Friday, July 15, 2011

The Animals: Bring Them To Me

Foreals. This is the only set I am collecting until after I get year. Me and the Lady have to carry the cost so if she catches me with a blaster, I am in deep shit from here on out.

send me a couple and I will send you something very very good.
get at me.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Letter To My Phillie Fan Best Friend: Congratulations, Prince, My Longest-Running PC

while discussing plans for this weekend, my buddy who grew up in Berwyn, PA mentioned his impression of the overall allstar game, and his suspecting of Fielder's choices for HRDerby...
my reply after his glowing review.

The coffee has already hit my stomach, and I have no jobs today so here it comes:
I think Prince's true character came through, He is 27, He loves life, and he loves to play baseball. He's already had almost 10yrs of very good-Excellent Pro ball under his belt. He has no contact with his father (selfish fuck, and a whole different kind of ball-player-I say this gives him the likely hood of greater longevity than his father[which is actually one of prince's personal goals])
He is maturing quickly, but you can't ignore his obvious love for Milwaukee and Rickie and a few others that he really gets along with like Braun and Corey Hart not to mention Craig Counsell who was the VET in the clubhouse for his 05 callup, and then left and came back and (in Rolen's that would have been nice to sustain)and is the VET in the clubhouse again.
As a client, and a businessman, Prince handled the entire 2011 all-star campaign and came out shining like no one else.
Wide Veggie want BIG money. (c'mon O's, pikitup)

If I could trade out

(maybe LuCroy even)

to the O's, I would only have to root for one team...

and now K-Rod? (remember the damage we did in 07 with Francisco Cordero? holy shit he had like 40saves)
If Gamel or Kentrail davis are in the deal, I am really going to be pissed. Shaun Marcum is really solid, but not as productive as we expected. reliable, albeit. Was he worth LaPorta? hells yes. Laporta appears to be powerful but lazy, but Lawrie too?
and Alcides is gone? Greinke hurt himself how?
been a weird season.

you guys are on the bow doing the "king of the world" bit,
we in the kitchen cookin up something badass for septermber....