Monday, June 27, 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011

In A Season Of Brewer Bright Spots: There's Only One Team I Really Don't Like

Why can the Brewers not just wipe this ultimate shitstain of a team off the

bottom of their collective shoe?!...







Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tell Me More: How Does This Happen?

I guess it's more about trust and maybe marketing than I thought.
The trust thing is obvious. Buy from a trusted seller, but maybe the seller on top has a "storefront" on thebay? maybe he bottlenecks traffic into his buying domain with some clever other ploy...I just sell with clear, concise, detailed descriptions, being aware of what search terms I want to show up in. Past that, I just make sure that all of my stuff gets there and is packed with the best of care. I don't run a business or anything, I just try to make back some of the cash I have poured down the gullet of our hobby's beast.

I mean, I have seen a lot of wide gaps in prices, but never on such small a scale. I've seen auto cards just out go for TWENTY dollars apart in just minutes...but it was $47 and $67. This is a different beast.

I have this card, so naturally I was checking to see what I could get for it once I decide which 2011 prospect B'autos I'm going to keep. I find these auctions. These ended only about an hour apart, and no. not midnight and 1am. more like 4pm and 5pm. I have always been a minimalist stat geek and have a 1041 rating on eBay. I like to think I know how it works (I am sure many of us do) but this stuff just intrigues me.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Whoah Doctor, That Was Too Close: Congratulations Dirk

Mark Cuban can talk all the shyut that he wants to now. I still don't have to listen. Jason Kidd? deserving of a championship. Jason Terry? worked his ASS off. Dirk? best euro-baller EVER. but it took that trophy, that ring and the wisps of smoke as the heat were put out. for good.
I love D-wade, one of the best I've seen play,
but Heat?
when you took your "talents" to south beach, where the fourth quarter goes to die, you insisted, nay REQUIRED that we give you the spotlight in the playoffs...
well,...time to GTFO and let Dirk get a tan.

I don't even like basketball...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

CHOP SHOP: I Don't Miss Donruss, and Don't Like Stickers

(never seen at Wal-mart: 2011bowman, or GQ (no shit, 2/3 stops a week and not one piece of ANYTHING).

( On the shelf on the other side: this book)

Some people (companies) Just think they are...
But when you go squeezing Dennis' auto into a poorly fit window, and then, mah eff it, throw it in Upside-Down! rare 1/1 UER!!!
or, bullshit.

This is the card that started my fury. I would buy this card and slice out the serial # and stick it on some fancy Bip to send to Beardy or Tim.

F-Mart?(who was clearly watching Sex in The City while he signed this auto) Isn't that the name of the intolerably poorly-staffed and rude 7-11? wtf.