Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Saying goodbye... Cards Sold in 2013-14 (mixed feelings)

Now, remember, these are only the cards that I sold in the last year or so. I am working on scanning cards as my trusty elph has finally shit the bed after 6 years of world travel and the torture provided.
I miss each one in its own way...but orange was never my color. I tried my best to list a price or close to it.

 165bin (I miss this one the most, because I always see the "future" with cards so well cut, signed, and centered). the future is now.
 ? 7. something
 bo 49

 9...(WHAT DO I SAY?!)
15.56 wish i kept the green...

Which one of these do you think may wind up being a "DOH"?!...I think Micah has some chops, but he is soo young...what you thinkin'?

wait til I hit my "look what I kept" posts...love, on small cardboard pieces...

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