Thursday, August 25, 2011

Post 320: Mike Flanagan

I enjoyed my first exposure to Major Leaugue Baseball by way of the concrete under-belly onto the concrete "over-belly"of Memorial stadium. I loved it there. My dad and I always went for the lower deck close enough to "be able to see what the pitcher is thinking" according to my dad. These seats were awesome and for a real little guy all of my memories are shaped like cones where I am the apex and most sensory information did not get recorded. I did know that we were coming off a pretty high time as a team, but things were shaky. Larry Sheets was our slugger, Cal was only about 3-4 years into his gig, and Ozzie was still king SS in my book.

One of the things I remember best was the pitchers' names. Denny and Tippy Martinez, both of which I loved because I really did wonder how pitchers did all that fancy stuff in the air without tipping over. It seemed a fitting nickname, an those guys were quite decent pitchers. Mike Flanagan 6', looked huge to me, Irish-named dude. I did want to live in boston at the time cuz I was real into my irish heritage at the time (can you say Notre Dame Starter Jacket?), Don Aase tried to have "his own" stache...meh. Storm Davis. Now there is a name a kid cannot ignore.

I like to use these times of loss

to minimalize the net loss of memories.

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