Sunday, December 27, 2009

Controlled Chaos: Elvis Andrus; Introduction with Wright and Ron

Like so many things, on-card autos can go Wright...or Ron (Artest).

Elvis Andrus: Loops and loops ...Then an on-card can be some of each. I have an 08 Threads parallell of his auto that wouldn't scan so I am using this one, nice thing is, thought the other card is a sticker auto, it is almost identical. I was really thrilled to see what Elvis was able to do if he had the whole card to work with. I haven't figured out what the two striking horizontal lines are, but they are bad-ass. I counted...there are 13 top-loops in this wild-style auto. Thank god some people are still working to provide consistent on-card Autographs for us, the consumers. Look at how the whole design of the card benefits from the lack of a plastic, sticky border or make-a-better-door-than-a-window "window" that can cover up crucial elements of the signer's natural strokes. serial numbering looks like it was set after the card was signed so as to try to reassure the recipient that someone up at the top still knows just what the hell the role of progress and quality are in a hobby such as ours.
Does anybody else see a Jeter-esque "s" on the end there? I know I do.

'til I get bored of football on tv...(like 20min),

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