Sunday, December 13, 2009

Presidential Cut AUTOs and preferences.

Cut this or keep it? (sweet spot doesn't actually have to make that

Nice set-up Razor (who are you guys? Not as sharp as their name sounds) Centering of cut autos can be tough, I am sure, but I hate it when they stray "outside of the box."
The only other Razor card I have is a Matt Weiters Auto that I got for about 6bucks. It's ugly as hell, but I am on a budget. And I wanted his 'graph real bad.

Amazing card. Window is just the right size and the simple, sensitive greeting and signature are perfectly centered (I really appreciate that)
A couple thousand bucks stop here.

A General, a gentleman, a President.
The Man's man. Solid signature, pretty excellent cut and great exhibit by the design.

No comment. I liked the Chevy Chase version better...("I was told there would be no math...")

Elegant, understated, illegible.

Spectacular design. I will call it "American Presidential excess on parade" I would covet this one, even if it isn't a "major" war president. Plus he was in "All in the Family wasn't he?" (No)

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Design takes away the possibility of awe-inspiring, musketpowder smelling history-in-hand experience. "This is co-signers...I hate that set".

We see alot more "cut autographs" in the current hobby. We are also, among those seeing a lot of presidential signatures. I would be literally honored to pull a presidential signature, with a couple of exceptions. Dwight D. Eisenhower is NOT one of them. Just pulling one of these is history at the smithsonian level. one might call it "epic". (not me)

what do you think of the varying quality of presentation of presidential cut signatures?

Oh, and none of these are mine.

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