeping an auto I pulled of Dan Bard (down with him) and a few GU and 2020 and Turkeys (the sky is just so pretty this year) for my PC, but overall, the only two redeeming qualities of the base set are Card #1 and Nick Markakis' "SAFE!" shot.
everything else=do not want.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

All Cards Below Still Available

Then I will let the post fade to the backpages...

Friday, June 18, 2010


michael bradley!!!
way to keep it down!
USA!!! Screaming and jumping around, the only one in the building....nice.
Note: EDU's "disallowed" goal won the game for us...the ref is a fucking tosser.


Look again! HOLDING?! AYFKM?!

we got HOSED! Goddammit.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

2010 Topps Inserts: Come And Get 'Em


Peak Performance:
10, 13, 24, 35, 64, 80, 97

3,12, 40,55

History of Game:

Baby Pictures(what did they pay the pirates for the pics?)
RD, DM, BR, CM(x2)

TOG 16

History of WS

topps town
2Gold, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 15, 15Gold, 16, 17, 18x2, 19, 22x2, 23

These are basically free, people. Claim as many as you want, in the comments and they are yours...Here's what I need:

I need either 1 (one) 2010 heritage chrome card, or 1(one) Bowman prospect refractor from 2006-2010 or another refractor of some (any) kind...don't care who, don't care how.
anyway, as I find more (they are somewhere) I will list them, and as cards are claimed, I will erase them.
thanks and have a great day,
I will update availability as fast as possible.
updated 11pm 6/18

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

last chance

and thank you all for letting me co-opt my blog in the guise of capitalistic needs, when it is quite the opposite.
see below, cards go up in 24

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Also: details and Benefits

Anyone whom I have traded with over the last year (or if you are a confirmed follower of my blog) will get a discount if you are interested in purchasing any of these. As you know, some of these are no joke, and I don't want to see them disappear into the ebay ether.
You are helping out a brother here, so please feel free to email offers.
Thanks poeple,
have a great night.

Day 2 Dibs:tomorrow evening these gotta go up.


Monday, June 14, 2010

You Get First Dibs: Destined For Auction (For Sale Only)

these are up and out, so forget it. (aka disregard/post expired)

Gentlemen and Ladies,
I am putting the following items up for auction in the near future through my eBay account. I am writing the post for two reasons.
If you see a card that you absolutely must have, then let me know and I promise we will work out something fair. (likely better than ebay with the fees and shipping right?!)
The second reason is that I will keep you all updated on the closing price of each of these auctions. I do plan on doing most of them in a traditional auction, so we could learn something. I know I will.
anyway, window shop...or enjoy for the fk of it.

Lot of 10 Team USA Chrome
Lot of 18 Topps 100 inserts

Home Friday/Away double Patch #34/63

GEM MINT RC AUTO (gonna miss this one)

96/99 with Jay Eye

#/25 Red Refractor


Gonna miss this one too...

2007 Ultimate Team Materials Auto GU Gold #05/10

I also have a few PSA graded items going up. If that is your thing, we can talk.
IMPORTANT: paypal makes this all smoother, so if you are prepared to send money, ask away.
PLEASE make sure you EMAIL ME with any interest so that I we can talk digits.
all my best,