Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What Tips You Off?

Do you know a real signature from a fake without an expert? without SCU? how do you tell? Given, it is somewhat different for different signers. Joe Montana and many others used the famed auto-pen contraption...what a mess.

What the @#$% is this?

This is the most god-awful ugly Autographed card I have seen in ages. I mean, lets pour a pitcher of contrast over a palate of tiny shapes, shades and angles. Great fuking idea, If I pulleed this it would be enough to make me send it back, and could be enough to base a courtcase on.
rrrrrrrrrr.I have the stomach flu, so If my posts come accross angry, thats because they are.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

trading is active.

Please email me offers. I ,again, am not picky. Please just offer me something. Just telling me that you want one is not special. Lots of people want one...what are you going to give me for it?

get it on.

If you follow This Blog...

Hey everybody, I just wanted to make sure I had everybody covered and advertised. If you follow this weblog, and you do not see your weblog's name on my roll, Please leave its name in the comments to this post.
I couldn't and wouldn't do any of this without you all.
Trades have been more than I hoped for, and I feel like a bonafide cardblogger coming into the 2010 Season.
I won't get to watch as much ball this season because I will be on the field myself, so I am counting on all of you.

Have a great day.

Auctions...overrated, Here's some stuff I will part with for a song.

Just guaging interest on the ones below. Email me if you see something you want.

The Cueto was a redemption out of my only pack of TSC'08. I have a post in the works about "Just Johnny's" signature.

Miller is in Ortega's Eye...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Right About Now...

So I have had a lot of interest in the Gibson Auto from my trade bait post.
Moylan and Saito are sealed up.
First offer officially was WickedOrtega. I want to see what he offers.
I do have another offer of a 51(?) Yogi.
I am looking for vintage Gibsons if I got picky (which I am not)

More bait coming soon. I am taking a break from ebay and still need help with my 2010 Heritage Chrome Set picked up a few more, waiting to get them in hand before I adjust the list.
I have a few refractors that I will trade for two regular chrome per
or I have few chrome dupes for chrome dupes you might have,
or I have base 10-15 per chrome.
or even SPs 2 chrome per.

hey there.
thanks for loookin over here.
you are a solid individual and people like you.

Great Responses coming in

I have heard from several bloggers and non about the trade bait. I have a few really solid offers that i may have to cross check.
Wicked, I got an offer for the Gibson auto, do you have any vintage gibsons? Make me an offer...
have a rainy day. (I hate practice in the Gym)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Please email any offers.

The Saito is being sought, as is the Gibson and Moylan.
Gentlemen, If I could ask you to kindly send offers to
I thank you.

bait below...

Trade Bait firesale version. 3/10

Hit me up with any questions, interest stated in comments please.

MOYLAN Sweet Spot claimed by Canuck.

Cards From The Bearded Blogger: trade and a miracle

So I made a trade recently with the ol' Beard over at the Co-op of Cardblogs, The Mojo Beard.
I got a hold of a few GU that I really love. The Braun Sterling is for my PC, I have been wanting it, but not willing to pay for it.
the David Wright A&G is one of the finest GUd cards I know of both graphically and composition-wise. I love the black jersey swatch with the black frame. The image of D. Wright also looks so iconic, like the MLB logo-man.
I informed Greg that I did not have a GU masterpieces card from 08, and Ben fits nicely. I have a ton of GU sheets'...guess some things happent that way. Ben alternatively excited me and disappointed me in the years that I watched him with the Brewers. Ultimately, we ended on disappointment. Ben is now getting shelled in ST, but maintains the opening day starting spot. I guess the A's want top pretend like they got their money's worth when they dropped 10large on this poor guy for one season that is less-than-guaranteed. The sympatheticd part of me picked Ben up in the 15th round of my draft somewhere. I wish him luck.
The Braun To the left is one I have been chasing around for some time now. I love the B/W, simplicity and tribute. It's a card I never thought would wedge in to my PC. Well done pal. You made a trader happy, and without even one superfluous card.


Friday, March 26, 2010

weekend plans

read, look at newly arrived cards, post them, relax. there is some coffee and racing in there somewhere. Good weekend to get in touch.,

...And we're sending addresses.

The Gremlin with the dog-face has chosen
"No" Bullington, "Nephew" Perez Bat, and "Helen of" Troy Glaus.

Now, Mark...Hit it.
then "spikes up" at the Plate

tradebait post coming soon.
we lost last night was a heartbreaker. The Devils fall to 2-3.
today's game rained out, so I have the weekend to read in the rain and take photos of
Good luck to my dear Nicole at the Monument Avenue 10k tomorrow,
Run, Rabbit, Run!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Casual Fingers:Sticker Master

Blue Devils Beat Tigers in 1-0 pitching battle.

Our #4 pitcher came up with a 5 inning gem shut-out in front of an air-tight defense to defeat the Tigers 1-0

It's not everyday that you hold a 1 run lead for 6 innings.

Yeah Blue Devils!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thank You For Your Input.

So I go into my sorta-local card shop about 30min. before my eye exam. I ask "you got any vintage baseball around for me to look at?"

Of course he did. As I found out later, he was a vintage card dealer back in the 80s. Shocker. He has but one binder of vintage cards. This binder had about 3-4/9 cards per page but had about 20pages. Every slot had a classic orange price tag. (picture it in your head) I looked through the dusty, scratched-up pages and saw card after card that seemed both unaffordable and undesireable. Then I got to the page with these two on it.

He wanted 10 for the 67 O's and 6 for the Frob 73.

For those of you counting, that is 16 dollars.

I had never bought vintage from anywhere but a card show with my dad when I was 10 (56 Eddie Matthews for 50)that's card in 33yrs.

So I flipped past the page, "browsing" and "perusing", but only made it another half-minute.

I knew it was my time to "step up to the plate" (perhaps one of the single most overused baseball references that people use on TV...not in baseball)

I said "will you take 12 bucks for the two of these?" my forefinger on the 71 bottom middle slot, and pinky on "The Champs" next row up, in one slot from center.

Okay, dude waited waaaaay to long because he was trying not to seem easy to one of his former-whales.

He Bit.

I held up a quarter and asked if he had loaders I could get for them...he gave me a few used ones gratis. Classy.

I left and went to my eye appointment satisfied that I had done each and every one of you proud.

Now I know that I have done well. I knew I didn' completely fuck it up, but I wanted to be sure.

On to the Placing:

Well, I could not have asked for better comments than I got. I was hoping it would be close, but this is rediculous. There was no official scoring system so sit on it and do better next time.



First Place:

DogFacedGremlin Scored as such:

His comment was written like Conan in his simpsons days. I laughed and saw myself in the want/need delineation. It cannot be more important for every collector to be intimate with their own inner need/want debate; to hone it into a usefull tool that you carry in your head.

Also: the median of DFG's want (8) and need(15) prices is .....12 dollars. Exactly what I paid. (post-haggleing)well done.

"It sounds like he doesn't even have them displayed so he probably is not concerned whether they sell or not."

Second Place:

Mark's Ephemera Scored as such:

As soon as mark ended his "questions of mine" portion with poise, he scored once.

one more time for stating that he would pay no more than 16.

lastly, the section on the virtues of a twenty-dollar-bill purchase and the old 5-and-10 grab-from the pocket. gold.

also, ignoring beckett pricing can't ever hurt your score. Kudos.

"Then I'd realize that I should have changed the 20 for three 5s and five 1s. Good to show him the cash up front. But, if I wave a 20 around, he knows I've got a bit higher to go."

Honorable Mention:

Play at the Plate Scored as such:

I feels like he was there with me as I made the purchase...freaky. Also, he purports to have not read the previous posts...let's hope that's the case. points.

Also, Big ups for hitting the $12 purchase price.

score for CARD FEEL reference

My Great thanks to:

Captain Canuck



you guys didn't lose because it is not a contest. I will be sending you cards anyway.

So "winners, check out the picture and tell me which GU you want.

#1Gremlin, you pick 4 first.

then I will let Mark pick, then PlayPlate. the three that are left can be a part of packages already in the works for them, should they so choose.

"Winners" announced tonight after my game.

I would like to remind everyone that this is not a contest per se, but rather a favor I am asking of you as individuals, and moreover, card-people. I will be having a few contests this spring and summer as my schedule lightens up. I have some neat prizes I have been meaning to spread among the waves.

Home games the rest of the week. I will be around if I am not passed out on the couch with a belly full of home-cooked food. (I cannot wait to marry Nicole)

til then,
reply to your emails or face the consequences.
anyone who likes the tigers, phillies or ARod or Ichiro NEED to see me soon, I stumbled upon some stuff lately.

This caught my eye...

I am a huge fan of Ken being back in Seattle. Granted it means I am back to reading about him instead of live footage. (I see the mariners, Giants and Padres play like 10 times a year altogether. My point is this: As you can see, this card is mocked up to be a Seattle Mariners card from stem to stern. Why would they not be able to come up with a photo of him with the mariners? See here, #8 in the Burdick Region. They had an assload of photos around and couoldn't get it done. I guess this affects me more because I ave always despised seeing him in a reds uniform. I don't even collect cards of him on the reds. Bud gets my Reds cards.
Anyway, bottom line is that with a signature that appealing (shit is real) (granted it goes "just a bit outside" on the top of the sticker, but I would happily take it home), why would you want to draw the eye away with a clashing red-jersey photo.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

JV Blue Devils

Three Home games this week. Hope the rain holds off for more than one of them...

When the time is right...

You all have given me a lot to think about...

I will explain the entire situation from start to finish. The contributers below have given me a lot to read, and have made scoring a much closer and more difficult call than I though it would be.

After all is said and done, I will explain my criteria and award prizes.

I am learning a tremendous amount from my fellow blog-readers and I thank you for it.

I can't wait to get back to this.

Monday, March 22, 2010

prize for information leading to my imminent Enlightenment

Clockwise from Top Left:
Chavez, Rolen, Delgado, Glaus, Colon, Blanton, Bullington, Perez, Miggy, and Bonderman in the center.
(of course the winner gets more than just these GUs, just depends what they like...)

no longer updated LEADERBOARD :

2.Mark's Ephemera
3.Play at the Plate

5.Crawford Cards

7.Wicked Ortega

I actually bit this time, and I need your response.

I found myself acting out what I have read so many times on the blogs. The impulse purchase of cards on the flimsy excuse to be in the ultra-expensive cardshop at all anyway.

Well, My excuse wasn't too flimsy. I had an eye exam in the same mall (twas the first shopping mall in the city of Richmond, now it has like a jersey shop, gold-takers and awful dresses. Oh, and a really expensive card shop. It was a place I would buy wax back in the days of overspending when I didn't want to wait for shipping from ebay or the web. Those days are long gone, and I have only been there three times in the last year, purchasing exactly nothing once, some toploaders and penny sleeves another and then there was today.

I had realized that I never did ask him (I will not describe, it's impolite) if he had any vintage cards laying around. He sells almost exclusively Trading Cards:Not Baseball, at least that's how I see all the other gunk in the store. Sure I've bought a few packs of Star-related material (both Wars and Trek), but he has alot of "adult cards"...I love women, just not in a trading-card way, Know what I mean? I digress. Today I looked through his shyte vintage binder of a bunch of miscuts and OCs and overpriced RCs (blyleven, Jenkins, Carlton). There were a few cards that caught my eye, and I talked him into what I feel was a fair (not good) price.

The point of this post? I need to know what you would pay.

Statistics are a soft-spot for me, and I really need the research. 40 people came through here the other day, and I know someone will have something to say.

So I offer a prize.
I will post a smattering of GU cards in my next post. The person who gives me the most insightful information regarding something you have mostlikely done, yourself, wins their pick of the litter.
Look at the cards. Leave a comment. Tell me something.
(notice I have said nothing about the cards except that we haggled, and I chose these two from about 40. Tryin' to keep it unbiased, here)
color-registration on Brooks' is off
black ink on Frank is thin

A Punch To The Nuts by Big D. (Lessons On Blowing Up a Collector's PC list)

The following arrived in one package. Pay close attention:
This is one of 5 61s I have, and is instantly my favorite. Rookie star plus KC Athletics plus Batting pose...holy shit. we have history here.Then there is this, total surprise. This piece of Hackin' memorabilia has also jumped into the mix of favorite Vintage ever.
It happened with Adam E. and Here it is again. I was sent ONE auto, and I could not have picked one that I liked better if I had a 5hundo box and an hour. I love this thing. This run of Best sigs is amazing. I love the centric-warp-speed-bleed-out theme. Centered, symmetrical, great action photo, blue auto (also centered)...I mean what more could i possibly ask for? nothing. But there is so much more.

Vintage love. A MKE BRAVE and Ol' Ed Sadowski. I have been fondling all four vintage cards since they arrived.
Custom love. I am completely smitten with this pair of cards. Not only do they look GREAT, we're talking in-person, GREAT better than ALOT of releases I have had my hands on. I literally could not have picked better pictures myself. CC in all of his CompleteGameSabathia glory. That was a hell of a year for the Crew, and I didn't miss a game (on tv). That was the most inlove I have been with baseball since I can remember. That is why "CC in a Brewers Uni" is on my wantlist. (more on that later) These cards are thick, with very high print quality.

Again, how to blow up a player Collection of which there are 50 cards tops. Help me out y'all, I still am not sure all the cards that exist with CC in a brewers UNi -WITH brewers logo.
Nicely done sir. I had neither of these.
I have completely given up defending Nolan Ryan as the most bad-ass pitcher in the game now that Randy (a very close second) has retired.
Look left.
Taller than a saguaro, and with icicles comin from his eyes. Years until maturity. Yikes.
Look right.
"I will fight you, spit blood in your face as you are falling down, and finish my complete game(ok so that's not what happened, but you wondered didn't you?). whut now m.the.f..ker?
"Bring me the head of Robin Ventura!"
This package arrived this past week from Big D at Hey That's Mine! I had sent this package to Derek and his younglings a while back. I had a great time putting it together. They all have their own wantlists and I had something for everyone, so I couldn't resist. Anyway, Big D took it upon himself to return the favor in true Cardblogger style and form with a package that literally took my breath away as if I had just been punched in the nuts. He hit 5 or more of my wantlist criteria and did it with style.
Great show, D. More cards are on their way for you and the crew.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Electricity and Thermodynamics in Rare Form.


i dare you to watch this only once.

edit: Thanks Mark, it's worth it.

Cards from Bud at First Day Issue

Are you paying attention everyone? you send me one card like this and I will hook you up with the player/team of your choice. I am f..kin g nuts for this card. The fact that it is off-center makes it BETTER for me because of the favorable proportions of the painting and framing of the the cards from this set that show a pitcher en-wind-up in front of a dusk sky are outstanding. see: James Shields 09 Goodwin

That's not all I got for my Griffeys,
Jacoby relic, two 08 HEroes relics(for my set attempt) one being a Ryan Braun w/ stripe. I was trying for a while to find that Braun 52style on the right. I now have ALL 2007 RYAN BRAUN Topps CARDS. (I am pretty damn sure, at least. I am not counting printing plates or 1/1s)
Bud hooked up my player Collection with several brauns and fielders that I did not have. It was kind of like he could see the wantlist I hadn't created yet. He also respected the list on the left of your screen here. There will be more of this high-quality trading action later...

I Am A Winner.

Captain Canuck, a true gentleman from the Great White North, hooked it up for my prize for the NFL Playoffs Pool. I did pick the saints to win over the colts. I have no idea why, but it seemed incredibly insightful at the time, and I won the contest by a slim margin.
Included in this bounty were RCs(kind of) of Brett Favre, Ivan Rodriguez, Jim Thome and Pedro. along with a few packs for that old-timey feel. I chose one card from each pack to display. As you can see, I actually did very well for myself.
I busted alot of packs of Skybox year one along with score, donruss et al in that time period. I am still hot for the graphics on the Skybox cards. I deeply wish that there was a baseball version. Just envision it now...
I had a couple of Boardwalk cards from god knows where, but did not know who was on the checklist. I was pleasantly surprised with a set you want to read like a book.
I had the UD Final Edition when I was like 14, and do not know what happened to it. It was the first "update" set I had, because I do not count my 1990 Topps Traded. (bush league)

Thank you B, good lookin out.

Why Does Hockey Have All The Cool Designs...

I mean, these are absolutely spectacular. Granted I am still seeing the world through a "what will baseball be w/o upper deck?" lens. This is just one of the most outstanding sub-brands ever. Picture your favorite baseball player with one of these patches, an on-card auto, and in this outfit? sick. and you know it. in your face.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another First for this Weblog.

So I gotta say, I am behind on getting packages out. I know where you guys are at when it comes to making it all happen.

THE BLUE DEVILS JV BASEBALL TEAM began thier season with a BANG. A homer in the 3rd AB, and a 5-inning (mercy rule) 19-2 drubbing of the hapless Monarchs.

That was yesterday, this is today.

I just got home at near 9 from a 12-1 beatdown in our HOME OPENER. shit. As my dear rabbit said upon hearing the news; "You win some, you lose some". I love her. She is learning the game fast, and enjoys every minute of it. We made a bunch of errors, and gave up 7 in the first , 4 on errors. Hopefully the boys can leave it behind as we head out for an away game tomorrow. Supposedly, it is an old minor/exhibition league stadium. I will come back with photos and details.

That was today, tomorrow is tomorrow.
Tomorrow is Colonial. game.

As for the cards...I got a LIFE CHANGER pack from Adam E (find him here), A PC DREAM from BUD (find him here) A prize that knows my soul from Cap'n Canuck (find him here), and I just got punched in the nuts when I opened BIG D's (here) package. Wait until I have time this weekend to post scans and pictures. Some of this stuff is absolutely over the top.

I will be experiencing nirvana...


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The more things change...

where did this guy get a hold of a quill pen for the purposes of signing his Bowman Chrome cards? and is that a cross section of cork cells in the background? I may be off, but I also know that I MUST OBTAIN THIS CARD. it's beautiful like that painting in Ghostbusters II (which is still more entertaining than any of the previously-mentioned shadow-chaser shows). I mean this thing looks one step removed from "fransisco pizarro" on a rock in South America. Respect.

Monday, March 15, 2010


I wrote this somewhere else, and I wouldn't mind hearing from you all.
Posted 3/10/10 Biscoradio

Now... I have several close friends (no family members, and that may mean something) who have seen "apparitions", or "ghosts" or what the fuck ever. I am a fairly spiritual scientist by nature, and I believe in forces that do not jive with our current concept of physics, free will vs. fate and the like. This, however, apparently does not mean that I believe in spooks, spectres etc. when it really comes down to it, I find people telling me stories about their "close encounter" or whatever, appear weak. profoundly weak.
Weak in like an evolutionary sense. I get the primate (and primal) urge to just hit them and be like, "that was your fucking imagination and subconsious mind messing with you". Then I just feel bad for them. In an empathetic move, I try to identify....but I've got nothin.Yet I know that this is wrong. (that's my Id chiming in)Maybe they did see something...I'll at least be polite.I just listen like i do when my wifey regales me with a step-by-step account of her day teaching 2nd grade. Respectfully and closely, but don't quiz me afterwords if you don't want to be offended. When my parents died, I wanted to see them, or hear them or "feel like they were there, looking over me". Truth is, none of that shit happened. It was just me. I tried for years, in vain to "see" my dad in a crowd or in a dream...nothing. I tried to believe that my mother was watching over me when I got my job as a teacher...nice idea, but again, just me and the wind.It took years for me to notice some of the smaller things. I took it casually and played it off like what it was; sheer probability mixed with the semi-random nature of my sensory/memory link. To this day, 10yrs on, I can still see it like the matrix. It is practically impossible to see when looking directly at it.
so fuck ghost you really watch this shit? I mean I was deeply concerned for the state of our collective mental state when I found out how popular "Two and a Half men" is and for how long it has been. Same deal...Why do you watch that garbage?
I am seriously baffled...and the shows are spreading...
Tt looks as though we have collectively chosen to just look away from reality.

ok, enough from me...try not to leave "ghost stories" shit is tired.tell me what you think about my Darwinian view of so called tv "ghost hunters" and their viewing audience.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Trouble With Triples

These three could not be more different if the guys were signing these all on-card. Yamaico has a tight little sig with the ever-endearing number inscription. Mr Chang writes his out using the full characters, which is a major attractant for me when judging autos. I love his, it was written quick, but suffers very little from it. Oscar will not catch alot of heat from me just in case he learned how to write at a late age...I'm kinda soft about that stuff. However, despite his lack of apparent confidence during the signature process, we come away with one of the most unique autos on the block. My main complaint about this card is just the sheer amount of detail imparted by the "busy"stickers from the just company. eyuch.
This thing is so f..ked. All three signatures are covered at some point, and the design looks phoned in at best, at worst: pointless. If you are going to showcase signatures in such a way as to attempt to inspire awe, then don't blow it with stickers not made for the product.

Wow, what a pull. you got the case hit, bro. The design is not too bad despite UD's overuse of this particular curve in too may products since test-marketing it in the Icons sets...If any of these guys are starting in the next five years, I owe you each a beer.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bring the Chrome Home.

I decided to Complete the 100-card Chrome set for 2010 Heritage. I could obvioulsy use some help. I want to try to do it without mEbay, but we'll have to see how it goes. Anyone who can help me out will be handsomely rewarded, rest assured.

go blue devils.

holy cow. We got back last night at 10:45 from dinwiddie HS. I was beat up, still am. We handled them in a scrimmage 9-4. I loved what I saw. The boys got tired on the long ride over, but by the second inning they sorta realized what was really going on, and how much they loved it. It was not uncommon to hear "I could play all night" coming from the dugout. The weather was great, and we only had two errors. That is exceptional for the level we are at before the season starts.

We lost one member, an outfielder, to the Varsity squad. He went 2-3 with a run an RBI and a stolen base in a 43-6 drubbing at home. They're keepin him.

we told the guys this news on the busride home and they cheered like it was another win for the night. Great stuff...makes the world go 'round.

Monday, March 8, 2010

It's That Time of Year...

The boys are up and running. The rust has been all but shaken off of our tough little 15-guy JV team. We are simultaneously ready, and as ready as we can be. It's time to take it on the road.

Our first scrimmage is tomorrow. I will eventually get all of my guys' sigs. but they need to win first.

What a bitch.

So, these guys are finally over each other. It was a bad break-up.
Somebody held a grudge. They acted on it about 6 months later. They seemed to feel better about it, but the sting was still there.
And all because he was dancing with someone else...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Gary Jarrett Has No Teeth

Smile, Gary. You have perfected your sig since adopting it's current form in 8th grade. Your "G" is fantasticly tall and we here at SIGNHEREANDHERE are huge fans of the thick pen and the repeat of the "music note" portion of the "G" and the "y". Keep Smiling, Gary. you are a hero to me.

Friday, March 5, 2010

I really love this signature. It looks great here, and on the shoes, but total shyte in real life.
also, if this isn't Michael Jordan, then I'm Chipper Ruth.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

If You Had To...

This is akin to the classic "desert island" game for bored, horny teenagers at a church retreat when the counselor is around (then it turns dirty). I want to know:

If you could only buy ONE Topps product in the remaining calendar year of 2010, what would it be? (assuming not another "Unique" product comes out)

I dare you not to say Allen & Ginter.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I should have freakin known. Soon as I see a handful of 50's and the rest 70's on the roll on the "redeemed recently" section, it's time to play my last card(code) on toppsmillions...
......serves me right.

I have no less than 20 copies of this exact card. (so do you.) and can find one by yelling out loud in a moderately large crowd.

I don't know guys...maybe if I had more faith. screw that, they have me on a schedule! they get me hooked with these, and then bring me back to pull this. They are keeping track of who gets whut, more or less, and will make sure you don't bandit away all the mays, mantle and aaron goods.
***This is in no way a referendum on George Brett, or even 1989 topps, simply the sheer overproduction and still (20yrs later) a supply that far outstrips the demand.
cardshit. I may have to go to a "only good things" post about 89 topps.