Sunday, December 13, 2009

By My Hand: 2006 Yunel Escobar


Atlana Braves

2006 Bowman "Signs of the Future" sticker* autograph

Here we go, I am going to start it off simple so as not to set your expectations too high. The first "AUTO" signature I present to you is the first one I ever pulled from a pack. Having attained several random musicians' signed setlists, this was a new beginning to my interest in signatures.

Combine the 10-year-old-hand-sized pieces of cardboard that I loved when I was 10 and upgrade them with the ACTUAL signature of the player pictured? Pure marketing Genius.
"In America, we are all consumers, we just have so many options for what to consume."
feel guily or don't, that's on you. I have had a hard time cutting back on card-purchases, and am enjoying doing more with what I have...hence the blog.

I had some cash, and no GF so I got in to the game and bought a ton of hobby wax my first couple years. I am still not sure if that was a thoroughly bad, or collosally(sp) bad idea.

It was like when Nike introduced a skateboarding line of shoes with myriad styles and color combos and produced them in limited quantities, only to create one of the strongest secondary markets I've seen. (along with, incidentally my favorite money maker/taker, Baseball Cards.)
(The kicker about the kicks is that you don't wear baseball cards...think about it)

Yunel Escobar was breaking all sorts of Richmond Braves records just down the street from me in Richmond when I pulled the card. It wasn't until the next time I rolled in to the Diamond after the 5th with a pants-full of beers that I realized that this dude was worth a damn at baseball. OK pull, but the story and g'nnections make it special.

This is not, by any stretch one of my favorite autographs inside the hidden parameters of what goes in the blog, but rather a cop out on choosing a favorite, or explaining my reasoning behind good autos and good auto cards. sue me. (shit, don't do that.)

oh...we have so much to discuss...see you soon.


*I f..king hate sticker autos, but I have alot. may that be your introduction to my fleeting hypocrisy.

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