Monday, December 14, 2009

Hearing Brewings of Squirrels...

I know I said I was going to wait until I had my first 'Squirrels AUTO to post about them, but I can't resist even the most innane of news concerning Richmond Baseball.

Well, they are holding a contest to decide the name of the mascot for our new Baseball team here in Richmond. I will be honest, the logo saved the name for me. I was despondent with the name, but both the "squirrel", and the "acorn R" logos are actually pretty impressive.
I love how the above squirrel could be found on the side of a WWII bomber or reigning death from above in some forest west of here(city squirrels are too well fed to jump very high, much less glide). Either way this logo means business.

Now for the mascot name, only one came to mind...NUTS. I don't know if I am just stuck on it, or if I am to dull right now to think of anything better. There are too many famous chipmunks and I can't process it all. you be the judge.

Besides what are we really doing with baseball here in richmond? Prepping young talent to ship off to Fresno of SanFran where we will never see them again until they play the Nats someday (even that assumes that you have the "nuts" to go deal with DC for baseball).

I will almost definitely go to a Nats game see old Pudge squat a few more times or see Nyjer Morgan, or the million-dollar arm that may or may not show up. All this while getting rocked by Brewers.

ME: "But Jonny tight-lips what about the brewers abyssmal pitching staff?
JTL: "I ain't sayin nuttin".
ME: "...but we signed Randy Wolf!"
JTL: "Tell 'im to go suck a lemon."

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