Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ones that speak to me: Tommy Hanson

Tommy's signature looks like a fastball. with this photo, its even speedy in the right direction. This type of signature indicates possible hyperactivity and the ablitity to make the ball move exactly where you want it to. Sometimes. I like this guy, saw him pitch last year and thought he had kind of a Derrick Turnbow like body-throw/almost sidearm delivery. That's what she said.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

BIG TIME: Marty Marion

First off, let me sing the praises of this set design. I am a huge fan of "less is more" mentality for cards (plus, let's keep it classy, man). This is an exemplary specimen of a great set with tons of great players. I have ONE base card from this set. Ozzie Smith*. No auto. I want more.
That being said, on to the auto. Martin Whiteford Marion is one of the original BIG TIME sigs. He can barely keep it on the sticker...but manages to hold on in this example. Major emphasis on the tall Ms and the big t-cross line. If these signs weren't enough to intimate a slight inferiority complex (I hear that's normal in baseball) the guy dots his "i" with a f*****g circle! I mean, who does that? He might as well have drawn tiny little seams on the damn thing and try for a Mark Sanchez-type "logo" attempt.
Sanchez-Way to brand yourself bro, we're all hella impressed. Especially us Packers fans from back east who get to watch our team in the playoffs. (that is an attempt at a football right?) We'll get back to that, because I hate the jets and the USC quarterbacks.

*You would be surprised how long it took me to realize that I was a SS lover in a 1B world....

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Remember This?

Where are my Yankee-haters? I know you are out there, and I know you know whose sig. this is. Please remind me as I never labeled the photo correctly in my library...I've been staring at it long enough...time to post.
[edit] Thanks to a quick response by oldschoolbreaks, It is the signature of one Mr. Shelley Duncan (not "overboard" with the fabulous Kurt you douche)
Why did this kid want a perenial AAA all-star's dirty yankee signature? Maybe he likes sigs like me.

Controlled Chaos: Elvis Andrus; Introduction with Wright and Ron

Like so many things, on-card autos can go Wright...or Ron (Artest).

Elvis Andrus: Loops and loops ...Then an on-card can be some of each. I have an 08 Threads parallell of his auto that wouldn't scan so I am using this one, nice thing is, thought the other card is a sticker auto, it is almost identical. I was really thrilled to see what Elvis was able to do if he had the whole card to work with. I haven't figured out what the two striking horizontal lines are, but they are bad-ass. I counted...there are 13 top-loops in this wild-style auto. Thank god some people are still working to provide consistent on-card Autographs for us, the consumers. Look at how the whole design of the card benefits from the lack of a plastic, sticky border or make-a-better-door-than-a-window "window" that can cover up crucial elements of the signer's natural strokes. serial numbering looks like it was set after the card was signed so as to try to reassure the recipient that someone up at the top still knows just what the hell the role of progress and quality are in a hobby such as ours.
Does anybody else see a Jeter-esque "s" on the end there? I know I do.

'til I get bored of football on tv...(like 20min),

Other People's Views (give this person a hand, everybody)

Cut Autos are such a strange-but-true part of our hobby, and as I have yet to own one, or want one (save for a few presidents). I would like to hand this onover to Gellmann at Sportscards Uncensored. Read Here
This is the kind of insightful and entertaining blogging that got me into this game. The best are still the best.

Ones That Speak to Me: Star Wars edition

Ok, so here's where we weed out another demographic sliver of any possible readers by eshewing in the "Star Wars connection" on Sign Here. It is, simply put, my favorite movie ever.
I have had thoughts of creating a second blog dedicated to only Star Wars ephemera, periphera if you will. What caught my eye was the rise of the use of the Star Wars theme in the already-burst bubble of "streetwear/skatewear" and the present brand wars being fought to catch not the average sneaker wearing citizen's eye...but the collectors. Ecco, Nike SB, Supra, The Hundreds, 10 Deep etc. have all dipped into the Star Wars marketing universe to get people to stand in line in the cold to get their hands on this "gear". Most know that this itself is a mere sliver of the larger entity. The autograph that I display here is only one of the many items that fit into the "living market" for Star Wars themed goods that lives like a mile-wide fungus just beneath the common soil.
Do you want to know more? (a la Starship Troopers)
well, It makes no sense to continue here. I will lay a link when the page is ready.

This card was a dream-come-true to me when I found it in a binder of non-sports autos at a card shop i used to frequent. Not only did I know who Biggs Darklighter was (Luke's good buddy back on Tatooine), but I could have the first non-sports or music autograph in my collection. It had to be this one. It is exquisitely pleasing to me, despite the sticker. The guy with more beard than teeth got my money again at the "local card shop" I say local because it was relatively convenient if I wanted fresh wax when I had the money to buy it. I would pay about 10-15 bucks more on a hobby box than I would have on eBay, and about that much more than my two favorite online retailers, Dave and Adam's Card World ( and Blowout cards ( I am a creature of habit and was also once burdened by the monkey of instant gratification. I got a couple of Donruss "hot boxes" and three red refractor RC AUTOs among other conquests, but spent alot of money there. Wish I had some of it back, but the story of cards I have won and lost and why I do not have money for hobby wax anymore are both stories for posts with a few less words.
That being said, If you teach in a public school, may the force be with you.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

BIG TIME: Emmitt Smith

Emmitt killed this one, I am still working out how amazing the correlation is of this signature to quality graffiti. "The number sign" echoes the ubiquitous "star" and the curves are more like swordplay than written word. Add the 22 and you have one of the most amazing overall autographs in football history. It doesn't hurt that he was the performer that he was, but I try not to let a spectacular career in the NFL conflict with the joy I take from the way he writes his name. Rock on. Wish I owned this one.

Ones That Speak to Me: Victor Martinez

When I first discovered Victor Martinez's AUTO, needless to say, I was impressed. It had all of my favorite qualities...Repetition, legibility, and the most powerful in this instance; Controlled Chaos. I had to have one to look at often.
I was literally hunting the right rendition of his auto since 2005. In 06 I got a co-signers of Victor and Ryan Garko for a song, but I got sick of the shiny stickers and Garko's lackluster development, and sold it.
I promised myself the "Right" one at a later date. It would be on-card, clear and LARGE. I wanted to be able to see every letter. With this one I got the bonus of it being on what I would call a great card design with a great photo of one hell of a good hitting catcher. All of these things contribute to one of the most favored cards in my collection. Victor rarely leaves anything on the diamond (to borrow a football analogy) and puts the same care into every signature of his that I have ever seen.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Craftsmen:Brian Bixler, The Brian Bannister of 2009

Even the shortest, most truncated versions are near masterpieces, and fit in many of my "recurring themes" categories. The UDX is the most detailed and has a perfectly executed "B repeat". The Sterling version has a very tag-like feel to it, as the bend of the second "B" is irregular snd possibly accidental. At the very least, his consistency is nothing less than admirable.

Really!: Vernand Morency

When you lament owning, purchasing or pulling a Chris Johnson "CJ" Auto, take heart in the fact that at least he is one of the best players in the game, if not for just right now.
Then there's this guy...This could have been a great looking refractor auto from finest but what looks like someone dropped a pen on a Topps certified busy-bulls*** hologram sticker. looks like somebody was late for a mandatory meeting...yeah right.
I saw this card a while ago, and it has eaten at me ever since.
Professional sports players' ignorance of the fan's role is only surpassed by the fans' ignorance of their own.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Target Practice. Like shootin' partriges in a peartree and all that. bah.
Happy holidays. That is to say, pick one and celebrate like you mean it.

Evolution = change/time

I would like this to be a blog that makes people get up in the morning, drink coffee and change their lives, but it is not. I just post scans and pictures of Autographs and then either provide somekind of commentary on the design, signature, significance or the always popular, nothin'. Auto-matic for the People has it down for formatting the exhibition of auto cards, and I try not to bite others' steez.
From now until I make another shift due to pressures unknown, I will be organizing photos and scans in my "blogger" file in "recurring themes". some of the themes I have "brainworked" to date:
The Joy of Symmetry/Repetition

Controlled Chaos
What moves the pen...the mind or the hand?

Percieved anachronisms

Then and Now
Classic, and with a market this big, how could I not?

Taking Pride in your signature is a sign of confidence (or arrogance).

Gotta be makin' a statement there pal.

That's how you're going to be immortalized?

Ones that speak to me.
I can have reasons or not have reasons all day long...

By My Hand
Autographs that I attained myself one way or another.

I think that this will at least give this blog some kind of structure. I jumped in with nothing but passion and basic computer skills. I think evident from all December posts. Also I love the feel of a subset. The categories mentioned above remind me of subsets that I might actually like to see exist.
others for consideration pending storage folder initiation:
Cut and Run
Just a bit outside...
Fake as s***.

suggestions and submissions are, as always, welcome.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I bought this one off of eBay several years ago...I had to have it. Gary's signature has an incredible right-focus that leaves that stylish tail and arc on the LEFT hand side. Everything about this auto says unique. It is on-card, a refractor, and an oddly sublime chrome design. If anyone has any of these sigs, let me know I would love to build this set. y'know, for gazing...

Monday, December 21, 2009

Again we see a Shut-Down pitcher with a very open, spacially consistent, readable signature. Eck had me goin' as a little guy pulling for him, Dave Stewart, and the rest of that 'pen to end the Dodgers hopes for good. This, of course, is not what happened. We have tons fo pics to prove it.

This card is a stunner. (I can still see the sticker) Layout and Patch-card construction quality are on show here.

The hot new stuff...

These patches are (not mine) insane, as most would put it. fricking stickers and all, I would love to have bought the right-half of the "2" from CCs brewers jersey, but darn it if the thing didn't sell yesteraday for over 100.00. no auto, just patch. Good to see demand is strong...I think.
Looks like this set got signed right after Larry signed his "claim to fame", one of my all-time favorites....The Hebrew Hammer. (I like that we're working toward just "The Hammer") regardless, I love the kid. 'Ol Larry Pardo is an excited, out going type of guy according to his "watch me!"-style sig. There should be a map under there connecting Miami and Waukesha.
I am only several cards away from having every major issue and parallel for 05,06,and 07. If you have anything SP or rare, hit me up. It is the only set I am always on the look out for. (well that and pre-1970 topps on a budget)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ones That Speak To Me: Cal Ripken Jr. (two dots)

I love this particular rendition of Cal's AUTO. Full C, full R and both dots. I entered into a group break over at Oldschoolbreaks,(, and I am really pulling for any auto from this era. Donruss, historically has been my least favorite production company (save for 85)but spent some time and consideration in the early 00s, making some exceptionally pleasing on-card autos...but I probably don't need to tell you that. I have none. I want one. Done.
If you are reading this and have not gotten out in the snow yet, get out there!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I haven't heard this kind of frenzied trade talk since I tried to trade for my buddie's KGjr. Score RC in 8th grade. (got it for the Leaf Kevin Maas)Everybody wins!

Casual Fingers #2

The school I teach at decided to have a "Dash for the 'Stach" contest over winter break. I feel that this is unfair since I could destroy them all...if I was willing to shave the beard has graced my visage for over 10yrs straight. Not the contest for me.
I gotta be honest, I know that at least some of my infatuation with Mr. Fingers and Mr. Yount (not adam) is due to facial hair. I still believe that Robin had the very best handlebars in the biz in the eraly 90's. the only other guy with the 'bars I can remember from that time was the "Balboni-esque" character from "Major League's" fictitious Yankees squad.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Top "Nickname to AUTO Ratio" -Frank Thomas

Ratio Nickname/Autograph: 92/84
Nickname? Stamp! Autograph? St-Stamp! (signhere approved beer commercial reference)
Thomas has an extremely consistent auto with great pseudo-symmetry and an added "35" jersey # for your enjoyment.
Although the "big hurt" often referred to his triceps muscle in the later years, Frank Thomas is part of an elite group of four players (including Mel Ott, Babe Ruth and Ted Williams) to have at least a .300 batting average, 500 home runs, 1,500 RBI, 1,000 runs and 1,500 walks in a career.
This set of stats is truly painful for opposing pitchers to think about.
He was one of the only "hyped" rookies to come up in my first go-round with the world of card collecting from 86-93 that actually had a very productive career (fruitful sounds too weak for this guy, I mean he used to swing a piece of rusty rebar in the on-deck circle).
Jeff Conine says what?

If Santa was real, hell if any of it was... there would be only one sports-related gift that would make me loosen my bowels upon first is this photo, 8x10, signed by Nolan, Robin, and Pudge. They all have pretty solid sigs, but are expensive and often attached to ugly cards. I want this moment. this golden turning point in my impression of baseball.
This moment came at a time when I wasn't watching as much baseball on TV, and I had this "I want to be coached by him" thing about Nolan Ryan. His mound-presence, in my opinion, has yet to be matched.
Who do you think has the kind of intimidation factor on the mound today that the "Ryan Express" had in the 5 and 6 no-hitter era?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hockey Players Are a Different Breed.

You would think this guy's name was JJ or something.
This is one of those signatures that out class the card for simplicity and form. I want to meet this guy just to assess the cut of his jib.

Bilbo's cousin, Tea Baggins

Tea Baggers: Totally oblivious to what the term Tea Bagging means, the Tea Bag Party went around complaining about paying taxes. Never mind that Obama hasn’t even introduced new taxes, the Tea Baggers still found a way to blame him. Now, the Tea Baggers understand that the act of "Tea Bagging" is actually a sexual reference. In fact, one spokesman for the Tea Party Movement said recently that in light of the alternate meaning of "Tea Bagging" it was wrong to refer to Tea Party members as "Tea Baggers". Sorry, guys. You made yourself a name, now stick with it. No matter what kind of Tea Bagging you’re referring to, you can’t make it happen without a bunch of dips.

Francis Decker is a freelancer for He also teaches English at a local Richmond high school.

How does this relate to doesn't. Live with it.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Before they go to eBay...

I Love Paul, except for all that Twins unpleasantness. On-card favorite right? alas, this is not one of Mollie's best scripts, and I need a little cash so I plan on Upgrading at a later date. Plus that whole "Jetes says" thing, authentic though it may be, is distracting and annoying.
Simply one of the best Simple Signatures I own. Great lines, reminds me of one of my dad's old ad-men buddies.

Wish I didn't have to give this one up. I am a huge sucker for Bowman Sterling and got this for a song. ("...unfortunately that song was "White Christmas" and I lost millions".)
Oh, also I wish I cared at all about basketball anymore.

Killer AUTO, with consistent line thickness and great use of space on the sticker*. I have seen a few more legible Yount autos, but they are hard to come by on cards.
It always feels odd to have to sell out of one of your personal collections, but when you have one great signature of one of your favorite players AND a mortgage, you gotta count yourself lucky.

Casual Fingers

Rollie Fingers you're my hero. Look at that thing...It's gorgeous. The card leaves much to be desired but would be a neat collectible if it were mine.
( I don't have NEAR enough Rollies in Brewers unis.)

Repeated Chaos That Speaks to Me: Derek Jeter

Now, most of the AUTOs I have seen by my friend and yours, Mr. Derek Jeter have been near identical while still lacking any significant symmetry or legibility. I wonder how hard he has to concentrate while signing. That many penstrokes is a rare find among modern athletes. Oh wait, that's right, he only signs but so many a year...he must just take his time.
Whether it says "Derek Sanderson Jeter" or "Ladies love cool DJ" is a matter of subjective objectivism.
Either way, is this not a most pleasing presentation of an intricate, and some may say convoluted, signature? the centering is boffo, and it's hand-numbered (I kind of want that job). Again with the stripes everywhere, but at least they are toned down compared to the Yanks' Joltin Joe I complained about.
This is what we are missing with dudes like Chris Johnson signing stickers a 1000 at a time.
I LOVE this set. I have a George Scott, and had a Roy White (sold) wish I could get a box of this for christmas. I have a Spahn AUTO, but the rest of these are pure aesthetic joy to me.

Hearing Brewings of Squirrels...

I know I said I was going to wait until I had my first 'Squirrels AUTO to post about them, but I can't resist even the most innane of news concerning Richmond Baseball.

Well, they are holding a contest to decide the name of the mascot for our new Baseball team here in Richmond. I will be honest, the logo saved the name for me. I was despondent with the name, but both the "squirrel", and the "acorn R" logos are actually pretty impressive.
I love how the above squirrel could be found on the side of a WWII bomber or reigning death from above in some forest west of here(city squirrels are too well fed to jump very high, much less glide). Either way this logo means business.

Now for the mascot name, only one came to mind...NUTS. I don't know if I am just stuck on it, or if I am to dull right now to think of anything better. There are too many famous chipmunks and I can't process it all. you be the judge.

Besides what are we really doing with baseball here in richmond? Prepping young talent to ship off to Fresno of SanFran where we will never see them again until they play the Nats someday (even that assumes that you have the "nuts" to go deal with DC for baseball).

I will almost definitely go to a Nats game see old Pudge squat a few more times or see Nyjer Morgan, or the million-dollar arm that may or may not show up. All this while getting rocked by Brewers.

ME: "But Jonny tight-lips what about the brewers abyssmal pitching staff?
JTL: "I ain't sayin nuttin".
ME: "...but we signed Randy Wolf!"
JTL: "Tell 'im to go suck a lemon."

Then and Now: Sean Burroughs

The Curious Case of Sean Burroughs' autograph...

Sean Patrick Burroughs 2003 Upper Deck SPX - simply amazing AUTO. still don't own one.

(born September 12, 1980 in Atlanta, Georgia) is a free agent third baseman in Major League Baseball who has played for the San Diego Padres and Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

2000 SP Prospects
This sig is pathetic, but only compared with the 2003 version. If he hadn't pulled a Hancock on the SPX card, I would still be fine with his 2000 sig, but no. He reset the standard for "fine sharpie on thick white cardstock" signatures. Obviously Sean spent more time on his Autograph than his swing.
This will be filed under "sometimes they get better, sometimes they get worse" category.
Bio (aka pertinent information for this blog):
Born in Stamford, CT
Lived in (not in order):
CT, MD, NJ, ME, MA, WI, NY, and finally VA for varying amounts of time.
Currently an 8 year resident of Richmond, VA

What I Collect:

Autographs (preferrably on-card)

Milwaukee Brewers

Milwaukee Braves


2007 A&G (almost complete)

2009 A&G (still workin')

2006 bowman chrome (almost complete base+ prospects, need some autos)

Ryan Braun

CC Sabathia in Brewers Uniform

Robin Yount

Nolan Ryan

Cal Ripken Jr.

Eddie Murray

Derek Jeter

Dustin Pedroia

Jacoby Ellsbury

Really, really ugly cards.

Live Sports Experiences(in order):

Memorial Stadium, Baltimore(7 games from 1985-88)

Cal, Eddie, and Larry Sheets (like a Dave Kingman or Adam Dunn without quite so much power)

Yankee Stadium, Bronx (maybe 12 games from 1991-95)

Bernie Williams at his peak, the end of the Mattingly days (kevin Maas? wtf) Paul O'neil on seinfeld. And who can forget Steve "bye bye" Balboni. Topper: Derek Jeters first start may 29th 1995. He wasn't that good and went back to columbus. I love his cards still, only I cant tell if I am just hoarding them to sell one day. It's weird like that. I have a thing for SSs like Ozzie smith, Cal and Robin Yount, so whatever Jetes. I hear too much about you anyway. I have no real love left for the yankees, but I don't hate.

Continental Airlines Arena, E. Rutherford (Bulls v. Nets 1994)

Take a guess...and yes, he is and probably always will be one of the best athletes I have ever seen.

Miller Park, Milwaukee (1 in 2004, 19 in 2005)

I fell head-over-heels for my beloved small-market team. My dad grew up in milwaukee and I still have his signed 1957 and 1958 world series programs. You name the Brewer, I was allll about it. Lyle OOOOOverpaid, Russel "the Muscle" Branyan, Geoff Jinkies, I Saw Rickie Weeks and Prince Fielder hit their first home runs in a game together. Brady Clark was very underrated in MKE, and then there was "Turbo". Derrick Turnbow, who I am sure threw out his arm before the all-star break in '06 and never came back. God Damn that boy could throw a 9th that would make you run to behind the dugout or to center field to watch the angles. Pure fire.

Camden Yards, Baltimore(Opening Day 2009)

I have been known to partake in Bohs before O's from time to time. Camden Yards is a monument to baseball and I feel like Nick Markakis is the real thing. Don't know, just feel. Plus opening day was a gas watching CC go fastball first into the dirt in front of homeplate after leaving the Brewers. And they picked up Adam Jones, who I thought would just be another fun to watch player who I NEVER saw play because the Mariners may as well play in Tokyo when you live in VA. It was a great game, but free beer and a club box cause circumstances to arise where I left the stadium by myself in the 9th without knowing it...good times, Thanks Jonny.

The Diamond, Richmond (AAA Richmond Braves) more times than I can remember 2002-2008 including the "last opening day" (rained like hell, no more than 70 of us stayed for the whole game) and the "last game" with awarding of the International League Championship rings.

Now we are SF Giants AA..."The Flying Squirrels". I voted for the Flatheads. It's an ornery fish in the river that runs through our sity. I see a hell of a lot of squirrels in this city...none of which are flying. We'll see in April.

At the Diamond, nobody cared where you parked (as long as it wasnt the Greyhound station across the street) You could get in free after the 5th inning, and for night games, this was right after me and my buddy Joe got off work. I saw a hell of a lot of 7th inning stretches over there. Our mayor, in ten years, could not come up with an acceptable stadium...and they left. end of story.

[Richmond baseball, and it's own story are being saved for my first "Flying Squirrel AUTO"]
I'm sorry,... "Joltin'" was it? we are going to have to cut off your cable because we cannot read your routing number.

Another Signature that carries the kind of grace and integrity one would associate with men who wear hats as a practice, but never don them inside. I teach high school, and my students literally do not understand why anyone would take their hat off inside...we agree to disagree. I try to explain the history of it, but I still get "free will" arguments. It ends there.

The relic was a great idea but I feel like everything on this card has too many outlines. Also, I get the "ode to pinstripes" background but none of this card follows the Golden Ratio. Which means it looks just plain off to me.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

This card continually makes it to the top of my favorite auto stack-in-the-box.
Again with the sticker, but the actual signature is from a different age, if not a different planet. I love Rollie Fingers. I got this card on eBay years ago for next-to-nothing. It's one of an unstoppable checklist of GU/AUTOs in the set, with a design I see only minor flaws in (few too many lines, but the angles are great.)

By My Hand: 2006 Yunel Escobar


Atlana Braves

2006 Bowman "Signs of the Future" sticker* autograph

Here we go, I am going to start it off simple so as not to set your expectations too high. The first "AUTO" signature I present to you is the first one I ever pulled from a pack. Having attained several random musicians' signed setlists, this was a new beginning to my interest in signatures.

Combine the 10-year-old-hand-sized pieces of cardboard that I loved when I was 10 and upgrade them with the ACTUAL signature of the player pictured? Pure marketing Genius.
"In America, we are all consumers, we just have so many options for what to consume."
feel guily or don't, that's on you. I have had a hard time cutting back on card-purchases, and am enjoying doing more with what I have...hence the blog.

I had some cash, and no GF so I got in to the game and bought a ton of hobby wax my first couple years. I am still not sure if that was a thoroughly bad, or collosally(sp) bad idea.

It was like when Nike introduced a skateboarding line of shoes with myriad styles and color combos and produced them in limited quantities, only to create one of the strongest secondary markets I've seen. (along with, incidentally my favorite money maker/taker, Baseball Cards.)
(The kicker about the kicks is that you don't wear baseball cards...think about it)

Yunel Escobar was breaking all sorts of Richmond Braves records just down the street from me in Richmond when I pulled the card. It wasn't until the next time I rolled in to the Diamond after the 5th with a pants-full of beers that I realized that this dude was worth a damn at baseball. OK pull, but the story and g'nnections make it special.

This is not, by any stretch one of my favorite autographs inside the hidden parameters of what goes in the blog, but rather a cop out on choosing a favorite, or explaining my reasoning behind good autos and good auto cards. sue me. (shit, don't do that.)

oh...we have so much to discuss...see you soon.


*I f..king hate sticker autos, but I have alot. may that be your introduction to my fleeting hypocrisy.

Presidential Cut AUTOs and preferences.

Cut this or keep it? (sweet spot doesn't actually have to make that

Nice set-up Razor (who are you guys? Not as sharp as their name sounds) Centering of cut autos can be tough, I am sure, but I hate it when they stray "outside of the box."
The only other Razor card I have is a Matt Weiters Auto that I got for about 6bucks. It's ugly as hell, but I am on a budget. And I wanted his 'graph real bad.

Amazing card. Window is just the right size and the simple, sensitive greeting and signature are perfectly centered (I really appreciate that)
A couple thousand bucks stop here.

A General, a gentleman, a President.
The Man's man. Solid signature, pretty excellent cut and great exhibit by the design.

No comment. I liked the Chevy Chase version better...("I was told there would be no math...")

Elegant, understated, illegible.

Spectacular design. I will call it "American Presidential excess on parade" I would covet this one, even if it isn't a "major" war president. Plus he was in "All in the Family wasn't he?" (No)

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Design takes away the possibility of awe-inspiring, musketpowder smelling history-in-hand experience. "This is co-signers...I hate that set".

We see alot more "cut autographs" in the current hobby. We are also, among those seeing a lot of presidential signatures. I would be literally honored to pull a presidential signature, with a couple of exceptions. Dwight D. Eisenhower is NOT one of them. Just pulling one of these is history at the smithsonian level. one might call it "epic". (not me)

what do you think of the varying quality of presentation of presidential cut signatures?

Oh, and none of these are mine.

Spot #1. intro post authorized. Hello.

My name is christopher Peterson. I have many interests. I also have many things that I feel distinctly selfish in keeping to myself. In boxes, folders, binders and bins, I stash drawings and writings, signs and stickers. With the current capabilities and accessibility of the blogosphere, I had to make a move. I read so many blogs on baseball cards, art, photography and rubber shoes (sneakers) that I decided to join the fray.
I have created this blog for the sole purpose of sharing my love of the written name. Specifically, human signatures. I collect mostly sports signatures, and that will be the majority of the meat of this blog. I do a lot of searching and collecting of images, and some of those may be shared as well.
Let's just say if I find anything special, I will be hard-pressed not to share.
I expect you to do the same, as many of you have.

I will now commence deciding the first autograph, or signature to make my first.