Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"Fan Favorite" indeed: Youk Traded During Game

The youkah was definitely one of my personal Boston Fan Favorites. I've watched him grind through games and have flashes of brilliance. He's a smart guy on the field, and versatile. To bad he switched sox.
The card above is one of the best autos from the set, and, in my opinion, the best photo of all of them. Heritage gold.

     Wjile I was watching Kevin's last game, he was taken out mid-seventh(?) and made a tip of the cap to the fans, then Bobby V (whom I always knew was evil) chased him down and sent him out for a curtain call. DURING the game. It was shyte. It made me feel like his bags were packed and Bobby was cottling him with his tail between his legs, "you want to get a shower before your flight Youk? "Can I get your bags?"

strike 2, Bobby.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Morency!: Exquisite?

dammit man. you still have yet to be out (under?) done.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Don't Get Me Wrong: 2012 Heritage, I Ain't Complaining

First, NO I did not pull this. That would be too good of a post for this mediocre blog. I just wanted to throw out there some of the questions I am asking as Topps continues its reign over the MLB card market.
Luis Ernesto (Montiel) (NOT Lois or Louis) Aparicio here has been hanging around 2012 releases in his O's uni. He won 2 gold gloves, and went to two All-Star Games with Bird on it. But he equally went to 2 All-Star Games with Boston ...His 9th in MVP voting with Baltimore in '66 was nothing to scoff at. In fact, he was in the top 30 of vote-getters Three seperate times in Bal'mer. I love it personally and am working on getting a signed piece of my own, but I wonder what all the Chisox fans feel about this. POTUS might have an opinion. What's yours? I am just so used to the old sox uni on him...the one in which he collected
6 All-Star Appearances
7 Gold Gloves
top 25 MVP votes 6 times
and birds