Sunday, November 27, 2011

Shouldn't Have: Did, and Won

Stopped to get sundries at the local Rite Aid, when what should be to the right of the counter? two of these guys and a really dusty pack of 2010 Upper Deck. I asked the college student behind the counter what they cost. I got one of the 2011 Topps footall you see below for 1.99 (I have never seen a pack like this, foil rack pack?), and the UD for a penny...weird, but fully a must.
Never heard of the guy before, which is not surprising because he plays for the Bengals...on defense...looked him up and he appears to have a favorable reputation in his short time in Cincy.

 I like his sig, especially with the "K" inside the large "R" loop. Points to this quick, otherwise uninspired auto for an actual "dot" over the "i" as it may, the card itself is a solid offering with a very very cool photo of Keith assessing the offensive formation. The colors are really sharp, but still can't make up for the (dirty-edged) sticker.
However, upon further inspectionthe odds of pulling one of these autos lands at 1:1061 (assuming it is a Group C auto, which I cannot confirm through my current resources, if you all have a good site/sites for full checklists, let me know)
hell, unless someone wants to trade, I do buhleeve we have a keepah hyah.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Ones That Speak Volumes: SHAH Post Jan. 2, 2010 Greg Halman

Originally posted: Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ones That Speak To Me: Greg Halman

The cut off scan does not do this card justice. Greg used almost the exact middle 2/4 of the box, didn't cross over his own line once, and appears to have spelled "Halman" with an uppercase cursive "G"...nope look to the right...BIG H. Greg just lays this one out in the middle of a spate of fresh-sharpie greatness. He is also the #1 Mariner's prospect for '10 (get used to it) and I could not pass up an auto, refractor, and photo of this card for a whopping $7 last spring. A classic Sky-shot with the right proportions.

I am an amateur photographer, and I have studied proportions and their role in human perception. That being said, it still boggles me how some cards not like this get printed.

Still looking for some traders out there. Check your emails or email me...Haven't traded in years, and am really sick of eBay. I am tired of selling away "valuable" cards and keeping base collecting dust. TONS of tradebait up for grabs, I am very eager to downsize with new family forming(albeit slowly) and I am mad generous. just email me your interest and I will check your wantlist. my wantlist is real broad, and since autos can get pricey, I am also very interested in fair-good-VG vintage cards of any team or player. I have TONS of 07 and 09 A&G,06-08 Topps heritage, 07 Goudey doubles, and bits of every other set released between 2005-2007.

Thank you and good day,


I am so sorry, Greg. I really wanted to see you grow. I feel awful as I have been following your path more than alot of others. It's over. Just like that, it isn't about prospects, refractors and eBay, autographs, or baseball. He's Dead.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Woop! (chris berman): Three for Three...

Got two blasters of legends and one of chrome.


The Campbell/Harper went for its BIN on sBay. Franco is waiting on a 43-45dollar offer, with a BIN of 50. One other sold for 48+shipping a week ago.
I am taking offers outright on the Miller. I was literally stunned when I pulled this. I just wanted to get a cam rc for future sale. go figure. Von Miller has got to be one of the least-talked about, most impactful rookies in this class, and it is starting to make sense as to why he was the #2 PICK in the draft.

Last call for comments: goes into effect on SUNDAY.
thanks for my regulars for pitching in, and welcome any new heads to the place I write about my Gambling Problem (with a hobby twist)...

Monday, November 14, 2011

Now We're Cookin': (See Below)

READER POLL (AND POOL, WITH PRIZE) Premiering the "Home After Blyleven Collection"

I need some real answers and I want them bad enough to give you cards to get them. I have been writing this blog and keeping up as best I can for some time now, and the numbers aren't doin it anymore...

 Why do you read this blog?
(details not withstanding)

1. post a comment, name goes in twice.

2. Email your reason (name goes in twice)

3. Expand in email with details or critique as a writer, or consumer of my "product" per se
(not slam, reserved for those on my blogroll only, no dbags)
(If I gain aven a glimmer of insight, Name goes in three times)

If you respond to this poll, your post name will be entered into and photo'd to determine single winner.
SIDEBAR I have about 5000-10,000 2005-10 cards that you can walk away with for free if you know where I live (you can ask) and can pick them up (if it involves more than this, money will be exchanged)

the prize: Your pick of my "Home After Blyleven: Tipsy" collection including the "cognac diamond parallel from the update series".

Friday, November 11, 2011

Omar Vizquel: Tied In Knots..."ay, you playin again this year Omar"?

Omar had a great run in the majors, He actually did most of his damage and made a name for himself with the Indians in the 90s. I will reiterate for newer readers, that I went on a sports hiatus from right at the baseball strike (didn't hurt that it coincided with the first surge of pubescent need to venture) until right around 2001 when I graduated college and bartended on Cape Cod.

All this doesn't preclude me from harping positivity on his example before you.
He has the full knot up twice, and almost a third time at the front in "Omar"
I, myself, the royal "we", also have multiple knots, almost identical to his,
 in my own auto, so I feel akin. (mine are on the "t" and "s" in Peterson-looks just like above except the second knot, the "s" is smaller to create proportionality)

He even makes time to get in my personal favorite "inscriptions", the jersey #.
Leaf,Donruss, again almost clipped a great rendition of a Man's Mark,
but, they make it super-easy to ignore all but the sig-in-the-box...