Monday, December 14, 2009

Repeated Chaos That Speaks to Me: Derek Jeter

Now, most of the AUTOs I have seen by my friend and yours, Mr. Derek Jeter have been near identical while still lacking any significant symmetry or legibility. I wonder how hard he has to concentrate while signing. That many penstrokes is a rare find among modern athletes. Oh wait, that's right, he only signs but so many a year...he must just take his time.
Whether it says "Derek Sanderson Jeter" or "Ladies love cool DJ" is a matter of subjective objectivism.
Either way, is this not a most pleasing presentation of an intricate, and some may say convoluted, signature? the centering is boffo, and it's hand-numbered (I kind of want that job). Again with the stripes everywhere, but at least they are toned down compared to the Yanks' Joltin Joe I complained about.

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