Friday, June 25, 2010

Sell Now?:Joey Votto On Card

I bought this little guy in 06 for 8.50 including shipping. I was bolstering what would become a full-blown preference for ONcard autos. This one is selling for around 30-40 dollars in various arenas, and I am thinking of pulling the trigger and letting it go. Even mine is one of the more attractive version of Joey's sig including the pseudo-star double "t". I know powerful little of Votto the player so... for the card design...when have the "SOF" auto cards from bowman not looked super awkward? (especially when they switched to stickers)

The What Now?: 2008 Topps Uncirculated Re-Issue Hand Numbered Autos

And you got this card for auction where?

Maybe I am severely overestimating my awareness of the hobby's dumbshit after-market drumming, but this one, if genuine, totally escaped me.
somebody is about to tell me this is normal and a valuable rarity. Don't.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

If The Sticker Fits...:What If It Doesn't?

I hate to criticise, or do I?

Card auction found here

This is a pretty unique version of the Exquisite Rookie Signatures line (that we all knew was a mildly veiled ploy to have us expect the greatness of exquisite, and with a killer crop of rookies! Right? This shyte was just as expensive as the real when it came out, and there are wayyy too many problems with the set that are starting to show their faces as I carefully choose which card I would like to own.

This set brought us some amazing collectibles that are pieces unto themselves, but when it comes to stickers and thier "wonderful" curves...shit goes wrong...
Could you honestly say that the card above would not be 1000% times more intrinsically/aesthetically valuable if the sticker were not involved?

Granted, I have a long-standing problem with sticker autos, and I am not alone. This one didn't even have a chance...look at where it is placed. It interferes with so many components of the card's oeverall design, it cannot be...but it is. It was the only place the doltish final artists gave it to go. This card was meant for an autograph, act like it.

I would potentially spend a good amount of (really fkking) hard-earned money to add this part of one of the decade's most exciting participants, had his simple auto been allowed to be graced on the card DESIGNED for it. Maybe Upper Deck was getting lazy and complacent in their later years, but this is a common sense/simple design issue.
I miss Upper Deck so much.

U.S.A.:The Party Continues

I am really fkking impressed with how these guys have played through the horrible officiating...and still be fighting tooth and nail at the end of a match.they have made the whole group round harder for themselves than they needed to, but it's a whole new party nowUSA!

Landon Donovan immediately following the match on yet another questionable (at best) disallowed goal:

"We embody what Americans are about, we could moan about it or we can get on with it..and we kept going...we believe, man".

Thanks, Really: 2010 shapes up every box I was going to buy this year "tops $100" .....badum ching.


World Cup 2010: Where's the French Team?

who effing cares which goddam coach flight they had to take back en France, because I don't see the IRISH TEAM around here anywhere.
Quelles Bande De Cons
back to that is I have a bunch of trade packs going out this week. Tim, canuck and Cam's are on the way. Beard, Troll and Andy's are going out before saturday sometime.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bargain Bin: Still Feels Empty

I got 5 packs of 2008 Bowman Retail and got the cards above, and really didn't have another prospect or refractor to show. I have no clue who this Carr character is, and don't feel like looking him up. That shiny ass sticker with a missing stroke is mocking me. I am all about autos, you all know that, but this one has yet to "hit" me...pun unintentional, but I'll keep it.
I guess I also got the 08 and 09 chrome prospects confused. I am so damn picky. I guess that comes in handy more often than not. Screw the people at subway. Yes I want that many pickles on my turkey sub, deal with it.

Uhhh...:BGS 9.5

how the Bleek is this card (you know that 1/1) purported to be anything over a BGS 8?

I dabbled in graded cards and came out on top.
I have not been back.
I won't be.

Gellman over at SCU explains precisely why this card was supposedly graded as 9.5 and why this is my position.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Amazing How Great Light Is For Photos On The Ballfield...:Don't Photoshop Cards...

I was fairly taken aback by the look of these cards I pulled from series 2. Aside from the fact that they are all pitchers, it also appears that there were reflecting screens set just ahead of the mound, or a bit to the right, in order to "light up" the faces under the "low riding" caps of the age.
I find the effect to be grainy, awkward, and disney-esque. I do not really like anything disney. One of my new favorite blogs Community Gum did a review that reflects the same sentiments. ( link here ) It's creepy, artificial and, well, I (what's the closest to "hate" without actual hate?) 2010 Topps.
I am sending out my entire stash out in the next few days. I am keeping an auto I pulled of Dan Bard (down with him) and a few GU and 2020 and Turkeys (the sky is just so pretty this year) for my PC, but overall, the only two redeeming qualities of the base set are Card #1 and Nick Markakis' "SAFE!" shot.
everything else=do not want.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

All Cards Below Still Available

Then I will let the post fade to the backpages...

Friday, June 18, 2010


michael bradley!!!
way to keep it down!
USA!!! Screaming and jumping around, the only one in the building....nice.
Note: EDU's "disallowed" goal won the game for us...the ref is a fucking tosser.


Look again! HOLDING?! AYFKM?!

we got HOSED! Goddammit.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

2010 Topps Inserts: Come And Get 'Em


Peak Performance:
10, 13, 24, 35, 64, 80, 97

3,12, 40,55

History of Game:

Baby Pictures(what did they pay the pirates for the pics?)
RD, DM, BR, CM(x2)

TOG 16

History of WS

topps town
2Gold, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 15, 15Gold, 16, 17, 18x2, 19, 22x2, 23

These are basically free, people. Claim as many as you want, in the comments and they are yours...Here's what I need:

I need either 1 (one) 2010 heritage chrome card, or 1(one) Bowman prospect refractor from 2006-2010 or another refractor of some (any) kind...don't care who, don't care how.
anyway, as I find more (they are somewhere) I will list them, and as cards are claimed, I will erase them.
thanks and have a great day,
I will update availability as fast as possible.
updated 11pm 6/18

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

last chance

and thank you all for letting me co-opt my blog in the guise of capitalistic needs, when it is quite the opposite.
see below, cards go up in 24

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Also: details and Benefits

Anyone whom I have traded with over the last year (or if you are a confirmed follower of my blog) will get a discount if you are interested in purchasing any of these. As you know, some of these are no joke, and I don't want to see them disappear into the ebay ether.
You are helping out a brother here, so please feel free to email offers.
Thanks poeple,
have a great night.

Day 2 Dibs:tomorrow evening these gotta go up.


Monday, June 14, 2010

You Get First Dibs: Destined For Auction (For Sale Only)

these are up and out, so forget it. (aka disregard/post expired)

Gentlemen and Ladies,
I am putting the following items up for auction in the near future through my eBay account. I am writing the post for two reasons.
If you see a card that you absolutely must have, then let me know and I promise we will work out something fair. (likely better than ebay with the fees and shipping right?!)
The second reason is that I will keep you all updated on the closing price of each of these auctions. I do plan on doing most of them in a traditional auction, so we could learn something. I know I will.
anyway, window shop...or enjoy for the fk of it.

Lot of 10 Team USA Chrome
Lot of 18 Topps 100 inserts

Home Friday/Away double Patch #34/63

GEM MINT RC AUTO (gonna miss this one)

96/99 with Jay Eye

#/25 Red Refractor


Gonna miss this one too...

2007 Ultimate Team Materials Auto GU Gold #05/10

I also have a few PSA graded items going up. If that is your thing, we can talk.
IMPORTANT: paypal makes this all smoother, so if you are prepared to send money, ask away.
PLEASE make sure you EMAIL ME with any interest so that I we can talk digits.
all my best,

2010 Bowman: Crazy Talk

I love this card (see here) so much that when I pulled up the auction, I thought for a second that it was a good deal...

more 2010 Bowman Crazy Talk later.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Life Is A "Worst Auto" Tournament: Current Champ, Maurice Ager

If you do not believe that the 06-07 SPX above is not one of the absolute worst representations of one's self in print, I am not sure that you are human. Yes, I know Benji Gil, Vernand Morency, Eric Arnett, Chris Johnson and the gang, but this particular specimen is crucially awful.

World Cup 2010:No More Bud Ice...

It is hard to believe that it was 16 years ago that I was watching the Irish, Italian and Brazilian teams practicing at Rutgers and Drew U in Jersey. We were drinkin' Bud Ice all day watching every game. My buddy's dad worked and we had the house to ourselves. We would be celebrating GOOOOOOALs by running out on the deck, screaming and throwing cans...oh to be 16 again.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Topps Millions: Strasburg Broke The Transmogrifier

Go to or this morning to view your collection or redeem a code, and here is what you get:

"A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. The server was not found or was not accessible.

Verify that the instance name is correct and that SQL Server is configured to allow remote connections. (provider: Named Pipes Provider, error: 40 - Could not open a connection to SQL Server)
Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

ok. nice job everybody...

UPDATE: it is 11:51 and I finally got into my TMCG account...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Damn, Son: I Think I Am A Nats Fan...

I had GED Graduation ceremonies at 7, but caught the 8th and 9th on the radio...I was kinda in awe (I type reluctantly because I have an aversion to hype) and it was on the radio...
I have to be honest, this train started rolling when they signed PudgeII, Josh Willingham and Nyjer Morgan, both a couple of my favorite players on teams I did not care about. Add Ian Desmond doing fairly well in his first full year...I like this team. I don't really care for the likes of Lastings Millege, nor dmitri young(#21, then 42, then 21 again? Baseball ref, am I missing something?), among others.

eBay: The Dollar Store?

I have read so many posts, starting from when I started reading Cardblogs, in which I thought the writer was lying about the price they won an eBay item for. I have been working eBay for glass art, Sneakers, and most of all, cards. I have seen people winning cards for $.99. Now, I have won my fair share of auctions for good prices, but it all seemed too good to be true.
After reading a post by Beardy about a card he did not expect to win, I thought I would bust out the one I had to talk about.
I put in the minimum bid on this Pena auto, 1.01. I have wanted this card for so long. L0s' auto is one of my favorites and I don't love the look of the Topps base auto.
I check back in the other day, and it was mine for 99 cents. (FREE shipping)
Finally, I believe you all. I apologize for thinking you were all a bunch of filthy liars.

Sick. I am going to renew my dedication to checking auctions that end at 4am or have misspelled names.

where it's two burned fables and a bike with chrome.

EDIT:upon further review, this card had FREE shipping as is edited above.

I have one more auto coming in the mail that was .99 with free shipping, but it has none of the starpower this one has, if I can even say that.

Monday, June 7, 2010

It Really Took Us This Long?: Supe's On No Longer.

"No soup for you"...there we go, that is how outdated this guy's skills were when they reached the Brewers staff way too many questionable starts ago.

NLCS MVP? not here in Milwaukee...It is regrettable that you had to be a part of the destruction that was (and is still) the hangover from CC's millions and the utter collapse of the Brewers pitching staff since that glorious week in 08, but you suck ass. I never wanted you on my team. I thought you were a waste of money from the start and your contract from 07 is one of the symptoms of a diseased pitching strategy being executed by what can only be referred to as a group pf chimpanzees in a room with some VCRs and blank contracts.
Eric Arnett, I need you to straighten out that Sig, and get to to floodplain to join the Crew for a playoff run next year.
You are being made fools of by the REDS...what does that say to you?

2010 Bowman:When Worlds Collide

Bought a few Jumbos of 2010 Bowman, I had some luck. no golden ticket here, and I did NOT pay 20bucks for these jumbos, that would be stupid no matter who is in the set. I have seen the jumbo boxes going for well over 200 on eBay alone. I don't even want to check any of the retailers. The Shop I got them from was only opening one hobby and one jumbo box for pack sales. All of the other boxes were now sealed $100 and $220 lottery tickets for people with more money than brains.

I am pumped that the lame blue parallel that I got was of a Brewer, and that I got all the big guys, except for Harper (but Cardboard Problem has more on that). I got a great looking Blue refractor, Dustin Ackley chrome, and a peculiarly poular ($20+) Jose Iglesias auto.
The auto pull is tight. It's nice to be happy with a pull from any of several teams, a nice thing about moving every 3.4 years.

I will not have to buy any more of this product, and will hope to trade for the base I want. Then I got the "sorta flashback to fleerUltra" inserts of two of the biggest stories in baseball including the kid who will be pitching for the geographically closest baseball team to my heart. (to say nothing of my growing enthusiasm for the team) Oh, and a cubs guy. do not want.

that title is extremely dramatic. Save for the design, which I love because I am a simpleton when it comes to cards, 2010 Bowman has caused just such drama. It is all alot of us have to write about. I am still wishing someone else would help me out with HertChrome, but now this set of "epic" proportions is upon us. It is nice to see people and writers lose feathers over this one, and the stir has gone nationwide and mainstream and all that.

CardWeblogger Fact # 342: Non-refractor chrome cards scan like crap. Refractor chrome cards look gorgeous.

Best improvement: silver signature overlay (so sick, but I bet I'll get sick of it) worst "improvement": continuing the "base rookie auto"...that is some bullshit. I just want a real Heyward RC in chrome dammit. (and still making those "gold" cards in every pack...that is just plain stupid)

Still beats the shit out of everything 2010 Topps has to offer save for TMCG.
If you have 2010 topps needs, I am your man, I am keeping about zero of those cards. (not ONE made it into my top 100 best-looking cards. The auto above is automatically in my top 60 or so favorite autos and that Cody wheeler easily cracked the top 40 best-looking chrome cards.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

1979 Topps: Who Do I Look Like?

Please tell me you don't need a hint...
That is correct Beard and SewingMachineGuy...
Principal Ed Rooney.
your prize is a warm gummy bear.

Thanks For Sticking With Me: Ken Griffey Jr.

When I got my hands on my first packs of 86 topps when I was 8, I sorted them into teams, and then into positions and back again until they were ragged.
Not long after, I learned what a rookie card was, and started to read Beckett. By the time I was 10, "monetary value" came into play.

Today I want to pay tribute to the one man who was the focus of my first era of chasing rookie cards, and managed to weather an incredible storm, only to be doing fine (err) when I returned to the hobby just 5 short years ago.

Now, I have to admit, the Cincinnati Reds leave a bad taste in my mouth. Joe Morgan and Johnny Bench are a few of the extremely rare exceptions. When it comes ot the National League, I am a Brewers fan exclusively. I hate the Cubs (hate is a strong word), and the reds just kind of make me sickish. I try not to think about the Pirates except for ADMcClutchen.

This makes it all the more ironic that my favorite auto and GU (both pictured below) that I have pulled since 05, are both in reds be it. I love them. I pulled them, and they are in the "mine" boxes, likely never to be traded. That being said, I have a few more of my favorite KGJr. cards pictured here.

The top six cards pictured below are original pulls from my Original Collection. There have been many occurences that brought low the extent of my card collection from the old days, and someday I will feel comfortable sharing the stories, but today is all about Kenny.

No, I never owned the 89 upper Deck RC, but I will purchase it soon for my permanent "Personal Heritage" collection.
Thanks Ken, I wish I could have lived a little closer, or seen a more games, but we'll call it even because you had the gift from the start. Your athleticism, sportsmanship and smile will be missed.
Carry on.

Friday, June 4, 2010

OBAK parallels: Uh, Is That It?

Is this the Base...or Parallel #'d to 50?
I was trolling the regular locales, COMC, eBay, sportlots etc. looking at 09 OBAK cards to take to the ballgame (love them Squirrels) for autos. I was aware of the "night" parallel. I was also aware that some cards were "Short-Printed" and serial-numbered. I have seen the asking price and selling price of these #/50 parallels range from 50% to 500% more than its non-serial numbered counterpart.

Here's the problem (well, depending on your position)

I can find no discernable difference WHATSOEVER between the two cards except of course from the circa-1986 Apple IIe-style #/50 printed on the bottom reverse of the card.

Literally nothing else...Now I know this is Tristar, and there were no MLB liscenses involved, but why, WHY would you create a parallel that would give the reciever NOTHING more than about 1/8 of a microgram of thin black ink.

No foil, no gold, no color change, image variety...nothin.

tell me why the fk would I pay anything extra for this card? It's like SN'ering a card to 38,000...who gives a shit?

BWAHAHAHAH!!!: Blame it on the Aqua Sox

Dios Mio, man. you had tie-dyed unis? I mean this wasn't even 1993, when tie-dye was in it's second age...Have you ever seen such an outfitting atrocity? I post this despite a decent auto and the fact that it is clearly a COMC photo...hope that isn't a problem. had to do it.
Also, how cool would it be if this guy was a submariner? I mean, "Heaver Low"...not a bad nickname, for a guy wearing frikkin tie-dye on the diamond. Hell, blame it all on the aquasox...any uniform transgressions are easily explained away in AA, but less so in AAA.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Last Little Piece: Home Stretch

So close. I am teaching my 6th-to-last class of the year, and then I will to my totalling, spreadsheeting, excelling, and filing. Having a job makes me very happy as I try to stay intimate with the "other side" or Bizarro me, who has no job, and has had his house forclosed on. He is miserable which, by the law of translation, makes me pretty content.
After that, I have a hell of a lot of cards to organize and send out before the end of the month. Most are unsolicited, so I hope you all are ready.
After about 3months of total ambiguity, I have been retained at my current school, and I am still convinced that if I stay here, it would be much like Prince staying in Milwaukee...good, great even...but maybe not meant to be in the long run of a young career such as ours.
C'mon Crew!? let's get it together! The freaking REDS are beating the shit out of you!