Monday, January 31, 2011

Time For An Update: Blog Roll On...

Just wanted to put it out there that I haven't checked my followers in a while and if you have a card blog (or otherwise) please let me know in the comments so that I may add you to the roll of Blogs I support on my own sidebar.

thanks falks.

don't watch the news.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Duelling Autos:"Jeets" and "Tulo"....jeez...

Upon first glance, you would notice several differences in the representation each of these gentlemen has chosen to afford you.
Old, young.
Signed 455 cards for SPA, Signed 75 cards for SPA(numbers not exact)

Mr. Loopety loop, "go-shop-around for 2011" comes out looking like the hero here.
Tulo's sig is just that. a sig. not an autograph per se.

bap-bap-bapbapbap-bapbapbapbap-TU-LO! (I dig that.)

I stumbled upon quite a few Tulo autos breaking in 2007 and have been hoarding them in hopes of an injury-free true breakout season. (fingers crossed)
I, We, the royal We, are tired of "Jeets" and his slow arm and bat.
I, We, the royal We, want more Tulo with his across-the-chest fastball and (albeit more consistent) swing.

well, that's what I want. "Sign of the Times" I guess...TULO!

Cheers To Teachers In Space: I was home sick and saw the whole thing unfold...good gracious

Thank you seven for being a big deal to me. maybe the Beardman may turn you into a masterpiece more radiant than the full moon.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Injured Reserve Packers: "Not Pictured" in the Yearbook...

This is just wrong.

I don't care about rules, flights, lodging or food. What reasoning could possibly make this acceptable to team-mates and coaches? These guys didn't suffer for your success, they lost their season physically trying to achieve just that. Barnett's quote about the picture of [Ray] Nitschke being his motivation reminds me of the picture my dad kept in his office of Vince Lombardi and how he told me that leadership, fellowship and competition are about mutual respect and a love for the game. I know Nick Barnett loves his game. I love his game.
Get these 16 guys in the pic one way or another...more tweets Nick and Fin, let's make a proper fuss about this until we actually have to play a game.
You all have to know how insanely sick I am of pre-game talk and analysis. I never knew I would be more sick of it when it's my team in it...just wears me out.
post my ass on the edge of the seat on sunday and let's hit it.

I want a photo including some of the sickest players the packers have fielded to go next to my 97 picture of an (IMO an equally talented team-God I miss Reggie White)...c'mon, guys WTF?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Ones That Got Away: Jim Palmer 2005 Origins

There are only three reasons why I am ok with having let this go(despite having no money at all)
1. Jim has an insane sig and I want the right version of it for my collection, and I've seen better.
2. Jim has a relatively extensive on-card selection to chose from
3. I f&^king hate the little glove. history be damned, that cutesy little diorama sucks except for the banner.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Done and Done: NFC Championship

Da fails.


May this be my formal apology for completely alienating any readers by obsessing over the Green Bay Packers. My dad would be proud that I am making as much fuss as feels comfortable.

here we go...

Packers Parade Of Playoff Heroes: Had To Be Done

My "rainbow" of 2010 topps chrome Aaron Rodgers Refractors. I do not care for Xfractors and do not collect them. I do however have no standard chrome to show off, so you'll have to cross your eyes to get the "double rainbow" effect(found out what "double rainbow" was all letdown)

RED #07/25, Gold #47/50, Blue #006/199, Purple #053/555, Wally Orange, Standard.

if you have seen any other chrome colors, you come to this guy. I barely paid for these due to some fortunate auction endings and the Blue and standard pull are what got me going. It took less than a 2weeks with shipping.
never did that before. Probably won't again. I have collected parallels of some cards, but this is sorta rediculous. Hot, but rediculous.
I am goin for broke here...who knows what will happen come 3pm. we're meeting our arch-bully out back of the school, but we're hot and ready for a streetfight.



PACKERS PLAYOFF PARADE OF PACKERS...(I know, the titles are getting worse...) : DEFENSIVE PACKAGE


PACKERS PLAYOFF PARADE: The Running Game in 2011

2010 Bowman Platinum James Starks Auto RC (pulled)
2007 Brandon Jackson Gridiron Threads Gridiron Gems pull-out Jersey AUTO

Would anyone have predicted that our running game in the playoffs would be led by Rookie RB and pretty decent cutter James Starks? Sure the O Line has been in better fasion than it has for some time and is opening holes where they count. The blocking upfield has been outstanding as well, making for a few more-impressive runs.
Brandon Jackson is all-but off the field 3rd down back, and John Kuhn as an outstanding run-blocker. I do not have a Kuhn auto, but will fix that today, or wait til july.
Love you Kuhn.
We are coming to get dirty, folks.
Let's get it on.

Coming next: the Defense

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Starting off with the crafty core of the Packers receiving...core over the past 5yrs.

2007 Rookie Threads D.Driver Auto 20/100

2006 G.Jennings Bowman Sterling Refractor #14/199 Auto RC

2007 Upper Deck Premier Rare Patches Dual Driver/Jennings Platinum #3/10

up next:
the running game

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why?: Topps?

I am a fan of Nolans all around. but I noticed that there is a discrepancy in the topps 2010 lineup. (mark this among the myriad "problems" I have had with Topps Company this year(severley miscut refractors and base, scoliosis of the card etc. all of which will be sent back for replacement) but this is one that hits on multiple levels.
I collect the 2010 Heritage Chrome set (AS I HOPE YOU ALL KNOW WELL)
but I also collect Topps Rookie Cup cards...

There is an exceptionally attractive trophy on his base card...

There is no trophy on his Chrome Base card...

elvis andrus has a trophy on his chrome card.
Topps, we need to get a drink and work some shit out.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

She's Up: And The Swing...

5 views no watchers as of 12hrs of "airtime"...can't wait to see if someone takes the bait. I should put it up in the Unbeliev-a-pull you guys read the Freedom Cardboard forums? I check them to see scans of high-end box breaks. They say some of the funniest shit over there.
Interesting point of note: very into player-parallel setbuilding and "rainbows".
I'll save the effect these "rainbows" had on me when 2010 Chrome football came out when I unleash my CAVALCADE OF PLAYOFF PACKERS PARADE (coming soon)
Speaking of which:
Do you all have a forum you post in? (I do not...) Do you have one you check out for box breaks or scans of nice cards (I find these especially entertaining when you don't have the cash to break a box yourself....which is in principle, always, but I find a way).

Your Reaction: Previous Post Title

well? It is fairly gangly but if you read the post further down, it might take root.

Monday, January 17, 2011

We, And I Got A Dog: God "A" to G.I. DNA: "ew..."

Her name is Lemon and she is an American Pit/undetermined terrier mix known as a "pocket Pit". She was rescued by Richmond Animal Control but her puppies were nowhere to be found. She was tied up on a concrete porch and they fixed her up enough for the Richmond SPCA (one of my favorite organizations ever) That is where I adopted her. She is a slim 36lbs, about 2yrs, and a definite sign of "Street Cred" to some in my 'hood but is as timid and sweet a beast as I have ever lived with.

EDIT [after reading comments]:
Tons of comments right away, so cool. The connection that rescues create with other humans-helping-animals is overwhelming. Wifey and I spent the first Sunday after getting her watching Pitbulls and Parolees for 6 hours straight. I have worked with both and am just all about what they do at Villalobos.
I am so proud to be a part of the Dog world. I have two SPCA cats who are my "housekeepers" if you will. Lemon is like a child, just a very...very well behaved child.

If You Want To Know What Makes Me Mad: Read This Article (which has nothing to do with sports)

JPMorgan Chase Over-charges and wrongfully forcloses on US Military Personnel homes.
I swear to God, no matter who sent them or where, when our 100% Volunteer military finally gets to spend time stateside after 3 tours and a Stop-Loss order good for another 3-5 yrs,
A good business should make sure that, at the very least YOU DON'T TAKE AWAY THEIR F88KING HOUSE.

Our free-market economy should not allow people to do a shitty job just because they can and no one stops them. I'm looking at you Bear Stearns, and the Fannies...this is some bullshit.

America, Please choose wisely with whom you do business...some people are just really not very good at their jobs.

I am a dude for the time,
and I support this message.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Whoops: Retail Blunder Hit (SP of an SP)

Got a Cheepo blaster of Topps Magic at Target a while back and opened it the other day. The cards are a little simple, as was the style of the time they are alluding to, and they look awesome with the very high contrast and high definition of the images. I have to admith though that all of this color enhancing that has been happening on the 2010 cards across the board is weirding me out a little. Kind of like how Playboy went from fuzzy lenses in the 60s and 70s to the air brush to the eventual and almighty digital "fix".

.... this little guy whacked me in the face from the last of the 8 packs. Montario Hardesty Chrome Refractor Auto #8/10

I went on a popular auction site to see if any were up for auction for me to watch...nothing.

Search: Hardesty-auto=ZIP.

Then I found a seller that had it for 179.99 B.I.N(OBO). Then the investigation began.

It turns out according to that Hardesty is in the first pool of ultra-SPd autos in the set. He has only 15 reported regular, non-refractor chrome AUTOs in the set.

then there are the 10 Refractor autos.

So I guess I would rather have the refractor with its killer little serial number. (I f%&$ing hate the printed on numbers...really, really bad.)

I am torn about this card though, Hardesty, I heard, got injured and will play next season.
...and might be good, making this a premium rookie auto to have come november/december OR I put it up on previously-mentioned auction site for 179.99 and see if anyone bites...hell McCluster sold for more than that just the other day...

we'll see

opinions, as always, are welcome in the comments.

enjoy the games


fk yoo fau cun!!!!

All This HOF Talk: Common Thread of Jack Morris

I guess the nice part is that I agree with the two major sports talk radio stations as opposed to constantly feeling athlete-respect-misalignment. Now, I don't love the Deadskins, so that's just chatter, but they do have entertaining assholes on the team and running it, so I treat that more like a soap opera than anything.
When it came time for Nick Scaban and Wes MacElroy, Dan Patrick and the Danettes and the rest of the talking Headphones (heads doesn't fit, radio and all) to weigh in on the recent Hall of Fame nominees and eventual inductees, I heard one name more often than I thought I would (which obviously excludes good ol' Bert B.) and that name was Jack Morris.
I remember Jack being the 2007 Justing Verlander meets 2008 CCSabathia Just-give-me-the-damn-ball-and-let-me-do-my-job Playoff pitcher of the 80's and early 90's. I was living in CT and Jersey at the time and was sort of partial to the Yankees because that's where Dad and I went. He wasn't interested in the Mets, and it rubbed off. In my mind, since 1986, they may as well not exist except for my love of David Wright's sig.
Jack pitched some sick, stay-up-late, watch in the other room because your family is in the family room watching some crap movie- Playoff games for the Twins, Tigers and the Jays (and a lifetime BA of .000. Those were the days that I was more interested in what the Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead and Phish were up to than rooting for a team or watching more than the occasional Yanks game or playoff appearance.
Jack Morris is a tall (6'3",220) hard-ass. So was my dad (6'5",250).
Jack had the edge with the moustache. He had a thick-as-a-thicket push-broom like Ned Flanders. My dad only rocked his solid brown 'stache for about 6mos. in the early 70's when my sister was born.
Memories..... (don't think of the song............gotcha)
Sometimes I think about the evolution of my collection from a monetary standpoint. I mean, wheo the fk doesn't remember what happened last time (and if you don't sorry, but your 80s and 90s cards are officially colorful cardboard again, NOT currency) So I like to spend and make money in my hobby. Should I be collecting all HOF inductees for perceived security for my "investment", or buy mindlessly because the card looks "aesthetically delightful". What I will likely do is continue to hover in between those two. Loving every card that comes my way.

Love peace and sleepless nights,

Monday, January 10, 2011

Just Another Day That Will Live In Infamy: The Passing of Dick Winters

Stokes Young writes: Major Dick Winters passed away Jan. 2 in central Pennsylvania. If you've read Stephen Ambrose's book or watched the HBO miniseries, you'll likely already have mental pictures of Winters' acts of heroism during harsh fighting in Europe during the Second World War. This is what he looked like in 1945: