Monday, December 14, 2009

Bio (aka pertinent information for this blog):
Born in Stamford, CT
Lived in (not in order):
CT, MD, NJ, ME, MA, WI, NY, and finally VA for varying amounts of time.
Currently an 8 year resident of Richmond, VA

What I Collect:

Autographs (preferrably on-card)

Milwaukee Brewers

Milwaukee Braves


2007 A&G (almost complete)

2009 A&G (still workin')

2006 bowman chrome (almost complete base+ prospects, need some autos)

Ryan Braun

CC Sabathia in Brewers Uniform

Robin Yount

Nolan Ryan

Cal Ripken Jr.

Eddie Murray

Derek Jeter

Dustin Pedroia

Jacoby Ellsbury

Really, really ugly cards.

Live Sports Experiences(in order):

Memorial Stadium, Baltimore(7 games from 1985-88)

Cal, Eddie, and Larry Sheets (like a Dave Kingman or Adam Dunn without quite so much power)

Yankee Stadium, Bronx (maybe 12 games from 1991-95)

Bernie Williams at his peak, the end of the Mattingly days (kevin Maas? wtf) Paul O'neil on seinfeld. And who can forget Steve "bye bye" Balboni. Topper: Derek Jeters first start may 29th 1995. He wasn't that good and went back to columbus. I love his cards still, only I cant tell if I am just hoarding them to sell one day. It's weird like that. I have a thing for SSs like Ozzie smith, Cal and Robin Yount, so whatever Jetes. I hear too much about you anyway. I have no real love left for the yankees, but I don't hate.

Continental Airlines Arena, E. Rutherford (Bulls v. Nets 1994)

Take a guess...and yes, he is and probably always will be one of the best athletes I have ever seen.

Miller Park, Milwaukee (1 in 2004, 19 in 2005)

I fell head-over-heels for my beloved small-market team. My dad grew up in milwaukee and I still have his signed 1957 and 1958 world series programs. You name the Brewer, I was allll about it. Lyle OOOOOverpaid, Russel "the Muscle" Branyan, Geoff Jinkies, I Saw Rickie Weeks and Prince Fielder hit their first home runs in a game together. Brady Clark was very underrated in MKE, and then there was "Turbo". Derrick Turnbow, who I am sure threw out his arm before the all-star break in '06 and never came back. God Damn that boy could throw a 9th that would make you run to behind the dugout or to center field to watch the angles. Pure fire.

Camden Yards, Baltimore(Opening Day 2009)

I have been known to partake in Bohs before O's from time to time. Camden Yards is a monument to baseball and I feel like Nick Markakis is the real thing. Don't know, just feel. Plus opening day was a gas watching CC go fastball first into the dirt in front of homeplate after leaving the Brewers. And they picked up Adam Jones, who I thought would just be another fun to watch player who I NEVER saw play because the Mariners may as well play in Tokyo when you live in VA. It was a great game, but free beer and a club box cause circumstances to arise where I left the stadium by myself in the 9th without knowing it...good times, Thanks Jonny.

The Diamond, Richmond (AAA Richmond Braves) more times than I can remember 2002-2008 including the "last opening day" (rained like hell, no more than 70 of us stayed for the whole game) and the "last game" with awarding of the International League Championship rings.

Now we are SF Giants AA..."The Flying Squirrels". I voted for the Flatheads. It's an ornery fish in the river that runs through our sity. I see a hell of a lot of squirrels in this city...none of which are flying. We'll see in April.

At the Diamond, nobody cared where you parked (as long as it wasnt the Greyhound station across the street) You could get in free after the 5th inning, and for night games, this was right after me and my buddy Joe got off work. I saw a hell of a lot of 7th inning stretches over there. Our mayor, in ten years, could not come up with an acceptable stadium...and they left. end of story.

[Richmond baseball, and it's own story are being saved for my first "Flying Squirrel AUTO"]

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